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  • Does everyone have a Twinflame?
Yes. Everyone does have a twinflame. 
But a twinflame relationship in human form might be a part of your Life plan…
A Twinflame is your energy in a complimentary form… and every energy has its compliment… 
But, you have to understand that your twinflame might be of any age… s/he can be an Infant in some other part of the world… or s/he might be much older than you… 
Your twinflame might be married to someone else…
Or might not be in a human incarnation at all. 
They might have ascended before you, or still have take more incarnation in order to ascend.
  • What Is the Difference between a Twinflame and a Soulmate?
A Soulmate is a soul with whom who’ve been incarnated before. These are people whom you have known in a previous lifetime.
You can have many soulmates.
There can be the feeling of a great tie or connection between soulmates, but these relationships are not as profound as a Twinflame connection.
Your Twinflame is your One other self… your direct counterpart… your own self in the complimentary form (masculine or feminine)…
If we had to express it in human terms, A Twinflame would be like your husband or wife and Soulmates would be brothers and sisters or friends.
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  • Why are so many people meeting their Twinflames in this age OR Why is this time more favorable for Twinflames?
This is the beginning of the Aquarian age… We are moving into a new era.
This era is an Age of Higher consciousness and Spiritual Awareness.
Also, we are at the conclusion of the previous age, which has helped us balance our karma.
This balancing of karma and higher spiritual awareness is bringing Twinflames together now more than ever before.
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  • What can I do to find my Twinflame?
Twinflames enter your life effortlessly whenever you are ready for it. If you want to do something to get to your twinflame faster, understand the spiritual reality and find your real self.
The more you understand the spiritual reality and the more you get to know your inner self, the closer you get to finding your Twinflame.
You can read articles or books on Spirituality for information and knowledge and start some sort of meditation if you want.
I suggest using the Violet Flame prayer (decrees) which helps balance the karma (that’s what keeps twinflames apart).
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  • What Is Karma?
Karma has been known as the Law of cause and effect, according to which, whatever you do comes back to you.
According to the new understanding, however, Karma is nothing but belief patters that we carry forward from previous times which are not required by us anymore.
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  • Why is the balancing of Karma important for meeting my Twinflame?
Karma acts as a veil that keeps your true spiritual identity hidden. 
Your twinflame if yourself in the complimentary energy form.
If your own identity is hidden under veils of karma, your twinflame will be unrecognizable to you.
You can actually be sitting next to your twinflame and not recognize each other if there is too much karma left to be resolved.
When the Karma gets cleared up, you see who you really are… and thats when you can recognize who your Other self or your twinflame is.
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  • How can I know who my twinflame is?
You can simply make a call to God and ask him to show you who your twinflame is.
Do it in whatever way you feel comfortable. 
You will be given the answer, either directly or through signs.
It is also important to resolve you karma in case you are unable to recognize your Twinflame.
Karma affect your perception… so it might be keeping you from recognizing your Twinflame, even if you already know them.
  • What if my Twinflame doesn’t choose me?
Your twinflame essentially doesn’t ‘have to’ choose you.
They naturally will.
If however, there is karma left to resolve, theirs or yours, It might be keeping them from recognizing their perfect love.
  • At what age or time in life will I meet my twinflame?
This depends on your life plan. 
People often meet their twinflames after they have had some major karmic relationships ( which can be in the form of marriage ).
There is not specific age or time for meeting your twinflame. 
You meet them when your soul is ready…
You might even have known your twinflame all your life and not realize its him/her because you had to get other things done first…
Its different for everyone…
  • How can I help my twinflame in balancing his/her karma?
Everything you do, effects your twinflame.
If you work on balancing your own karma and for your own spiritual growth, It also helps your twinflame evolve spiritually… wherever they might be…

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