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Light vs. Darkness in Relationships

Light vs. Darkness in Relationships

The following subjects are sometimes seen as oppositions. This is not always the case. When we are balanced in ISIS there is a flow from one to the other without any conflict. Our true Being IS, as God IS. Yet God individed Himself into polarities called Father-Mother God. God IS Father, God IS Mother. Finding our True Self in today's world is a challenge. Yet we can best understand ourselves when we know the true Self as God. Being I AM, the personalized Self of God, is our goal. When we are I AM we will find that balance of ISIS and see ourselves as God. 

God's Will vs. Free Will

The will of God is good. The will of God is the thunder of universal love. It is the strength of the right arm of the Almighty. It is the fire of his devotion and the best gift to his children. As men understood that as they had sowed so should they reap, a desire to have perfection arose within them. This desire to return to perfection through grace became the second corollary of the will of God, the perfection of perfect love. While some men dream to obtain power for control and creating their own will outside of God's and a law unto themselves, a few realize the folly of such thoughts. Thus God's Will and man's will have divided the Righteous from the unrighteous.

Heart vs. Mind

The heart relates to love, and love relates to the soul and feminine side of self, while the head relates to the examination of objects and concepts by the logic of the mind. Standing alone, without the employment of the heart, the head, dominated from the masculine side of self, often makes those decisions which shatter on impact the tender and intuitive feelings of the soul. When the natural faculties of the soul and feminine are allowed to express, a whole new world awakens. The strength of man's mind, tethered to the radiance of his heart's love, opens the pathway to the emerging Christ consciousness and oneness with I AM.

Divine Love vs. Unconditional Love

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God is Love and More. We are made in the image and likeness of God. Thus our true Self is Love and More. Unconditional love accepts every condition, however far from More. True Divine Love is the judgment. Divine Love raises all to the divine ideal and the divine plan. Divine Love is uncompromising. Only by allowing the flower of Divine Love to unfold in your heart will you discover its mystery, and you cannot know the mystery until you do.

Being vs. False Oneness

Understanding the ISIS flow comes naturally in Being. Being IS and Being in action IS. Allowing both in your world brings you naturally into oneness with Self. From Being you may know the Way. Desiring a false oneness has its roots in the masculine/feminine imbalances within. This leads to thinking that wholeness comes from union with the opposite gender. Therefore, restoring the Divine Feminine within self becomes a priority before wholeness can ever be achieved. This restoration will change not only your world, it will dramatically change the outcome of this planet.

True Caring vs. False Caring

There is a caring that is nurturing to the body and spirit. This caring is provided by the Mother in all who attune to the Divine Mother. There is also a false caring that caters to the ego and contributes to the destruction of the soul. This false feeding of the body and soul is often highly desired over the Divine Nurturing we are meant to receive.

True Mother-Father vs. False Mother-Father

The true Father is love and wisdom and authority, while the true Mother is justice, tenderness at times and other times the fiery chastisement in the Divine Love of the Ruby Fire. Many a soul longs for the Father's approval and the Mother's tender caress, but for want of incarnating the Love, Wisdom and Power of God, they turn to the false Father-Mother images. Seeking approval from any source, souls get trapped in downward spirals and co-dependent relationships. To know the true Father is to know Divine Love. To have the true Mother's Love is to know More.

Ascended Masters vs. False Impostors

The ability to know a true Master lies with the necessity for God-obedience, and the necessity for inner attunement and oneness with the I AM THAT I AM. It starts with the one-pointedness in carrying out the divine direction of Almighty God spoken by an angel, a chohan of the ray, a messenger or your Holy Christ Self. One must be sufficiently aligned in order to hear the Word of righteousness and truth spoken by the authoritative Self–wherever that Self may appear, even in disguise. Some have preferred the synthetic self to the Real Self, the God-ordained Self. Some who take lightly the path of discipleship have sought to establish a synthetic self that may function well in society and in society's ways. When this synthetic self is instated in the temple of one's being, it becomes the false prophet, the lying prophet, and the disobedient prophet whose voice becomes louder and louder as a point of insanity.

I AM Alpha and Omega vs. I am MORE

Our God is a dual Being. Becoming one with Omega through Being, while in the physical plane, the Father Alpha is realized in the mind and heart. Without the More manifest in our world there are no victories. To those who refuse to follow the disciplines to get the true More, the path of no victories and no achievements leaves a void filled by the false MORE.

Christianity vs. New Age

Can you be both a Christian and a New Ager? No you cannot. For a belief sacred to a Christian separates the New Ager. A look at the separation and what are the common beliefs of a New Ager.

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