Saturday, November 2, 2013

Surrender In the Heart

How do we surrender into the heart? First we have to connect with the heart and the spiritual heart behind the heart. It is that place, the secret chamber of the heart, where we find that which I AM. There is the repository of the threefold flame, the flaming consciousness of the Christ, the only begotten of the Father, that is anchored within every individualization of the Father-Mother God, every son and daughter of the flame.
Your threefold flame of life is sealed in the eight-petaled chakra, the secret chamber of the heart. The threefold flame, or "divine spark," makes your heart a replica of the heart of God. It is literally a spark of sacred fire from God's own heart. The threefold flame is your soul's point of contact with the Supreme Source of all life. It is your potential to become the fullness of all that your Real Self is.

The threefold flame has three "plumes" that embody the three primary attributes of God. The blue plume (on your left) embodies God's power. The yellow plume (in the center) embodies God's wisdom, and the pink plume (on your right) embodies God's love. By accessing the power, wisdom, and love of the Godhead anchored in your threefold flame, you can fulfill your reason for being.

The white-fire core out of which the flame springs forth is the wholeness of the Father-Mother God, the Alpha and Omega, which manifest the beginning and the ending of all cycles of your being.
The most important chakra to meditate on is the twelve-petaled heart chakra. From the heart chakra, the energy of life that has descended to you from your I AM Presence over the crystal cord and through the beloved Christ Self, also called the blessed Mediator, is then distributed out to the other six major chakras and to the five minor chakras (of the five secret rays), thence to all the cells and nerve centers in the four lower bodies.
The heart is where the pink fires of love burn brightly. It is the seat of illumined conscience and the authority of God's will that you make your own by love's discernment and wisdom's true discrimination. Your heart is a focus of the Great Central Sun by God's choice. When you keep the heart in the vibration of Christ's love in compassion for all life, you discover all life as one. For out of the heart are the issues of all life that lead to the One Source.

All energy has frequency, or vibratory rate, but the frequencies of man's energies are more often not the same as the frequencies of God's energy. For the Lord God has said, "My thoughts are not your thoughts; neither are your ways my ways."**

In order for God and man to be one on earth even as the soul of man is one with the Spirit of God in heaven, the Christ comes forth to mediate the frequencies of Matter and of Spirit. The perfect blending of the energies of God and man are realized, then, through the Christ Self of the individual or through masters ascended or unascended who have attained the harmony of the Christ mind.

When Paul said, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus," he spoke of the Christ Self and he directed the disciples of the Lord to let the Christ Self be within their hearts the mediator of perfection. The mind of which Paul spoke has been referred to as the higher mental body. The terms "higher mental body" and "Christ Self" are synonymous, and they refer to the force or presence of the Christos—even to the Logos who becomes the Word incarnate to every son and daughter who recognizes his joint-heirship with the Christ.

To fulfill, then, the first half of the equation "Draw nigh to me, and I will draw nigh to you," mankind must raise the energies of consciousness to the level of the heart chakra through meditation on love, through the application of wisdom, and through the garnering of God's energy as the will to be. As you center your attention more and more upon the heart through the visualizations you magnetize the energies of the four lower bodies day by day to the heart center, thus freely giving the Christ the superior dominion over your soul awareness.

The magnet that you create within the heart chakra is the ascending triangle. And the more you meditate upon this triangle superimposed upon the heart chakra, the more it becomes the reality of the dimensions of the Sacred Trinity, embodied in the threefold flame sealed in the hidden chamber of the heart.

As the call compels the answer, this presence and forcefield of this triangle, combined with the letters of living flame "I AM THAT I AM," will draw the descending triangle of God's consciousness into the heart chakra. And this merging of Creator and creation through the intercession of the Christ Self is the foundation whereupon the aura of man becomes the aura of God.

Harmony is the requirement for peace. So how do we find that harmony? When you become disturbed in your forcefield, no matter what the cause–world conditions, inner turmoil– trying to resonate or communicate with your Higher Self or heaven while feeling disturbed is often difficult. At that point of realization you need to surrender within your heart the spirals of disturbance concerning the rightness and the wrongness of actions in the world, in your family, in your community. Rightness and wrongness are but phases of the human consciousness. There is only Reality and unreality. Within unreality there is the entire range of mankind's justices and injustices. Whereas within cosmic Justice all will be adjudicated according to God's Will. Knowing that after surrendering all into the flame within the heart, only that which is Real will return to you, all else will be consumed.
Daily practicing this surrendering in big and small matters into the heart flame, will gradually and consistently change your inner and then outer circumstances. There is a solar peace and then there is the peace of the heart. Surrendering quickly the anti-peace that disrupts the emotional body and then forgiving any trespasses done to you, calling forth the law of justice to take command and asking that God's Will be done, you will be able to stay in that peace of the heart no matter the outer circumstances.
Daily acknowledgment to the flame within your heart will amplify the power and illumination of Love within your being. Such nurturing of the heart will produce a new sense of the greatness within you, that may not be immediately apparent but will begin to subconsciously manifest within the folds of your inner thoughts.

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