Wednesday, September 5, 2012



In the process of living in all the confusion, we were in pain of separation from our beloved, and did not remember the spiritual truth. Pain is a negative emotion, and like attracts like, each negative emotion attracts more negative emotions… 
And then we attracted more and more of such emotions like Anger, Frustration, Fear, Sadness
They are all interlinked, one attracts the others…
We kept creating and attracting more and more of these emotions…
This has been happening for thousands of our incarnations
All this was actually because the soul was crying out to find its other self, but we consciously did not know anything.
And then we created what is known as ‘Karma’
We interacted with others, while we were in the pain of separation and totally confused.
We did to others what we later realized was not right, consciously or at the level of the soul, and then we felt the need to resolve it, and that’s what we’ve been doing for many many incarnations…
This is the seemingly endless cycle of karma which we’ve been trapped in.
Karma is commonly Known as what you are ‘supposed’ to do in order to balance what you’ve done in the past.
If you hurt someone in some way in some incarnation, for example,
Going back to that person and being hurt by him/her will balance out and ‘resolve the karma’
This is how the concept of Karma has been understood in the past
It is actually a little different
Karma, in reality, is not something that you ‘Have to do’
There is nothing that one has to do If they don’t want to.
Karma is only the belief patterns that you carry because of the guilt of something that you did.
And so to get rid of the guilt, you subconsciously want to resolve it.
Whatever happens, in reality is divine. 
And no soul can harm another until the other invites it
So there is nothing like ‘ the harm that you have caused ‘ that you need to balance.
There is only ‘ the harm that you THINK you have caused and BELIEVE you need to balance ‘
And the reason you balance is not to undo the supposed harm that you did. But to convince yourself that you’ve paid back for it so that you can move on.
There is nothing that forcefully stops you from moving ahead. Its only the guilt that you carry within.
This guilt, along with other low emotions and beliefs is what makes us want to go back and resolve it. 
There is actually no Karma.
What we’ve been doing for many many incarnations is to convince ourselves that we’ve paid back for what we did.
And While we were resolving all this, we got so involved in it that we forgot the original turth even more…
At this point life could be described as a Life size video game… and we became its characters… 
We were not aware now that there is any other reality, anything other than we can see
But a part of us, deep inside, always knew… And this is what drives us to keep going so that at some point the layers of what we call karma would be removed and the truth would become clear once again…
This part of us is our higher consciousness, or Higher Self, which resides deep inside us.
What we are all looking for, ultimately, is Wholeness
This is explained further in “The Quest for Wholeness

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