Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The Split

As I’ve briefly explained in the previous post “How It All Began”, Souls came to earth, which is one of the many worlds that exist, to experience something different.
Earth, being a world of DUALITY, has everything in two parts.
Everything is physically seen as two aspect of One, which perfectly compliment each other.
And both of the aspect have no meaning without the other.
Like the Day and the Night,
Each is perfectly complimentary to each other, 
the day containing Light and Night containing Absence of Light.
If there was no Day, Night would have no meaning.
As If there was no Light, there would be no Absence of Light.
Earth is an experience of this Duality, of experiencing another part of oneself in a physically separate existence.
This is not supposed to be Good/Bad in any way. 
Its just a unique or different experience in itself.
All souls came to Earth to experience something more, something different…
And when they came here they separated themselves into two parts, the masculine and the feminine energy.
This was millions of years ago
This was originally meant to experience the bliss of Love that a soul felt for a part of itself, in another physical existence.
In simple words, The soul made two bodies out of itself, one containing the masculine and the other the feminine energy of the soul.
This was to experience the other part of oneself in another body.
Now that would have been a wonderful experience, but then due to some reasons (which I’ll explain in a while) the consciousness of these souls lowered. 
Which basically means they ‘forgot’ who they really are.
As we moved into denser energy levels, we started forgetting what had originally happened, and then came a point when we had completely forgotten who We are, and who our other aspect is.
And with that we forgot the power of creation that we had.
The pain of separation from our beloved and confusion that happened created false beliefs that many of us still carry today…
These are explained in “THE ILLUSIONS

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