Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TWIN FLAMES : The Illusions

The illusions

After the Spiritual truth was forgotten, We started believing in some concepts which were in reality not true…
And then came life as we know it today… 
The spiritual truth was almost entirely forgotten… and No one knew what they were doing and where they were going.
The beauty of the Divine love got lost in a way… 
Superficial things started taking the place of importance.
Everyone basically forgot what was true, and had no idea what was going on, so they started following each other, in order to make sense out of life.
This is what we’ve been doing since the caveman era came into existence …
This is also the point where all misery began… The pain of separation from our other aspect was the base of all that we know as misery.
We started believing that we are all separate from each other and from God.
We started believing that there was no one who was made to love us the way we want
We started believing that Life was just a pile of suffering and we could never create what we wanted to
These are all illusions.
We’ve been stuck in the illusions for so long that they seen like the truth.
The real meaning of existence, of ‘life’ is not known to most of us….
Now, as the planet and all of humanity is remembering the truth, Gaining back the ‘memory’ in a way, 
all these illusions are going away… people are staring to realize the meaning of things as it really is meant to be.
While living in these illusions, and in the pain of separation from our Twinflame, 
We started interacting with others and because of the frustration/pain we did things that we later thought should not have been done…
And so we wanted to resolve them, to pay back for our ‘mistakes’
This is explained more in “KARMA

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