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Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are always intense and involve many of the relationships we have with people, and with whom we have made karma in the past—for both good and bad. Sometimes the more intense the experience with someone the more negative karma one has with them.
The soul knows why she has come into embodiment. Before coming into embodiment you go before the karmic board where you learn what karmic situation requires resolution in your next life. The ramifications of what we do by committing sin or omitting to serve life are very heavy. The soul is very conscientious in the desire to serve to do what's right and to right things that are wrong.
Meeting someone in the physical where we have an instant recognition or a soul connection is felt, is often indicative of these karmic relationships. Sometimes you can actually feel this great joy within your soul as she recognizes the one she has karma with and rejoices that the opportunity has arrived to balance that karma. Other times there is a great animosity around certain people and you actually desire not to be in their presence. This does not mean that you have karma with these people but that you actually have issues within yourself that you do not like and certain people mirror back to you that dislike. In such cases you actually project your own dislike of your issues onto the other person blaming and criticizing what irritates you about another while you do nothing to correct the behavior in yourself. This irritation with others is often a good sign for you to look at yourself and what you may not have wanted to admit or see about your own behavior.
In all karmic situations and regarding every part of Life, it is well to deal with gentleness and respect and honor. The love that one gives toward a child or friend, teacher or employer, or toward one's partner in life, and with all whom we have karma, is an opportunity to balance the scales of life and forgive another where we have misqualified love in the past with hate and anger. Where we apply love and forgiveness, that love always ascends ultimately to the heart of the twin flame. Thus, you will find the twin flame in each expression of love, each service rendered, and each forgiveness given. The heart tie is never broken. Likewise, if you sink into sadness, worthlessness, or self-condemnation, the one you love most, the twin flame, is the one you hurt the most. It is through consideration and caring that allows one to be tender toward all Life, giving unto the God in all, then knowing that what one gives to others is also given to the twin flame.
Love as the divine friendship in every human relationship always transcends idolatry or karmic situations where there is an almost automatic dislike or bristling in the presence of another. This is only revealed as a sign that great imploring of the Godhead is needed, and love and invoking the violet flame will go a long way to right any karma. It is like a pain in the body or a sore that erupts on the skin; it is but a sign of something deeper.

So if we want to identify why that one thing about another is so irksome and so very different from oneself, we call upon our I AM Presence and Christ Self to reveal to us our own inner conditions that we may not be yet able to see about ourselves. We may not yet be able to see where something is yet lurking in our own subconscious that is either offended or hurt or burdened or resentful with what someone has said or done to us. 
The Age of Aquarius
We are living at the end of the Piscean Age and are now in the dawn of the Aquarian Age. Every end of an age, which lasts some 2,150 years, brings the ending of cycles and the need of balancing karma. We also have in this cycle, been delivered a 25,800-year package of personal and planetary karma. It is the cumulative karma of earth's evolutions from 11 past ages that fell due at the dawn of the Piscean age.
Had it not been for the avatar Jesus Christ stepping in to mitigate that karma of 25,800 years in the tradition of the adepts of the East, as Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha and Sanat Kumara had borne this karma before him, that karma would have descended in full at the beginning of the Piscean age. But because Jesus chose to take embodiment and to fulfill his mission, this karma was mitigated by percentages and allowed to descend in a series of cycles that would last throughout the age.

The figure 25,800 years corresponds to cosmic cycles. It also has to do with what we call the New Age. The New Age is related to the phenomenon known in astronomy as the "precession of the equinoxes," the slow backward rotation of the earth around its polar axis during which the point of the spring equinox moves backwards through the signs of the zodiac.

It takes about 25,800 years for the earth to make one complete backward rotation around its polar axis and approximately 2,150 years to go through 30 degrees of the zodiac, or one astrological sign. Since the earth rotates, or precesses, backwards, the order of the ages is also backwards through the zodiac.
Here in the new age of Aquarius we are given the gift of knowing God as Mother. As we pass through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, we receive a dispensation from the Great Central Sun whereby the planet receives a new awareness of self in relationship to a new awareness of God.
In the age of Aries we received the gift of knowing God the Father, the I AM THAT I AM; in the age of Pisces, God the Son; and now in the age of Aquarius, God the Holy Spirit with God the Mother. So we may see that within ourselves and our relationships with others we are challenged to be the Christ Son and to know God within ourselves and each other. In this age we are called to restore the Divine Mother within ourselves and our planet. Challenging the darkness we see around the world becomes a great responsibility in this age and a necessity in karmic relationships. Many, who have not bent the knee to the Christ, to Father-Mother God, have come to the end of their opportunities in this age. But the judgment must be invoked from within our domain and where we have dominion.
So in this day and age karma is accelerated and we are given many opportunities to marry, divorce and marry again as we quickly balance our karma with another. Staying in one relationship for one's entire life regardless of having finished your cycle together is now another thing of the past. In this way once the marriage karmic conditions have been met, we can move on to either balance other karmic relationships or we can move into world service with our twin flame or soul mate. Once we marry someone we begin a relationship where we share one another's karma. Thus the true inner meaning of the ritual of marriage is to bear one another's karma and to help each other balance their masculine and feminine energies.
In today's age it is important not to get caught in the belief that marriage is passe and no longer a necessity in the eyes of God. We cannot balance a karmic relationship where we are meant to make a commitment with another and share one another's burdens and thus be challenged to the fullest in our ability to love and forgive, without the marriage vows. Living together outside of marriage is not making a commitment or sharing the other's karma, and thus we are impeded in actually balancing fully these types of karmic relationships.

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