Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twinflames: Love at first sight


It sometimes happens
that a man and a woman meet and
instantly recognize the other half
of themselves behind the eyes of each other
...The eyes have been rightly called
"the windows of the soul." Even their
voices are familiar to each other's ears, like a
remembered chord of music...

These are two who
immediately sense the unalterable
fact that they have been--are--and must
always be One...even though they
might have fought against their fate for
centuries and struggled in vain to escape
their linked destiny...Almost from the first
moment they meet and gaze upon each other,
their spirits rush together in joyful recognition,
ignoring all convention and custom,
all social rules of behaviour,
driven by an inner knowing too
overwhelming to be denied...

Inexplicably, often without a word being spoken, they know that only through each other can they hope to find Wholeness--only when they're together can they both be Complete in every way...Somehow, they feel Immortal, and they are...for this level of love can bestow the beginning knowledge of the attainment of several-centuries longevity in the same flesh body on the Earth plane, as well as the accomplishment of changing flesh bodies (the Temples of the soul) in a fully conscious state, without the "coma" called death...

A man and a woman, who are twinflames hardly need to speak the words "I love you", knowing as surely as they do that they must belong to each other whether in this present incarnation (lifetime) or (due to karmic complication) at the end of many more centuries...The words in the marriage cermony "those which God hath joined together, let no man asunder" refer to such as these...Yet this warning is unnecessary, simply symbolic ritual, for no man can break the tie between Twinflames, not even themselves...Nor can any energy in the Universe...The Force that created them is all-powerful and indestructible...The bond may be weakened, their final union and consummation delayed, but they cannot be separated permanently...There can be no end to the kind of happiness they may claim...when they wish to do so...on a timetable dictated by the Free Will choice of the Higher Angels of their own selves...

This kind of instant magnetic attraction is often called "love at first sight" which is no accident of fate, but very real...It's more than curious coincidence that Twinflames, out of the whole huge world, should be drawn together at the appointed time...The crossing of their paths has been predistined on a Higher Level of Awareness...Certain spiritual energies are at work to bring about their meetings, as surely as the migration of birds and the return of comets are governed by a similar Universal Law...Their coming together is controlled by the workings of Karma, which is but the sum total of Causes set into motion in the Past--and these determine infallibly the conditions of the Present...when the time comes for Twinflames to incarnate, they are sent to Earth, clothed in flesh (the bodies being the Temples of the soul) through particular Time-Energy Forces, at the moment in Earth Time when certain planetary configuarations create the proper conditions...These Time-Energy Forces are electromagnetic in nature, yet more complex than this...

During the periods of twinflames being apart, however brief or however extended, both persons are lonely, empty, and incomplete...yet even throughout any such temporary spaces in their togetherness, there's a constant, pulsing astral communication between them--for even then, they are linked by a cord that connects them over the miles...

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