Monday, December 17, 2012


I am an Eagle. I am sitting on a very high cliff. I jumped from the cliff’s edge. I am flying. I love flying high. I believe that I am born to fly higher and higher. I like to do experiments in flying. I can fly for hours and hours. I love to dive in air. I love to float in air. I love to enjoy freedom. In air, I am free from worries, hunger, tension and I enjoy each moment in air because I feel like God. I don’t think. I just feel that I am air. There is no difference between me and air. I just let myself go with the air. I am free from fear of dying. I love myself and I am in peace with the universe. I know that I am a limitless being. I believe that I can reach anywhere on the earth and in sky. No place is beyond my reach. I have all the power within me. I believe my intuition is greater than my intellect. I am always in commune with the winds and the sun – the two most powerful forces of nature. They guide me with my flight.
For me flying is meditation and I become more closure to God while flying. However, I love my life but when I see below. I find a different world of humans. I want to know more about them, so that I can learn more about them. I have this desire of being human.
However, I believe in living in present moment rather than thinking present moment rather than thinking about future. My life deals only in present. There is no past and no future in my life. There is only “Present”. ‘Present’ is a gift that’s why it is called present. Every day is a new day and again I am going to fly.


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