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Divine Purity

Purity is the key, purity is the way!
Purity is the refinement
Of your expression of the seven rays.
Purity is the etching in your being
Of the fohatic light of the secret rays.

Purity is all!
Be purity and watch then
How discarnates and moods
And energies of human habit fall
From the temple of our God!

Purity is the universal solvent of all sin.
Purity is the light
That is your will to win.
Purity is the energy in which you live
As a shining, resplendent sun of righteousness.
Elohim of Purity1976

From an earthly standpoint, the definition of purity is the state or quality of being pure. From a spiritual standpoint Purity is Light and Light is eternal purity and perfection.

It has been said that "purity is the cornerstone of the universe". It is also the cornerstone of your own personal "universe", because you were created in perfection and your physical, mental, emotional and etheric blueprint are wholly pure and perfect. For purity is the light to draw you into the center of the awareness of the original blueprint, the design of God for your very soul and evolution right within the heart of the consciousness of God.
Purity contains all of the wisdom of God, for that which is pure is the all-knowing mind. That which is pure contains the all-power of God, for purity is strength. When we let purity be reflected in every word, and the motive and desire of our heart is pure then our desire body will reflect, in all we send out from the heart, that which is pleasing unto the Lord God. "My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure."*
The Fourth Ray
There are seven rays that are the light emanations of the Godhead. These rays of the white light emerge through the prism of the Christ consciousness. The seven rays are (1) blue, (2) yellow, (3) pink, (4) white, (5) green, (6) purple and gold, and (7) violet. The fourth ray, white, is the ray of Purity and the Ascension. Serapis Bey is Chohan of the Fourth Ray, and he serves the people of the earth to help them develop the qualities of the fourth ray: purity, discipline, joy, hope and excellence and to train candidates for the ascension.
The base-of-the-spine chakra is comprised of four petals and of the Fourth Ray of God’s Purity, and in its highest form is a dazzling white light representing the Father-Mother God. This chakra is the center of the sacred fire of purity in man. The four petals of the Mother are for the opportunity for the mastery of self in Matter, for taking dominion over earth, air, fire, and water. The petals form the base of the figure-eight pattern that crosses in the heart chakra and reaches its culmination in the crown chakra.
Since the Mother Light is the base and foundation of all life, we may use this life force to co-create life ourselves. One of the ways we use this life force in the base of the spine chakra, is to create life in the form of children. This is the highest form of creative interchange between man and woman.
When properly conserved and spent wisely, the Mother Light may be used to bring forth other creative forms through love. Other creations might be in the form of music, art, literature, scientific and technological discoveries. When brought forth through love, these creations endow all life with the Mother Light, blessing all life.

When the Mother Light is brought upward to the heart chakra, through the soul chakra by the soul's will to Be God, and then through the solar plexus which is the chakra of the mastery in the emotional body, the soul may unite with the I AM Presence in the secret chamber of the Heart.
Six O'clock Line of God-Harmony
Yet without mastery of the Flame of Mother on the six o'clock line, without true desiring to dissolve all differences and inharmony between the self and all mothers and the Divine Mother, there can be no entering into the secret chamber of the heart. The six o'clock line of God-Harmony corresponds with the base chakra and the purity of the white light of the Mother, so it is at this point of the six o'clock line of God Harmony, where the sacred fire of the purity of the Divine Mother in the base-of-the-spine chakra is opposed throughout the world.
And so individuals must understand how important it is to transmute within their own worlds all inharmony and not to look at others with a critical mind. As they do this and transmute within the forcefield of their own being each appearance of discord, they will be enhancing their opportunities for harmony with all Life and they will suddenly find that all discord comes from the same source–from human creation–that it is not divinely created at all and that it never could be. Therefore they will shun it as they would the plague and they will recognize the need to enter into a constant spirit of harmony.
Yet this does not mean we are passive individuals. For the perversions of God-Harmony are indecision, self-pity and self-justification, and not making any decisions to stand for a cause of light and feeling sorry for oneself is abdicating the divine inheritance of the Mother within you.
The white fire of the fourth ray is the very presence of the power and the purity and the love of the Mother. This white fire is the cosmic force of the Woman clothed with the Sun that is yours to direct, as a fiery flame, into the conditions of the anti-war of the fallen ones, like a white fire covering the earth as white-fire snow. By the Mother Flame does the Judgment go forth in the white-fire.

The fourth ray of purity, is Right Action—the practical application of the Law. Right action can only be prompted by right motive, which necessitates that we reflect upon our motives in terms of selflessness and charity. The Buddha's teachings gave us five precepts of right behavior; do not kill; do not steal; do not lie; do not be unchaste; do not drink intoxicants. So right behavior becomes the discipline of the Law for purity in action.
Raising Up the Mother Flame
Parallel to this activity, so necessary for the purging of a planet and a people by the judgment of love, there exists the path of initiation. Each one of us who are spiraling through that path, can become an electrode for the raising up of the true Mother light, which is indeed a spiral of the feminine principle and the negative polarity of the Spirit positive energy. But that negative polarity is not abuse or misuse, it is simply the T'ai chi and the energy in balance of the creation of worlds.

The reason that there is such a fine line between truth and error in this octave is that both are occupying that energy of the Mother; and the negative energy which is part of the whole misuse of the Mother polarity is but a shade apart from the true Mater-realization whereby you ensoul the pristine purity of the Mother of the universe, Omega, and whereby you raise up the Mother flame. Until we know the true vibration of the Mother light, it is easy to think that the glamour of the psychic and the false teaching of the fallen ones and even the energies which they transmit are the real light.

Thus we have a path of light, a path of darkness in the earth. So the fallen ones would have us believe that their misuse of the Mother flame is the polarity of God. It is that white is black and black is white. In Isiah 5 we read, "Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter." The fallen ones have created a philosophy whereby they have declared that this negative energy is actually in polarity with the light of Spirit, the masculine ray. Good and evil are never in polarity, the energy veil (evil) has no magnet of itself to be a part of Spirit. Therefore the eternal polarity of the divine lovers who are one, then change polarity, then separate, then unite again, thus sustaining the masculine and feminine counterparts of God in a cosmic interchange of the Father-Mother God within you, has nothing to do with the imitations of the fallen ones.

Besides impostors of twin flames there is the impostor of your own path and your own role, always just a shade removed from the original matrix. Therefore, it is by purity's light that is the fiery core of each and every chakra, that you can walk as that two-edged sword and be clean of the magnet of any of the particles of darkness that have been scattered in the Earth.
The flame of purity is able to restore mankind to the God-estate, to the communion of the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, where angels and men walked and talked with the Elohim as their dearest friend. The Elohim can restore mankind to the original state of pristine purity and calling upon the Mother Elohim Astrea and her counterpart Purity to encircle the earth and ourselves to cut free all impurity daily will help restore us to purity. Another assist we can do is to recite this mantra frequently, "I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires!" All things can be attained by diligence, purity, and the pure love of the Mother. The Divine Mother is the key to the heart of God in the center of being and that Buddha is Father and that Father must be approached through Mother.

In the process of the transmutation and dissolution of karma you can receive assistance from an Ascended Lady Master such as Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Portia or the Goddess of Liberty. When you give intense devotion to their image and flame then through your heart one with their heart you might dissolve all separation from the Mother of Cosmos, thereby embracing thy Mother and be free.
Alfred Lord Tennyson, "Sir Galahad," stanza 1.

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