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Remember that you are always loved. You are always protected, and you are never alone….You also are a being of light, of wisdom, of love. And you can never be forgotten. You can never be overlooked or ignored. You are not your body; you are not your brain, not even your mind. You are spirit. All you have to do is to reawaken to the memory, to remember. Spirit has no limits, not the limit of the physical body nor of the reaches of the intellect or the mind.
As the vibrational energy of spirit is slowed down so that more dense environments such as your three dimensional plane can be experienced, the effect is for spirit to be crystallized and transformed into denser and denser bodies. The densest of all  is the physical state. The vibrational rate is slowest. Time appears faster in this state because it is inversely related to the vibrational rate is the slowest. Time appears faster in this state because it is inversely related to the vibrational rate. As the vibrational rate is increased, time slows down. This is how there can be difficulty in choosing the right body, the right time of re-entry into the physical state. Because of the disparity of time, the opportunity might be missed. There are many levels of consciousness, many vibrational states. It is not important that you know all of these levels.
The first level of the seven is that which is most important to you. It is important to experience in the first plane rather than to abstract and intellectualize about the higher planes. Eventually you will have to experience them all… your task is to teach of experience – To tale that which is belief and faith and transform it into experience so that the learning is complete, because experience transcends belief. Teach them to experience. Remove their fear. Teach them to love and to help one another… this involves the free will of others. But to reach out with love, to reach out with compassion, to help others – this is what you must do on your plane.
Humans always think of themselves as the only beings. This is not the case. There are many worlds and many dimensions… many, many more souls than there are physical containers. Also, the souls may split if it wishes and have more than one experience at the same time. This is possible but requires a level of development which most have not achieved. Eventually they will see that like a pyramid there is only one soul. And all experience is shared simultaneously. But this is not for now.
When you look into the eyes of another, any other, and you see your own soul looking back to you, then you will know that you have reached another level of consciousness. In this sense reincarnation does not exist, for all lives and all experiences are simultaneous. But, in the three dimensional world, reincarnation is as real as time or as a mountain or as the oceans. It is an energy like other energies, and its reality depends on the energy of the perceiver. The energy consists of light and love and knowledge. The application of this knowledge in a loving way is wisdom… There is currently a great lack of wisdom on your plane.
All is love…All is love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then time stops. And everything is now.
Reality is present. Dwelling in the past or future causes pain and illness. Patience can stop time. God’s love is everything.
Love is the ultimate answer. Love is not an abstraction but an actual energy, or spectrum of energies, which you can create and maintain in your being. Just be loving. You are beginning to touch God within yourself. Feel loving. Express your love.
Love dissolves fear. You cannot be afraid when you are feeling love. Since everything is energy, and love encompasses all energies, all is love. This is a strong clue to the nature of God.
When you are loving and unafraid, you can forgive. You can forgive others, and you can forgive yourself. You begin to see with the proper perspective. Guilt and anger are reflections of the same fear. Guilt is a subtle anger directed inward. Forgiveness dissolves guilt and anger. They are unnecessary, damaging emotions. Forgive. This is an act of love.
Pride can get into the way of forgiving. Pride is one manifestation of ego. Ego is the transient, false self. You are not your body. You are not your brain. You are not your ego. You are greater than all of these. You need your ego to survive in the three dimensional world, but you need only that part of ego which processes information. The rest – pride, arrogance, defensiveness, fear – is worse than useless. The rest of the ego separates you from wisdom, joy and God. You must transcend you’re your ego and find your true self. The true self is the permanent, deepest part of you. It is wise, loving, safe, and joyful.
Intellect is important in the three – dimensional world, but intuition is more important.
You have reversed reality and illusion. Reality is the recognition of your immortality, divinity, and timelessness. Illusion is your transient three-dimensional world. This reversal is damaging to you. You yearn for the illusion of security instead of the security of wisdom and love. You yearn to be accepted when, in reality, you can never be rejected. Ego creates illusion and hides truth. Ego must be dissolved, then truth can be seen.
With love and understanding comes the perspective of infinite patience. What is your hurry? There is no time anyway; it only feels that way to you. When you are not experiencing the present, when you are absorbed in the past or worried about the future, you bring great heartache and grief to yourself. Time is an illusion, too. Even in the three-dimensional world, future is only a system of probabilities. Why do you worry so?
Therapy can be done to the self. Understanding is the therapy. Love is the ultimate therapy. Therapists, teachers, and gurus can help, but only for a limited time. The direction is inward if you come to the proper understanding. Or in fifty years. It is all the same thing.
The past must be remembered and then forgotten. Let it go. This is true for childhood traumas and past-life traumas. But this is also true for attitudes, misconceptions, belief systems drummed into you, for all old thoughts. How can you see freshly and clearly with all those thoughts? What if you needed to learn something new? With a fresh perspective?
Thoughts create the illusion of separateness and difference. Ego perpetuates this illusion and this illusion creates fear, anxiety, and tremendous grief. Fear, anxiety, and grief in turn create anger and violence. How can peace exist in the world when these chaotic emotions predominate? Just unravel. Go back to the source of the problem. You are back to thoughts, old thoughts. Stop thinking. Instead, use your intuitive wisdom to experience love again. Meditate. See that everything is interconnected and interdependent. See the unity, not the differences. See your true self. See God.
Meditation and visualization will help you stop thinking so much and will help you begin the journey back. Healing will occur. You will see. You will understand. And you will grow wise. Then there will be peace.
You have a relationship with yourself as well as with others. And you have lived in many bodies and in many times. So ask your present self why it is so fearful. Why are you afraid to take reasonable risks? Are you afraid of your reputation, afraid of what others think? These fears are conditioned from childhood or before.
Ask yourself these questions: what’s to lose? What is the worst that can happen? Am I content to live the rest of my life this way? Against a background of death, is this so risky?
In your growth, do not be afraid of evoking anger in other people. Anger I only a manifestation of their insecurity, But fearing this anger can hold you back in your growth. Depression is losing perspective, forgetting, and taking things for granted. Sharpen your focus. Reset your values. Remember what should not be taken for granted shift your perspective, and remember what is important and what is less important. Get out of the rut. Remember to hope.
Anxiety is being lost in the ego. It is losing one’s boundaries. There is a dimly remembered loss of love, a wounding of pride, a loss of patience and peace. Remember you are never alone.
Never lose the courage to take risks. You are immortal, you cannot be hurt.
There are many types of karma, debt to be balanced. Individual karma pertains to the entity’s own obligations, those unique to him. But there is also a group karma, the collective debts of this group, and there are many groups: religions, races, nationalities, and so on. At a larger level, there is a planetary karma, which will in time affect the planets destiny and outcome. In group karma not only are individual debts accumulated and worked through, but the outcome is eventually applied to the group, country or planet. The application of such group karma determines the future of the group or country. But it also applies to the reincarnating individual, both within the group or the country, or simultaneously and intersecting but not within, or at a later point of time.
Action becomes right action when it becomes action along the Way, along the Path towards God. All other paths are eventually blind alleys or illusions, and action along those paths is not right action. Thus right action promotes the individual’s spirituality and his return. Action that fosters justice and mercy and love and wisdom and the attributes we call godly or spiritual is inevitably right action. The fruit of right action is the desired goal. The fruits of actions along the other paths are transient, illusionary and false. These fruits entrap and deceive, but they are not what we really desire. The fruit of right action encompasses all our goals and wishes and all that we need or desire.
Fame is an example. He that seeks fame as an end in itself may achieve fame for a while. But that fame will be temporary and will not gratify. If, however, fame comes to one unbidden, as a result of right action, action along the Path, that fame will endure and will be proper. But to the person on the path, it will not matter. This is the difference between fame sought selfishly, for the individual, and fame unsought and not desired, a byproduct of right action. The first is illusion and is impermanent. The second is real and permanent, adhering to the soul. The first accrues karma and must be balanced; the second does not.
The goal is not to win but to open up.
God forgives, but you also have to be forgiven by people…. And you have to forgive them. Forgiveness is also your responsibility. You must forgive and be forgiven. Psychoanalysis does not repair the damage. You still have to go beyond understanding and make changes, improve the world, repair relationships, forgive others and accept their forgiveness. Being active in seeking virtue is of the utmost importance. Lip service is not enough. Intellectual understanding without applying the remedy is not enough. Expressing our love is.

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