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So How did all this begin… why did your soul split in the first place… what you are and what you are supposed to be
The creator (or what we call GOD) is basically what we’ve all come from.
Everything in the universe is made from energy
We’ve always been taught about ‘matter’ being the main component of the universe and all planets, but actually it is energy.
Matter is also energy, just in a denser state.
Many scientist have now understood this concept which was previously only believed to be spiritually true.
Science has now found that all matter comprises of atoms which are made from particles spinning at different rates.
This rate at which these particles spin is different for each substance and this is what gives it its unique characteristics.
The Creator/God is the highest energy that manifested itself in the beginning of creation.
Then, to expand, and to experience ‘more’, The creator created an endless ‘pool of love’
From this pool of love, then he created ‘souls’ similar in nature to The creator.
These souls were created as a balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, just like The creator was.
Each complete soul, when created, was gifted the power of Creation.
The two cosmic energies, feminine and masculine, together could create anything they could imagine… 
All that we know as ‘matter’ was also created this way…
They could all create their own worlds… and enjoy the bliss of being together in perfect harmony.
Earth is just one of such many many worlds that exist.
Each world is unique in nature, and each brings a different experience.
The ultimate purpose of all that exists, all souls, is to just ‘be’.
‘Being’ is a state of having consciousness of your existence and just enjoying it.
In simple words, All souls are simply meant to experience different things and enjoy existing within the wholeness of themselves (wholeness meaning the completeness of the soul having the masculine and the feminine energies)
Each soul is self sufficient, there is nothing that the soul ‘needs’. It just enjoys ‘being’.
If you cannot completely understand this, as a human imagine having an endless amount of money, and a perfect lover/family/spouse.
There is nothing that you would ‘need’ then. What will you do when you have all that you would ever want? You would just enjoy the existence of all that you have and want to experience different new things…
That’s exactly every soul is meant to do… and they do that by creating new experiences for themselves…
Themselves, here means all the souls, each of which, as mentioned before contains its masculine and feminine part. These are the two energies that are complete together. There is no other relationship at the level of the soul. 
The relationships that we experience as humans are basically brought to us in order to resolve karma (usually anything left undone in an earlier incarnation). 
Ill explain what is karma in a little while, for now, understand that,
at the level of the soul, the only relationship is LOVE
endless, boundless love, that is what we are, that is what we come from.
This LOVE is not what we’ve come to think Love is, It is unconditional Love. 
It is a state of ‘being’ love. 
There are no attachments, and no restrictions in this Unconditional love.
You don’t Love another because they are good to you or because they are related to you in some way, 
you feel Love because that is all you ARE. 
Love pours out from the being of each soul into another. That is how interaction happens. 
All are nothing but love, experiencing different colors of love in endless ways.
The soul feels love for itself, or say the masculine and the feminine parts of the soul feel love for each other,
and then the soul, as a whole feels love for other souls, equally for each… there is no more or less love for any other soul.
The masculine and the feminine can be thought of as a husband and wife are, in the human life, and the other souls can be thought of as 
family or friends (each of whom you love equally).
Love, in all its glory, is the strongest between the two parts of a soul. Or If we put it another way, The love of the soul for itself is strongest.
[By strong I don't mean that the love felt for other souls is weak, but It is a little different, in a way that is hard to explain, I'm calling it strong for the lack of words]
Each soul feels the sense of completion through its masculine and feminine, and then interacts and experiences others being whole itself.
And that’s all that there is to do for the eternal soul, ‘Experience Being’.
When these souls came on earth, they came to experience a new world (just like you’d go to experience a new theme park)…
And the uniqueness of this planet, its ‘theme’ is DUALITY.
Duality means two aspects of One.
Two opposite complimentary aspects of One.
Like Day and Night, Everything here on Earth is one of two aspects of its being, each part has no meaning without the other.
If, for example, there was no Day, Night would have no meaning, because It would not have its existence then.
The purpose of Duality was to experience the other aspect of oneself in a Physically different existence.
And Each soul that came on Earth to experience duality split itself into two parts, to experience itself in another form. 
This is where the ‘split’ originally happened.
This is further explained in ” THE SPLIT 

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