Saturday, November 2, 2013

Being Love is Therapy

Healing is more than curing a physical ailment or stopping that annoying allergy. Healing is bringing wholeness to your entire being. But what is your entire being? What are you more than your physical body?
You are a container of several bodies actually. You are more than your physical body, you are a child of God, his son or daughter. Therefore, you are at the heart of you a spirit, or a God flame that is unique and beautiful in God. So you have a spiritual, or etheric, body.
In order to experience the world in the physical body, you have a mind to think and conceptualize ideas. You use your mind to create and store the information you receive in what and how to create. But more than your human mind, you have a higher mind. That mind is given to you to raise your awareness of who and what you are and connect with a higher source – your Creator. That is your mental body.
At the heart of you is love. It is not physically in your heart, but in your spiritual heart. That heart is where you feel the love of God for you and you send out that love in return. That is your emotional body.
Healing your four bodies is important to bring true wholeness. Your physical body is the densest of the four bodies and therefore, when you experience physical issues, the cause is not generally stemming from that body, but from your emotion or mental bodies.
The tools presented in the courses provided here will help you communicate with your four bodies in a unique and healthy way. You may also learn how to communicate with your Higher Self and the angelic hosts and Cosmic Beings who oversee our world and help us rise to higher levels of awareness and wholeness.

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