Monday, September 10, 2012

Simple Feng Shui Cure

Many Ancient Methods = 1 Simple Feng Shui Cure

Hello,    I have taken the wall hangings for each gua and have pulled them together in to two kits, which is being offered at a special introductory price for a limited time only.
These wall hangings are made in the same line as the Angel Healing
Cards. Every aspect of their design holds the ability to hold and emit
energies out to you, making this quite a power pack and i must say
they have indeed proven to be that.
    Each hanging is made with the Golden Pyramid of Healing, Angel
Numbers, Mantras, prayers and symbols according to purpose, Bach
Remedies, Switchwords and packed with a blend of Essential Oils and
Crystals, programmed with Sound Vibrations, infused with Healing
Energies and sealed with Love.
    These are amazing Feng Shui Cures and for the interest of you
dowsers that i know are reading, i have tested the callibration levels
and they registered at +1000 each and i stopped counting after that so
they are actually higher. As you know this is a very powerful healing
 The hangings are A4 size and the kits come complete with complimentary Ba Gua, set of full instructions and a bonus Protection Hanging.  

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