Friday, December 7, 2012

Live in Insecurity

Sannyas is to live in utmost insecurity... but the moment you start living in ut-most insecurity, all insecurity disappears. Then you are secure for the first time.
Why does it happen?
The moment you accept insecurity, you stop asking for security. The moment you understand that insecurity is the nature of life, the moment you see that asking for security is asking for death... a secure person is a dead person. If you are alive you will have to live in insecurity.
Life is insecure, rooted in insecurity. One day you will have to die – how can you be secure? And you love a woman, and the woman is still alive – she can fall in love with somebody else. Nobody knows the ways of life – they are mysterious. And she is still alive; she is not dead. You can trust only a dead woman or a dead man.
That’s why, the moment people fall in love they start killing each other – to create security. If you
have killed the woman she becomes a wife; if you have killed the man he becomes a husband. Now you can be secure. There is security with a husband, but no life; and there is security with a wife, but no life. You have killed her so much that she cannot fall in love again. But remember: she cannot fall in love with anybody else – she cannot fall in love with you either. You have destroyed love.
You catch hold of a bird, and you had loved see-ing it flying in the sky, it was so beautiful – it was freedom on wings. Now you are afraid: the bird may fly again. So you cut the wings and put him in a beautiful cage. Do you think it is the same bird that you had seen in the sky on the wing, whispering with the clouds? Do you think it is the same bird? It is a corpse, although it breathes. And it will never give you that joy.
That joy was not only because of the bird – many many things were involved in it... the open sky, the clouds, the sun, the wind. The FREEDOM was implied there! Now you have destroyed freedom, you have taken the sky away; you have taken the bird out of the WHOLE context. Now it has no meaning any more.
You see a beautiful flower on the rosebush and you cut it and you bring it home, and you put it on your table in a flowerpot – but it is no more the same flower. You have kiLled it! It is dying. And you will never see THAT beauty – because the juice was flowing, the flower was rooted in the earth.
The earth was nourishing it and the sun was nourishing it and the wind was playing with it, and the fragrance was there... and all! You have taken it out of context. Now, in your plastic flowerpot you have encaged this beautiful flower, but it is dead.
That’s what we go on doing.... You love a woman, and she was so alive – that’s why! She was pure life. She was joy, she was dance, a song, and you had fallen in love with ALL those things together. Then you make a prisoner of her. You go to the court, you make legal conditions on her –you reduce her from the woman to a wife. This is an ugly pheno-menon: to reduce any woman to a wife, to reduce any man to a husband. You have taken away ALL that was beautiful and glorious, all that was divine. And now you are stuck with the woman and you wonder what has happened. Now you don’t feel so much joy in her being. Now being with her is tedium, a boredom. Have you not seen husbands and wives sitting together, how bored they look – utterly bored? If a friend comes or a neighbour, they start becoming a little alive; otherwise, they are utterly bored... looking into each other and finding nothing. They both have killed each other! And, naturally, they are angry too, because how can you forgive your murderer? You cannot.
The idea of security brings death in life. Afraid you may catch cold, you don’t go into the rains. Afraid you may harm your body, you don’t go to the playground. Afraid that you may fall from the tree, you don’t climb. Afraid that death may happen, you don’t go to the mountains. Afraid, afraid, afraid... you go on withdrawing yourself from life.
A moment comes – you are there but all life has disappeared. Then you are secure, but at what
cost? And the more you make yourself secure, the more fear arises.
Have you not seen it? Poor people are less afraid than rich people – naturally, because they have much to lose, so more fear of insecurity. A rich man feels more insecure, because communism can come. What does a beggar bother about communism? He says, ”Okay, let communism be! It doesn’t matter.” The rich man is always afraid the bank may fail, the business may fail... this may happen, that may happen. He is continuously worried.
It is not accidental that the rich man cannot sleep; the rich man suffers from insomnia. It is very rare to find a beggar suffering from insomnia; I have not found. I have been searching for a beggar who suffers from insomnia – I have not found. That is the rich man’s disease. The beggar has nothing to worry about! He has nothing to LOSE! The rich man has a thousand and one things to worry about.
He goes to bed, but the mind goes on spinning, weaving; it goes on working – a thousand and one things have to be settled, arranged, planned. Something may go wrong – how can he sleep? How can he afford sleep? A rich man is so poor, he cannot afford sleep; only a poor man is so rich that he can afford sleep.
Just watch how life functions: the more secure you become, the more afraid, frightened. And when you are more afraid, you want more security. When you have more security, you become more afraid... it is a vicious circle.
That’s why I say sannyas is to live in utmost in-security.
What do I mean by saying it? I mean that insecurity is life. There is no life without insecurity. That is the BEAUTY of life! that all can be lost. Hence the joy of the game. If it is certain that you will win, what will be the joy of it? If winning is certain, abso-lutely certain7 there cannot be any joy in it. The more uncertain the victory is, the more joy, the more search for it.
Life is insecure. This, when understood deeply, brings a kind of security – then you are no more
afraid. Life is insecure! You know perfectly well you have fallen in love with this woman and this
woman can still fall in love, because she will still breathe, she will still be alive. Who knows about tomorrow? You are not the only man in the world. What foolish-ness to think that this woman cannot fall in love with anybody else! She CAN fall! And because she can fall, love her intensely – because who knows about tomorrow? Tomorrow she may go and may not turn again and may not see you again. This may be your last time – make as much of it as you can.
This is the understanding of sannyas, that tomorrow is not certain, only this moment is my moment – I have to live it in totality.
And I am not saying that she WILL leave you, or she has to leave you. In fact, if you love her totally in this moment, how can she leave you? If you have loved her so much, how can she leave you?
Out of today will come tomorrow. Out of this moment will follow the next. If this moment has been of such ecstasy, how can she leave you? Out of insecurity, security is born – she cannot leave you. It is impossible to leave you – not because of the law and the court and the marriage and the society, but just because you loved her so much.
You have given her the first insight into no-time, no-mind. You have been a door to the divine – -how can she leave you? She has already become part of you; you have become part of her. But this is happening of its own; it is unmanaged. Out of insecurity you loved her totally, and out of total love life becomes secure.
So, Bharti, you are right – what I say is true, what you feel is true too. Sannyas is uttermost insecurity, and once you are a sannyasin you start having a new vision of life. And that new vision KNOWS NOTHING OF INSECURITY.

From the book: Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind
by Osho


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