Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TWIN FLAMES : Advice for ‘The Chaser’

Advice for ‘The Chaser’

If you’ve read about ‘The Chaser’ and figured that its you, here is some advice…
Know that your partner WILL Return…
With all that you are going through, knowing that the runner will return is enough to ease half the pain.
Twinflames are ever connected by the eternal sacred bond that never breaks.
They are literally created to be with each other. Nothing can take them away from each other.
Understand that your partner will come back once they are ready for the intensity of this relationship.
Let them take their time, pushing or chasing is not of much use.
Avoid ‘Chasing’ him/her
The runner runs because they are afraid of the intensity of the relationship at some level.
Chasing him/her at this point only makes them run more.
Give them some time, and know that they will come when they are ready.
Know that the universe in helping you
Being in the ‘Chaser’ position can be hard. You might feel lonely and helpless. DONT.
The universe plays its magic in bringing twinflames together.
Know that you are supported by all divine beings in someway… whether you know it or not.
Doing too much at a human level is not required to get your twinflame back… just remain calm and you’ll see that everything takes care of itself (it might take some time, but trust me it will happen… just be patient)
Believe In Yourself
During this phase, there is often a lot of confusion. 
Your mind does not agree with what your hear tells you… And If you try sharing it with someone else they will probably tell you you’ve simply ‘lost it’… These people usually are not aware of this deep spiritual reality and give you ‘practical’ advice which doesn’t work for a twinflame relationship…
Understand that what is happening to you is not unusual… and you are perfectly all right. 
Just Believe in yourself and follow your heart… and everything will be okay :)
Understand spirituality
The more you understand the spiritual reality, the more sense everything will start to make.
The relationship between Twinflames is basically spiritual… You’ll understand whats going on in the relationship the more you explore spirituality… This is not something that is necessary… but I believe it helps allot.
And If you’re comfortable with it, use the Violet Flame to balance your karma… this (or any other meditation) also helps calm the mind which is required during this confusing and difficult phase.
If you’re going through the ‘Waiting Time’, Read advice on that ‘HERE’

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