Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TWIN FLAMES : 11 11 11 - Channeling

11 11 11 – Channeling

Hope you find it helpful!
“It is not without much effort from the residents of this planet that we could reach this phase. 11 11 11 symbolizes an advancement, an up-gradation of the overall energy of Earth.
Whatever held us back has been released completely and the time has come for a greater experience of existence. All of you will experience a great amount of changes, physical and emotional, big and small, which overall help you grow and become what you really are. No need to fear the changes that take place, accept them gracefully and you shall see that they were good for you very soon.
11 11 11 is a symbol of the completion of these changes and their effects which have already taken place at some level of your existence. These changes will appear to you in the material world shortly after the date.
The changes are what you have chosen for yourself by transformation at the inner level. They are just a reflection of the transformation which your soul has already been through. Those of you who are aware of your energetic presence must have sensed this long back.
11 11 11 marks the end of a phase, the end of suffering and pain for all of us and it also marks the beginning of a new phase, a better life.
The Earth, as a planet, along with all its life moves to this ascended level of existence… it is a much awaited transformation!
We have all released all that was holding us back, and along with us the earth… all suffering of humanity has gone… now, only love remains… and you’ll see this soon around you.
the last challenges that the twinflames on earth faced have been dealt with successfully. Now is their time to shine in all their glory. Happiness, joy and Peace… that’s all that it’s about now.
Do not give up at times of temporary discomfort. Know that you’ve reached your goals and that it will manifest soon in the form of a life that you truly desire.
Give it some time… Know that all is fine…
You’ll jump with joy when you realize what you’ve attained!
Love is all that is and all that ever will be”
Basically, from this channeling, the message is that 11 11 11 symbolizes the completion of a phase, the end of suffering and the ascension of the planet on the etheric/energetic level. We have released our baggage and moved on at the soul level.
In the physical form, shortly after 11 11 11 we will be able to ‘see’ the changes which have lead to this transformation.
In case you’re confused, see it as sort of a time warp. The things that happen at the soul or etheric level ‘appear’ to us in physical form after some time. Or you can say that whatever happens in our life has already happened at the soul level long before.
So basically this means that we will experiences some changes in our lives… which will help us truly become ourselves very soon…
We are advised to accept these changes gracefully.
There might be some temporary discomfort or confusion but we must never give up..
According to the channeling the transformation has been completed on the etheric level… so we’ll be able to see it come to completion in the physical very soon…
And For all the twinflames… yes! it means reunion (finally! phew)
If you’re still struggling with your twinflame relationship, know that it will come to an end soon…
Expect to be with your twinflame within the next few months!

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