Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TWIN FLAMES : The Quest for wholeness

The Quest for wholeness

The need for anything that we have, is actually the need for finding ‘wholeness’
And that’s why we run after all sorts of things, to find happiness.
Happiness, in reality, lies in ‘wholeness’ and the wholeness we can only truly find in our other part,
the complimentary energy of our soul, our TWINFLAME
Think about anything that you really want. Ask yourself why, repeat this five times or so, and you’ll find that all that we want is basically for happiness.
For example, If you really want a job 
Ask yourself why you want it, 
If your answer is, so that I can earn money, ask yourself why you want the money…
Keep doing this and ultimately you’ll know you are looking for happiness.
Suppose, say
I really want a Job in life. That’s all. 
So that I can earn money
So that I can buy a house and my favorite car
So that I can get settled in life 
So that I can get married and have a family
So that I can be happy
Or suppose someone says
I want to win a beauty pageant
why (do you want that) ?
Because then I will be famous 
Then I will have a fan following
Then I will feel loved and desired
That will make me happy
As in the above examples, all of us are looking for different things,
But ultimately we are looking for the same feeling of happiness
The happiness that we never really find. We want something else once we achieve one thing. We keep looking and looking but nothing really satisfies our deep seated need for being loved and happy.
That is because, these things only temporarily give you joy,
the ultimate happiness, at the level of the soul, lies in finding wholeness
And that is what we are all trying to do, knowingly, or unknowingly,
to find our wholeness, our other part, our perfect compliment…
Our Twinflame.
This wholeness is found when we find the other part of our soul. The soul gets back its power to create… and there is no limit of creation for us then… all that we can imagine, we can create, There is a sense of Peace and Perfection. 
We can then truly enjoy ‘being’
Now, as humanity as a whole is gaining back its consciousness, We are remembering what the truth really is. The memories and feelings that we shared in the beginning, with our twinflame are being brought to surface once again…
Twinflames are coming together in the physical realm once again and making each other remember the ultimate spiritual truth of existence…
This realization is what is called ‘Enlightenment’
And with this comes the understanding of what is really going on… and that’s where the confusion ends, and so does the misery… Twinflames come together and enjoy ‘being’ together. 
This is Happening NOW… as we are moving into a new age…
All twinflames can then move on to another world together… as one… and continue experiencing more…

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