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Voice of the Mother

Long ago the land of the Mother sunk beneath the sea. Mu, short for Lemuria, means Mother. Mu was the lost continent of the Pacific which, according to the findings of James Churchward, archaeologist and author of The Lost Continent of Mu, extended from north of Hawaii three thousand miles south to Easter Island and the Fijis and was made up of three areas of land stretching more than five thousand miles from east to west. Churchward's history of the ancient Motherland is based on records inscribed on sacred tablets he claims to have discovered in India.
In the ancient temples of Lemuria, the Ascended Masters describe there were twelve major temples surrounding the central altar. These temples were positioned in a wide circle across the vastness of the continent. Within those temples there was the perpetual intoning of the Word in the frequency of the twelve gates of this "City of Light". Lemuria was a golden age and the place where Maitreya had his Mystery School, the Garden of Eden.

When many who were tending the Word, they became convinced by the fallen ones in embodiment at that time, that the their giving of the mantra and the intoning of the light was either not necessary or there was a "higher" way to invoking the light. Gradually, one by one the altars were being misused with other practices that actually drew down the light, instead of raising it up. The altars became desecrated turning them wholly to the abuses of fallen angels. Thus, there came the eventual sinking of so great, great a land as Lemuria. The record of this Motherland, according to the Ascended Masters, left a gargantuan record of travesty in the race memory of the planet and her people.
The Masters in embodiment at that time knew of the impending cataclysm and they did lead their chelas to distant shores, such as where India is today. As some stood and watched the Motherland going down in the midst of flame and fire, their grief was very profound as with that sinking of the Motherland there was the going down of her retreats and the withdrawal of her Flame.
Those of the Masters and their chelas knew that by the Mother Flame all mastery of the physical octave was gained. In each temple these adepts and chelas, priestesses of the Mother Flame, tended the individual flame for that particular temple, corresponding to twelve signs of the Zodiac, as depicted in the chart. There the intonation of the Word would hold the balance in the earth for that ray of God-Power, God-Love, God-Wisdom, God-Mastery, and so on.
In the central temple of Mu, hour upon hour there was celebrated different rays, according to the hours of the day. In this temple was permanently anchored the flame of the Divine Mother. It was a piercing ray of the ruby light sheathed in white fire—a mighty pillar of fire to behold. It was a permanent flame of the Divine Mother whereby the entire continent in its golden ages was nourished. The temples in the outer extremities of Mu were also dedicated to the Mother Flame in the central temple and were peopled with many adepts and devotees of that fire.
The misuse of the Mother Flame that began through the trickery of the fallen ones produced horrendous and devastating effects, even at the level of nuclear weapons. There was a desecration of the altars; and ultimately the misuse of that Mother Light brought about the murder of the highest representative of the Divine Mother in that era and the consequent sinking of the continent. The Ascended Masters revealed that this murder was plotted by none other than the fallen Archangel Lucifer.
Why the Twin Flames Fell
We cannot completely fathom the level of attainment these adepts had in that golden age, as we have sunk so low in consciousness since the Fall. But these adepts were the students of the Mystery School, the Garden where LORD Maitreya taught the twin flames the way to intone the Word and precipitate anything they needed. Although others in the land, such as the fallen ones in embodiment, needed to procreate by physical means, the adepts did not. The twin flames would stand apart from one another, intone the Word and they would create between them a child of the size of a nine year old. Food was all precipitated through the Word. There was no need for their laboring in the fields.
Precipitation was possible because of their dedication to the Mother within themselves and each other, and to the one in the land who outpictured the highest Purity of the White Light. It is hard to imagine that with such abundance and purity in their lives that these twin flames could fall from grace and accept the ways of the fallen ones, but they did. When the masculine adepts were initiated to step back and raise up the outer feminine to lead through her inner knowing, they could not. Prior to this initiation they had been infiltrated by the fallen ones inserting the Great Whore teachings and mesmerism known to have waylaid the children of the Light who had previously embodied in the fourth root race.
These twin flames were God-taught in how to master their energies, but they had to choose for themselves if they wanted to use this mastery or receive light and energy through other means. Not having to procreate in the way of physical contact, they were tempted to experiment with coitus together. The fallen angels in the land were the highest in attainment before their fall. Thus they carried great light and wisdom, with the ability to appear as the wise lords among the twin flame adepts. Their women were beautiful to behold and were taught in the ways of using their light to entrap the masculine to worship her. This wanting worship for themselves was not the true worshiping of the Mother Light. It was a way to steal light and control others.
While the fallen ones worked on the masculine twin flames, building up appearances as being important and above Reality, the feminine twin flames were put down as inferior to these fallen women. Eventually, the slow erosion of the love between twin flames led to the leaving off of trust, fidelity and the adoration of the true Divine Feminine within both man and woman.
With the loss of the voice of the Mother, both in the murder of the outer Mother Flame in embodiment, and the microcosm murdering of the flame of the Mother within the twin flames, the mighty land that had been devoted to the Mother could no longer sustain the pillar of Ruby Fire in the land. It was withdrawn as the people rejected the true Fire of the Mother. The light of the Mother in the flame of the highest love, was rejected by those who fear her all-consuming love. The fallen ones set up their own citadels of worshiping the Great Whore, thereby replacing the Purity, the White Light, with their gold images of light as the highest and above that of the Mother. In the denial of the Divine Mother of ancient Lemuria, there has come to pass a civilization bereft of the intimate knowledge of being the vessel of the Mother and thereby coming unto the love of the Buddha, even Jesus who unfolds the light of eternal Christos.

The Restoration of the Mother
This story has been told and retold, for it has occurred in various alterations of the theme from age to age and continent to continent. So vast is the experience and the observation of souls who have lived long upon earth that at inner levels millions now in embodiment are aware of the treacherous ways of fallen angels and how they have brought down the best and highest opportunity for souls to achieve the victory. This they have done by tearing down the foundations of those mighty empires that had been raised up by Ascended Masters and avatars over the ages, so that souls could attain that ultimate union with God.

In heaven there are many Cosmic Beings who have won their victory from the earth and long ago taken their ascensions. They have tarried with earth to work with those who did not make it, those who were left behind on Lemuria and even in other ages, failing their initiations once again. These Cosmic Beings are incarnations of God and are masters of many of God's qualities, especially those twelve attributes that were once honored and anchored in the earth by the adepts of that age. They are our spiritual teachers who we can call upon for personal and planetary assistance. Some of them have also taken embodiment in this age to help during this dark hour of the planet, where once again the altars of God have been desecrated and every evil known to man is eroding the Purity of the Mother and the sacredness of our body temples. They are the voice of the Mother, crying in the wilderness "Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight."
This is the age of the Restoration of the Mother. Our obligation to the great adepts of God who sacrificed their lives during their many sojourns on earth to save those lost in Maya, is to raise up the Mother Light within our own temples. It is a decision that the individual must make by free will to keep the flame of Life and to know that in the science of the spoken Word is the means to raise up the Mother Light that is the sacred fire from the base-of-the-spine chakra. Then to draw forth the Light of the Father from the I AM Presence to experience that union of both in the heart chakra. As the fire of the heart increases, so shall that ancient karma of the compromise of the heart be consumed. Then ultimately that fire, that threefold flame expanding, will return to you the consciousness of God you once knew.

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