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Christ Wisdom

Christ Wisdom

The Scriptures tell us that wisdom is “gentle, peaceable and easily entreated.”  Certainly there is no need of struggle to obtain that wisdom from God, who is the Source of all wisdom. Beloved Jesus has said again and again: “Learn of me for my yoke is easy....”. He also has said: “Ask and ye shall receive....”. We also have been told by the Psalmist: “Be still (at peace) and know that "I AM" God”.

True wisdom brings peace. True wisdom is the divine birthright of every lifestream and is yours for the asking. True wisdom always manifests perfect balance. The Golden Flame of Wisdom occupies the center position in the picturization of the three plumes of love, wisdom and power, which comprise the immortal threefold Christ flame of eternal truth. It acts, as does the fulcrum of a scale, as the force of perfect balance between love and power, with the blue plume of God Power on the left and the pink plume of Divine Love on the right. This is because the energy of life represented by the blue plume of power is received from Above down the crystal cord as it flows into the heart from the Presence. Then, passing through the golden plume of wisdom where it is given its divine direction for use, it is dispensed through the pink plume of Divine Love.
The wisdom of the Holy Christ Self determines when the lifestream is ready for more instruction and just what each one should have. If you find yourself in a quandary as to just what would be the perfect thing to do in many circumstances which arise in daily living, after having acknowledged graitude to your I AM for the gift of its life for another day—ask the I AM to show you clearly just what—in its wisdom—is the perfect thing for you to do. If you have accepted your own Beloved “I AM” Presence as the reality and source of your being you have but to turn to its gentle presence focused right within your heart and make your desires known there. Your answers will come if you will be patient, letting your Holy Christ Self choose the perfect time of manifestation for you in its wisdom. The answers may come either through hearing, through reading the written word or, perhaps, through the voice of another—one who may know nothing of your need or the fact that he is being used as a channel to bless you.
Being More
The wisdom of Christ is the reality of Being More. Many seek the wisdom of the world and consequently receive the false MORE. The consciousness of being more important than another for the wisdom of having facts and knowledge takes those individuals into the pride of the carnal mind. Is it wrong to desire to be wise? Seeking the wisdom of man is not truly seeking Christ wisdom. Seeking Christ wisdom is desirable. Yet when man does not know the difference and enters the desiring for worldly wisdom, he sets in motion the misuse of free will.
Is it evil to desire to be wise? Free will gives man the right to pursue whatever he wants. Although ultimately if he goes outside the Will of God there will be a price to pay. Evil (or the energy-veil) is the veil of misqualified energy that man imposes upon Matter through his misuse of the sacred fire. Misusing wisdom by embodied lifestreams is taking God's Light and moving against the current of God's will. If one desires to be wise and then believes their knowledge makes them wiser than others, and thus superior to an inferior race (i.e. woman), they have attempted to get ahead by believing they are above others.
From the beginning of the fall of man, women have been carrying the blame that they were the ignorant half of the first man and woman God created. One account in the Bible says that women were created from the rib of man, implying Adam was lonely and needed a helpmeet (helpmate) to attend to his needs. While another account in the Bible describes that man was created in the image and likeness of God, male and female they were created from the beginning.
Whether you ascribe to the one or the other creation story, the fact of the matter is that God made man and woman, and they are different for a reason. When we are endowed with the threefold flame of Christ, that flame is placed within both man and woman. God did not say that one or the other was wiser, wisdom is inherent in both women and men. Yet in relationships men and women carry different polarities in the plus and minus of Being. In the true wisdom of Christ man learns that we are androgynous beings in Spirit and we separated into divine polarities in Matter. As we study and pray to understand our own Beings and the Laws of God the weaving of the deathless solar body* commences. This garment is necessary for our ascension back to God. It is created from our pure energies qualified with love, wisdom and power.
Misqualified energies are the result of selfish human activity whereby man regards their human rights as so sovereign that they conclude they are incapable of doing wrong as long as their actions remain within the bounds of these so-called rights. This is just as dangerous as the notion that they are incapable of doing right, which is equally treacherous. With the wisdom of Christ God can act in man and then all that God does in man will be according to His plan.

When our lives are lived according to our divine plan, then conformity comes not as the result of struggle but as the result of a happy and joyous submission to the Christ wisdom. Having Christ wisdom means understanding that having some great philosophical or theological statement may exalt one's mind but knowing how to Be the Christ raises the mind to wisdom.

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