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angelic asension lightbody in merkabaOn a personal level, ascension is simply the process of changing one's own consciousness from one perception of reality or worldview that is based on one particular set of beliefs, to another. On a group or planetary level, ascension is the collective explansion of one state of consciousness or set or belief system to the point where that collective consciousness or newly adopted mindset creates a new reality or state of being. This is often referred to as a shift from one dimension to another dimension of consciousness or reality.

We may be collectively creating or expanding from our third dimensional relaity/consciousness into a fifth dimensional reality/consciousness through our individual ascension processes. This will in turn effect the collective as a whole. Many believe that a hundredth monkey effect will take place within the collective consciouss of humanity once a critical number of individuals actively participate in bringing about this new shift in perspective through their personal ascension process.

The hundredth monkey effect is a phenomenon that was observed by a group of scientists studying monkeys in the wild in which a learned behavior was spread instantaneously from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys at a distance once a critical number is reached.

A state of consciousness or a dimension vibrates at a certain frequency just as all physical life and matter has a distinguishing vibration or frequency. When an entire group vibrates at a particular frequency this creates a new consciousness, a new reality, and a new dimension by the individuals in the group expressing themselves in various ways.
As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above
As Within, So Without, As Without, So Within

Hermetic Principle of Correspondance

Mirror reflection image of inverted tree - as above so belowSince the beginning of its known physical origin, the universe has been expanding. Recent observations indicate that this expansion is accelerating because of dark energy, and that most of the matter in the universe may be in a form which cannot be detected by present instruments, called dark matter. The terms "dark matter" and "dark energy" are placeholder names for the unknown substance that accounts for about 95% of the mass-energy density of the entire universe. 

If you consider the possibility that this dark energy or matter can be thought of as mirroring the individual and collective unconsciousness. We are 'in the dark' about much, but the ultimate goal is to make the darkness visable--to make the unknown known. On a spiritual note, the lightworkers who feel they are on a mission to help awaken humanity and usher in the new age have a calling to raise their own personal vibration in order to spread that energy or 'light' out into the density of the world. 

The purpose is to shine the light upon the darkness, or to make 'conscious' the unconscous. This is what the ascension process is all about--an expansion of consciousness, the light emerging from the darkness, and the shift from a lower to a higher frequency or vibration of being and a new age or dimension of reality. 

We don't have to leave our physical bodies to ascend. Ascension is about bringing heaven to earth. Through unconditional love and understanding and realizing that everything is connected in some way, universal and divine truth are revealed to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Everything that is manifest in our physical reality is connected through energy. This invisible thread of connectivity underlies all that is unmanifest. Unity is present in all things and everything shares a common origin which some refer to as Source, Creator or God. 

In the higher frequencies of light there is no duality or separation. It is our destiny to reach a state of pure unconditional Love and Wholeness. The lower frequencies of the physical third dimensional reality is limited by form and by the human ego. Pain and suffering is often a result of feeling seperated or disconnected from Source and from each other. Peace and Joy in the external world first requires that we realize that peace and joy within us. We create our reality through our thoughts, emotions and our perceptions of the world. We must become the change that we wish to see made manifest in the world. 

Hands holding a burst of sunlightYour life is a precious gift and you were born with talents and strengths that will help you throughout your physical journey to contribute in a very special way to the expansion of human consciousness as a whole. As more and more people realize that we are more than just our physical bodies and that we are a part of something greater that connects us all, then more people will start to awaken and help to create those very changes within themselves that is necessary to help create those changes in the external world. Your personal world and inner experience is an energetic reflection of the external world and the collective experience. 

By expanding your own consciousness to the greater reality that you are a part of and by opening up your heart to unconditional love you will begin to see reality in a new way. There is much personal work to be done and it is always an ongoing process. Life brings with it lessons and there is much physical limitation that must be transended. This involves much self-realization and self-reflection. 

Energy underlies all things include your physical body and your soul. The process of expanding your consciousness raises the frequency of your energy. This is your personal vibration. We attract people and experiences into our lives through the law of vibration and often because it is the will of the soul to attract that which is most benefical for spiritual growth and re-union with Source energy. 

Ascension is this process of awakening the human soul so that it is vibrational harmony and alignment with the Soul. It is about bringing the higher frequency of love and light down into the physical third dimensional reality, uniting the worlds and collapsing the illusion of duality. 

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