Monday, September 10, 2012

Healing Cards and Wall Hangings

Healing Cards and Wall Hangings.

Everything is energy and therefore everything affects us energetically. I have taken the high vibrations of several ancient healing methods and combined them in to one powerful and easy to implement healing modality. With the combination of the Golden Healing Pyramid, Angel Numbers, Hindu Mantras, Prayer and or Symbols according to purpose, Color, Bach Remedies and switchwords. Packed with especially selected Crystals and Essential Oils, Charged and cleared with Sunlight, Programmed with Sound Vibration and Intention, Sealed with Love and Infused with Universal Healing Energies. Paradise on Earth begins at home so i have created with easy to follow instructions Feng Shui Wall hangings and cards to carry on you. Lol Now for the legalities: I do not claim to cure and ask that you do not give up medications or replace for medical and professional assistance. I take no responsibility for misuse of these products. BUT BE OPEN TO MIRACLES

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