Sunday, December 16, 2012


Whatever we get in life is a result of Law of Reflection.

Law of reflection works on the thoughts we release into the universe. Whatever thought we release in universe will be reflected back to us. Suppose we want to have a car. We have to release the thought of having a car. This thought will depend upon how much you love that particular car. The next thought that now comes in your mind is how to get that car. Say, for example, you will fix the price of the car you want. Then, another thought that will enter your mind is that how you will be paying for that car. And finally your whole excitement gets killed because you feel that you don’t have so much money to buy that car and car doesn't come to you.

This is the main problem. We don’t know what we are doing un consciously. When we release one thought of having a car, we should stick to that thought. We should not go in details of how to own the car. Our job is to bounce the thought in universe and our next job is to feel that our thought will bounce back to us in form of car we wanted. We have to be very specific in not releasing the thought of how to obtain that car. Suppose, our next thought is that how we will pay for the car. Then, we will get thought of paying by cash or loan. Then approach bank for loan or cash to pay for delivery of the car.

But if I tell you that you can get the car without paying from your packet then, what you think.

Is it possible?

99% people will say that it is a foolish thought. But 1% people will say “yes” and will do what I will tell them to do.

Do -

1.       Before going to sleep or just after getting up in the morning go to a natural place. For example a mountain, hill, sea beach, orchard, grassland, city park, river or your terrace.
2.       Shout loudly 3 times with full energy and feelings of already having your dream car.
3.       Try to keep your sentence of just 3 words like:
I own Ferrari.
I own Duster.
I own Mercedes.
I own Beetle.
I own Bentley.
4.       Repeat a particular sentence thrice with your hands open.
5.       Shout as if you are thanking the universe that what you wanted since long had been delivered to you.
6.       Thank universe for the joy you are having with this brand new car.
7.       Feel yourself as an owner of that car.
8.       Whenever you see that car on road feels happy that you owe that car.
9.       Write gratitude in your diary of having the car.
10.   Discuss among friends about the features of the car.
11.   Take a cutting of that car and paste it with your own photo on the door of your room.
12.   Everyday write THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU on the cutting of the car.
13.   Ask your friend who own that car to take you for a ride.
14.   Go to the showroom of the car and a test drive.
15.   Even when you are travelling in bus, taxi or bike feel that you are in your dream car.

Just do this every time you think about owning a car.

I promise that the car of your dreams will be delivered to you very soon.

Your BLIND FAITH and THANKFULNESS to the universe will bring you the car of your dreams.
Asking thrice from universe is important. You are arrowing your thoughts thrice in universe and universe will deliver you the same. 3 is the number of creation. So saying 3 times involves the creation process to begin.

The Law of Reflection always works. Whatever you release the universe will reflect back to you. It’s like a huge plate hanging in the atmosphere. Any thought which strikes the plate is reflected back. The more intensely a thought is ejected in universe the faster will be the result. It’s all about your communication with the universe.

A person who does meditation and affirmations daily get the rewards early and always. Be in 1% population which has everything with them rather than in 99% population. So, bounce your thoughts now.

The universe is ready to reflect it back.

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