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Impostors of Twin Flames

For everyone of God, there is an impostor. Thus each soul twin flame also has an impostor. The story of Adam and Eve and their fall is played out in each one of our lives. When we enter embodiment for the first time, we come in as pristine souls, coming with the purpose to become More and bring back to God wholeness from our sojourn out into time and space. Through free will choices we eventually made too many mistakes that ultimately separated us from oneness with I AM, with the Guru and with our twin flame.
Separation of soul twin flames in the physical came about due to either the rejection of the masculine or feminine within the lower self, and/or the rejection of the masculine and feminine within the twin flame, which involved each one's twin flame impostor.
Each twin flame is a representative of either Alpha or Omega. In Spirit – the monad (the one) – is formed out of the ovoid, the white fire core of Alpha and Omega, as a nucleus of the permanent atom of Being. That "atom" seed of Being within Father-Mother God contains the Whole of God. This white fire core nucleus of the permanent atom of the Twin Flames, Father Alpha and Mother Omega rotate, in the individualization of the two halves of the Whole, forming a circle. All of life comes from this spinning of their wholeness of I AM THAT I AM.
The fallen angels did not want union with the Son. The Son is the Word out of the wholeness of Twin Flames, while yet Being two in a divine polarity. Twin Flames communicate across the interchange of their wholeness. Together the masculine ray sends forth a command that the feminine ray responds to. That command of Alpha is the key to "you". This command "Let there Be Light!" was answered by the Omega, "And there was Light." At this starting point, God as one interplay of the plus and minus exchanges has created two. This two-fold energy of God as masculine and feminine, spheres of God consciousness as a unique electronic energy patterns, form a spiral of the T'ai chi.
Out of the spiraling twin forms of Alpha and Omega, masculine and feminine principles, God multiplies Himself. "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them" (Gen. 1:27). The sons and daughters of God were born as unique fingerprints of this Perfect Love. Now the sons and daughters had free will and they could move and have their Being in Spirit. These unique twin flames, made in the image of God's sphere of Being, wanted to experience themselves as Alpha, then Omega, so God Omega in her response to Alpha's "Let there Be Light!" spiraled forth the fingerprint pattern of the Matter plane the incarnation of the Word. Omega's reply, "And there was Light" gradually sent forth pattern after pattern of the Word becoming individualized as the Matter Plane. God was giving back to the One His gift of free will.
The fingerprint pattern of the Matter plane formed the causal body, individual polarities, unique gifts of affirmations of You. The entire cosmos formed the Matter plane, the light of God's gift of free will. Thus God made all things by Christ – by the Word – which conveyed Life to the uttermost depths of the void. The Christ, then, was first the universal manifestation of Alpha and Omega. Each son and daughter born of this same Christic Light of the Word, could reach Perfect Love by becoming one with Omega in the return fiat of the Father's, "Let there Be Light!", affirming within their Being "And there was Light".
There can never be a white fire core nucleus of the permanent atom of our being that is not both masculine and feminine, as Father-Mother God is, and for whom we were created in their image and likeness. Each "spirit spark" created out of the One "You", is androgynous. So in spirit within the spirit body we are androgynous. But coming forth into matter for the matter creation we find this requires two souls and two embodiments. Yet this very separation that brings one opportunity to Be More Father-Mother God also brings the vulnerability to temptation.
Twin souls came into embodiment during the age of Lemuria and under the tutelage of Lord Maitreya they were given the opportunity to anchor Being and Victory and turn around the opposition to the Matter plane and the Mother, as well as the fallen ones hatred of her children. Twin flame false-hierarchy impostors were sent to tempt the initiates under Maitreya. The jealousy of the fallen ones for the love of twin flames is well known, and out of that jealousy there has evolved the pleasure cult, the cult of sensual thralldom whereby the fallen ones have promoted the cult of death, attempting to subject twin flames to the unnecessary release and expenditure of energy whereby their life could be siphoned from them.  These fallen ones in their jealousy have gone forth to imitate the twin flame's flame, name, image, love, and they have been on hand to steal that light of love.
That event in the Garden caused a cataclysm in each twin flame's divine plan, which has had ramifications even to the present, whereby the twin flames have become addicted to someone who was and is the impostor of their twin flame.  Even in all of these thousands of years since these impostors came and the twin flames had to leave the Mystery School because one or the other or both went after the false-hierarchy impostor, they have not been able to shake that addiction.

This is a challenge that most everyone faces. The need of the hour in this age is to study and probe one's psychology and accelerate the spiritual path so that one can extricate themselves from that impostor, to whose life they may find themselves inextricably bound.
For the breaking of this cycle that has been going on for thousands of years you may invoke the judgment on these fallen one impostors. Call in the name of the Christ and the I AM THAT I AM give this command:
In the name of Almighty God and in the name of the Christ,
I challenge the fallen ones,
The impostors of our twin flames.
I challenge them in the darkness of the night.
I challenge them in the noonday sun of Helios and Vesta.
And I call to the seven archangels
For the binding and the judgment of these fallen ones
On earth and in heaven
As it is decreed by Almighty God
According to his will, wisdom, and love.
I call forth, then, the judgment.
And I demand, then,
That accountability be set before those individuals
Who have attempted to usurp the throne
Of kings and priests unto God–
Twin flames united in love.
I seal this call this day
In the light of the Holy Kumaras,
And I decree it
For the fulfillment of the cycles
And of the Piscean age.
You have a right to bring justice on earth to those who have wronged your lifestream and call forth their judgment while they usurp your light, supply, energy and identity. Asking for this to be adjudicated according to the will of God, by your call, you therefore require those who trample upon your consciousness to give accounting of their works to the Great Karmic Board, which trampling has been done in darkness to subvert your union with God.
At inner levels there is a lot of pain for the separation of twin flames. Giving this call for yourself and others is one way to help alleviate that pain and help restore twin flames with their rightful twin.

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