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The Ego Is Not Your Identity

Lifetime after lifetime we have either glorified God in our souls and in our beings by challenging the ego and the dweller each step of the way, or we have damned our souls and our God and chosen to plight our troth to the ego, the dweller and the fallen angels, accepting their offers of power and glory and dominion.
We are a complex set of good and miscreations that we call bad characteristics. We have been tempted to do evil in taking the pure unadulterated energies of God given to us each day and qualifying those energies with malicious and selfish acts of ungodliness. Some of those acts have been against ourselves, our souls, and other acts of ungodliness have been towards others.
Our true identity is I AM. We are a spirit spark, a unique flame from out of the Great Central Sun, the hub of creation where Father-Mother God reign. We are Spirit Beings first, children of God; and second, co-creators with God. Only God knows His divine purpose in creating extensions of Himself, but we can know God and the answer to all our questions through becoming one with Him. So our goal in the physical is to remember who we are, remember why we are here, and Be all that we are in I AM. It sounds doable, but it takes work, commitment and a great love for God that extends to all His creation.
Along the way of coming into the earth and exploring God as Mother and Father, and putting on the garments of the Son and Holy Spirit, we may have lost our way. Desiring the things of instant pleasure provided for us from the fallen ones who also inhabited the earth, tempted our unbridled senses. Choices were made that created an alter-self that had nothing to do with God. Every time our choice was based on some impure desire or thought, we created another layer of unreality around us. In time the demarcation between the layers of unreality and the Real Self were blurred. We forgot who we were and even who are real Father-Mother was. Even God, the Source of All Being was obscured or relegated to only a token place of gratitude. Man had fallen.
The Creation of the Ego and the Dweller
The Garden of Eden was the original Mystery School founded by Lord Maitreya to train Sons and Daughters of God to become spiritual adepts, initiates of the highest order, that they might go forth from the Mystery School to raise the consciousness of the children of God and to make the teachings of the spiritual path available to them and eventually to all mankind.

The paradise described in Genesis was in the etheric octave somewhere between heaven and earth. Adam and Eve, the archetypal twin flames, and numerous other sets of twin flames studied there under Lord Maitreya, who is named in Genesis as the LORD God.

When tempted of the Serpent to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, many of Maitreya's students disobeyed him. Even though the LORD had told them that "in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die," these students of the Mystery School believed the Serpent's equivocation, "Ye shall not surely die," and partook of the forbidden fruit.

All who entered into this act of disobedience paid the ultimate price: the flame of their immortality was snuffed out. Thus, they knew that their souls had become naked and that they were now mortal. Grief-stricken, they went forth from Eden, literally driven out by the LORD God, "lest Adam put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live forever" in his fallen state.

And so, Adam and Eve and many sets of twin flames were consigned to the earth plane and to earthly bodies. To them the LORD God declared: "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

No greater indictment has ever been handed down by the LORD God upon his people.
While we were in Eden we were innocent. We developed neither ego nor dweller. However, our souls were susceptible and we fell. Over the long centuries of our souls' incarceration on planet earth since the Fall, we have created the ego and the dweller and allowed them to mushroom until they have displaced the "hidden man of the heart," the Holy Christ Self.

We have allowed the ego and the dweller to intimidate our souls. Only the soul who has garnered the sacred fire of God can counteract the telling blows of the Not Self. She who has Wisdom's fire consciously recognizes and confronts the ego. She is up to the task of slaying it. Furthermore, she knows that she alone must undo the threads she has sewn in dishonor and must now sew in honor.

We can all become conscious of the antics of our egos if we want to be–that is, if we are not in a state of denial, denying the destructive words and deeds that come through our egos and dominate not only our own souls but, sadly, the souls of others. The dweller-on-the-threshold, on the other hand, is not so easy to detect. It inhabits the subconscious and the unconscious minds even as it inhibits the soul's evolution. And while the soul is terrified of the dweller, the ego is in cahoots with the dweller, ever plotting the soul's demise.

When a soul has committed herself to Darkness and the Dark Ones, she is completely taken over by the human ego and the dweller-on-the-threshold. There is no longer a distinction between the ego and the dweller. They are merged as one. The soul has for all intents and purposes ceased to exist.

What was once a pristine creation of God is now bonded to the Not Self instead of to the Holy Christ Self. Only Darkness and the Dark Ones inhabit what was formerly a temple of God. Jude called the fallen angels in this state "wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever."

The Soul Bonded to the Holy Christ Self
Until the soul is once again bonded to her Holy Christ Self, the human ego and the dweller-on-the-threshold are more powerful than the soul. And this is one reason why it is not so easy for the soul to rise from the seat-of-the-soul chakra (at the navel) to the heart chakra. 
In order to rise, the soul must overcome her tendency to repeatedly fail her tests at key points of vulnerability. She must recognize these key points and seek daily to transcend them. And with the help of her Holy Christ Self and Archangel Michael, if she applies herself, she will learn step by step how to challenge and defeat her human ego and her dweller-on-the-threshold.
We must teach the soul to defend herself and to take up the sword of truth to defeat the lie, no matter who mouths it. We must teach the soul that there are four classifications of animal magnetism that can cause her to stumble if she does not clear her four lower bodies daily of their vibration. We must warn her that animal magnetism can entrap her in the lower chakras and the lower animalistic nature.
  • Malicious animal magnetism manifests in the memory body and the memory quadrant
  • ignorant animal magnetism in the mental body and the mental quadrant
  • sympathetic animal magnetism in the desire body and the desire quadrant
  • delicious animal magnetism in the physical body and the physical quadrant.
The goal of the soul is to attain union with God and that to achieve this she must rise to the heart chakra and be bonded to her Holy Christ Self through the Sacred Heart of Jesus. But before this bonding can take place, the soul must accomplish many tasks, one of which is the daily weaving of her wedding garment. The Ascended Masters call the wedding garment the deathless solar body.

Had we not compromised our souls in the original Mystery School, had we remained obedient, submitting to our initiations in divine order, passing our daily tests, we would have graduated from the Mystery School and gone forth to bring Maitreya's teachings to the world. Furthermore, we would have walked the earth alive with the flame of our immortality and clothed with the deathless solar body.

Today, as mortals, we must weave our deathless solar body by spiritualization of consciousness, by sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service. We require the assistance of our Holy Christ Self in this monumental task. We need to match the light God gives us daily over the crystal cord with our own sewings of light, for thereby we can say: "My Holy Christ Self worketh hitherto and I work." We can multiply that light by meditation, mantra and the science of the spoken Word.

Day by day we weave our wedding garment, the deathless solar body. When we have perfected that garment, our souls will be ready to return as Brides of Christ to the heaven-world, never to go out again from Eden. 

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