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Marriage as a Commitment of Relationships

Marriage as a Commitment of Relationships

One of the greatest God desire we have is to be whole, first wholeness with our greater Being in I AM, and second, wholeness with our twin flame. While we started off life with both wholeness in I AM and oneness with our twin flame, through our own "garden of Eden" experience, we failed at some level and lost that oneness. So this desire manifests as the desire to be one with another. We each have a need to relate to one person in life in a very personal way because the Alpha Omega relationship always needs to be filled in. It is the core of our beginning creation in the Great Central Sun. Although that personal relation does not have to be in marriage, when it is we have the opportunity to celebrate the union of twin flames and the Alpha-Omega oneness, whether we are married to our twin flame or not.
So the ritual of marriage is meant to be a celebration of oneness of twin flames. Few twin flame marriages actually occur in this age because the karmic conditions have separated twin flames so dramatically that to marry would cause many to actually make more karma and contribute to possibly being separated even further. Sometimes the twin flame is already ascended, and sometimes that twin flame is destined to work on other relationships and marriages with another to prepare them for a future embodiment with their twin flame.
Once we make the choice to marry someone our work begins. You must give each relationship the best, no matter who they are or what the relationship entails. The person is God and their divine flame is God, and thus they have the divine potential to be God. So we must love that person with the purest and highest love we would have for God and for our own twin flame.
Karmic Marriages
There are three major types of marriages, whether it be your free will choice or no choice as in arranged marriages. The first type is the karmic relationship. Many marriages in the world are solely karmic. Karmic relationships are always intense in their beginnings and one may experience a strong need to be with that person overriding all other needs. It is the falling in love period, where one may seem to live only to be with that other person. But then the day comes when the "honeymoon" is over, and the real work begins. Some have even exclaimed that after the marriage, even within days, they experience a sudden eye-opening vision of this spouse as someone with whom they do not want to be married to, or remember some bad experience or feeling about them. While in the "falling in love" stage and the "honeymoon" stage, any negative karma is shielded and overridden with each other through the intercession of divine love. Either a master or some cosmic being sponsoring your lifestream may overshadow you with divine love. However one is shielded from seeing the negative karma together with another, two people are brought together for the replaying of their karma so that this time they will choose to forgive and love regardless of the other's imperfections.
Falling instantly and madly in love is no indication of this going to be a perfect marriage, or that this can only happen with twin flames. You may meet someone and that impact will be stunning like the impact of planetary bodies. What is really happening in many cases is that you are so excited that you have met the soul that you can balance this section of karma with that the soul rejoices that you have met this one in embodiment in this life. There is this feeling of elation and great joy. But it is not necessarily for the joy for being with the other person, but the joy of the soul who knows that if you don't get that karma balanced you cannot enter into world service and ultimately reunion with the twin flame. 
Here in the dawn of the age of Aquarius all things are coming home to roost because it is the age of conclusion, the age of resolution. Balancing karma that daily comes to your doorstep, and karma that has a need for resolution now, is the name of the game. You may have one of those very intense impacts with another where there is no one you would rather be with, nothing that you would rather do than marry this other person. The faster you submit to the law of your own karma the faster you will be liberated, but you must surrender and work to make these marriages work while you are together.
So in this day and age karma is accelerated and we are given many opportunities to marry more than once. In this way once the marriage karmic conditions have been met, we can move on to either balance other karmic relationships or we can move into world service with our twin flame or soul mate. Once we marry someone we begin a relationship where we share one another's karma. This is why Jesus said we should not be unequally yoked with another, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" (2 Cor. 6:14)
Thus the true inner meaning of the ritual of marriage is to bear one another's karma and to help each other balance their masculine and feminine energies. Therefore the official vows in the eyes of God and by a spiritual minister is the vow to the spouse "to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part". Even if one is living with another they will not share their karmic debt. Thus, they can live together comfortably and in an irresponsible manner, without having to share and make a commitment to a higher purpose and goal.  
In today's age this is why people do not like to get married because they resist bearing one another's burden. In this age of freedom — and many unlawful and unrighteous uses of one's free will — people are making more karma than they are balancing, and they are also carrying that which has been held in abeyance by Jesus' sacrifice 2,000 years ago for our sins. His sacrifice was not to balance our karma for us, but give each one an opportunity to learn to love God with all their heart, mind and soul, and to leave behind their wicked ways.
Soul Mate Marriages
The second most common type of marriage is with the soul mate. This is a person with whom you have had past incarnations, often many, where you have worked together to help one another balance the positive/negative polarities in manifesting some project or goal. Many times this relationship and marriage is not antagonistic, although issues will come up as in any type of relationship. Soul mate marriages are often joyful and help not only each other, but the positive growth of mankind. As long as the two people practice forgiveness, loving themselves, as well as each other, this type of marriage will be very rewarding in what they can bring forth together. It may be some outer project with others such as maintaining a business together or creating or supporting one another to bring forth a book or new technology, or it can be raising a family and bringing souls into the world who will also contribute some gift to mankind, such as Joseph and Mary did together in bringing forth the Christ child in Jesus.
Twin Flame Marriages
The third type of marriage is with the twin flame. These marriages are scarce on the earth because karma separates twin flames, even if that karma is not made directly with that twin flame. Because twin flames may develop over lifetimes with little or no contact, they may develop separate personality types that further separate their oneness. Any negative karma between them will have to be balanced first before they can move into world service together and the highest service of love that can be given while in embodiment.
Wherever there negative karma, there is God imprisoned in that past negative activity. Twin flames make karma with one another in many ways, such as raising children and the non caring for them, or for one's family, or not supporting one another in temptations and trials, or as with Adam and Eve, in seeing the opposite polarity as wrong and inferior to the other polarity.
There is nothing as devastating to Father-Mother God as twin flames, who represent Father-Mother God on earth, to come together and bicker and fight. As a child experiences extreme pain in witnessing their parents fight, this pain ripples through the cosmos whenever twin flames blame and hurt one another. So the Lords of Karma do not put twin flames together in a marriage until and unless they have some mastery in order not to make this horrendous type of karma with one another.
Sometimes twin flames are put together in other relationships first, such as father/daughter, sister/brother or coworkers, in order to help them develop a closer relationship while not having the responsibility of bearing that Alpha-Omega polarity with one another through a marriage.

Regardless of the spiritual or karmic reason for a marriage together, loving, forgiving and giving the best of oneself is the highest mission in that relationship. Every time one forgives another they are drawing one step closer to Father-Mother God and oneness with their twin flame. Marriage is a sacred union, regardless of the age or the philosophy of the pleasure cult and fallen ones who tout that it is a dying ritual. Make your marriage a commitment to love the other as God and you will find the rewards will be many.

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