Friday, November 30, 2012

The Vietnamese Buddhist monk and philosopher, Thich Nhat Hanh, writes about enjoying a god cup of tea. You must be completely awake in the present to enjoy the tea. Only in awareness of the present can your hands feel the pleasant warmth of the cup. Only in the present can you savor the aroma, taste the sweetness, appreciate the delicacy. If you are ruminating about the past or worrying about the future, you will completely miss the experience of enjoying the cup of tea. You will look down at the cup, and the tea will be gone. 

Life is like that. If you are not fully in the present, you will look around and it will be gone. You will have missed the feel, the aroma, the delicacy and beauty of life. It will seem to be speeding past you.

The past is finished. Learn from it and let it go. The future is not even here yet. Plan for it, but do not waste your time worrying about it. Worrying is worthless. When you stop ruminating about what has already happened, when you stop worrying about what might never happen, then you will be in the present moment. Then you will begin to experience joy in life.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The "Dark Night of The Soul"

The "Dark Night of The Soul"

The "Dark Night of The Soul" is often referred to in twin flame connections (and in spirituality in general) when just before awakening occurs, a person sinks into the deep depths of despair, questioning life, blaming themselves, blaming each other, blaming god for an "unfair" world and the pain they are sufferring. This is a time when a person feels helpless. They are deeply unhappy with their lives, but feel powerless to make positive change. They feel lost, they feel confused, they feel angry and they can't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Some people have reported to go through this just before meeting their twin flame. Others say it happened upon meeting their twin flame and feeling like they are powerless to recapture the connection they experienced with them in times of separation.

I personally had my "Dark Night of The Soul" just after becoming aware of the "something" between twin flame and I. Through all the reflected insecurities we would swing back and forth between connecting and repelling each other. It was all happening so quickly and intensely and I couldn't handle it anymore. So I refused to see him for two years, trying to cut the ties, blast away all thoughts of him, find a new man etc to try and get my life "back to normal".

I went through a period of massive self-destruction because we had spent so long fighting and hurting each other that we ended up feeling like awful people. I couldn't believe I could be so cruel and was so ashamed of this side of myself that I had never even known existed. I punished myself by hating myself and would drink to suppress it all - the feelings for him, the feeling of helplessness, the fear of losing him, the MASSIVE fear of losing myself and becoming this horrible person.

We had never wanted to cause each other pain deep down, but our "issues" made us battle each other like we were enemies, which is a common feeling when one first recognises their twin and there is a power struggle as they try to balance themselves and their shared yin/yang. And we felt weak - we felt that our minds should be strong and that we shouldn't be controlled by this "madness". We felt rediculous by still feeling so strongly about each other after all the fighting and pain. Ofcourse we didn't realise that it was neccessary to experience all of this and that what we were feeling was UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

And because we are one, our pain we felt from eachother and our own reactions to the intensity was magnified. My self-loathing made him feel self-loathing and vice-versa, my attempts to abandon him, made me feel like i was abandonning myself and him abandoning me made him feel like he was abandoning himself, but you must understand - WE COULDN'T HELP IT. Our minds and bodies were not nearly as ready as our souls were to reunite.

So the "Dark Night" began as I ran from him and from myself (I didn't know then that I was really running from myself). I didn't know who I was anymore. I felt crazy for loving him, but I couldn't forget him. I couldn't live with him, couldn't live without him. But really it was, I couldn't accept my own insecurities brought up by his reflection, yet I couldn't deny them either (deny myself).

But I did try to deny him and myself. I thought it would all just go away in time and I could get back to "normal". I became numb - I shut my feelings down because i literally couldn't take it. I repressed myself so much that I became very depressed. The alcohol made it worse, but I had become addicted by then. I could see it in him too - he just looked like a ghost, which is how I felt too - empty inside, a dead person walking. We felt defeated. I found myself doing hurtful things to myself just so i could FEEL again.

But none of this was a "mistake". It was necessary for us both to feel rock bottom in order to be able to realise we could survive the deepest depths of despair and fear and that we were still OK. When I realised I couldn't take feeling this way anymore, I HAD to start listening to the signs sent from my spirit guide (I tried to deny their existence for a LONG time). I had to listen to the knowing feelings in my heart, the love I felt in my soul. I'd got to the point where I had no-where else to turn. I didn't want to die, but I didn't want to live this way either. I had reached the deepest depths and then realised I had no other choice but to ACCEPT this connection, whatever it was. I began to think, "Okay, so what if I just allow myself to go with this for a time and see what happens? It can't be any worse than this, surely?" The messages from my guides had become so strong that I had finally plucked up the courage to follow their guidance, to listen to my intuition.

And from that moment onward, I felt so FREE. I rapidly began awakening to my spirituality and very soon afterwards discovered the term "twinsouls" which helped me to begin to understand it all. It all made so much sense to me. Knowing that my twinsoul and I are connected for eternity helped me release my fears immensley.

My story is no exception - I hear of many who report they went through this "Dark Night" before they awakened. It is often neccessary to hit rock bottom in order for twins to SURRENDER to their soul consciousness that is coming into awakening. Awakening occurs in perfect time and we, nor anyone or anything in the universe can prevent it. It just depends how long we are willing to live in the shadows of our egos and deny it all. The truth is though, that we cannot deny it forever. The time will come when we just have to go with it. Sometimes the pain has to become so great before we will accept this other way into the light.

It will happen in perfect time for everyone. It will happen when the hard lessons of resistance have been learnt and we are ready to move onto our true destinies of union with all things.

Before We Can Unite with our Twin Flames

Before We Can Unite with our Twin Flames


Our existence is a vibrational force. Our being vibrates at different frequencies depending on different thoughts, feelings, soul consciousness and we attract to us identical vibrations. That is why we are One with our twin flames because they are that identical vibration, and the attraction will always be present for one cannot exist without the other.

Therefore, if we believe our twin flame's are at fault and we have these negative beliefs surrounding them, then that is what we will attract for ourselves and likely how they will percieve us. Could it be that sometimes a person's "fault" is to lack trust in the other, in the reasons behind this connection and therefore we attract the very things we subconsciously try to avoid?

Could it be that we spend all this time thinking "if only the he/she would do this or that then we could be together", that we are missing the point that we lack faith in this connection ourselves? We lack trust that all is happening for our highest good. We blind ourselves with wanting the connection to be a set way, therefore cannot see that it is the way it is right now because we are still needing to learn something and that the destination we are so focussed on might be a limited perception of what the outcome might be anyway?

Could it be that we are missing the point that reunion might be in a way which we cannot even comprehend as human beings? In a much BIGGER way? Could it be that our union may have nothing to do with being together in a "traditional" romantic relationship? What if that's not a bad thing? What if we are open to an even bigger possibility that is even beyond the physical?

I believe many twin flames are missing the point by LIMITING this connection by focussing too much on wanting to "be with them" in the physical, to the point of missing the lessons right now which are keeping them apart. We need to get out of the "categorising" and "earthly ideals" way of thinking and broaden our minds to understand the SOUL. But this is all part of the twin flame journey; We set ourselves limits so that we can eventually overcome them.

I have said this before but I will say it again, hopefully to help people ponder and see the bigger picture. TwinSOULS are primarily about the SOUL. They are the identical vibrational frequency of us. THEY ARE US and that means we need to be happy within ourselves before we can see the bigger picture in all this. If you cannot accept the connection in it's present state, then you are not ready for reunion because it means you will be unhappy that you don't have it the way you want it. Yes, we all hope to be united with our twins in the physical, but we may not have planned it to happen that way. This is the lesson we need to work through, to be able to see this as much more beyond physical circumstances. We are being prepared for Ascension, to exit our cycle of reincarnation on earth, so these lessons are to prepare us for soul consciousness as opposed to only believing in what the eye can see and the social beliefs we have learnt to believe as truth that may not be completely true.

I believe we need to find acceptance WITHIN OURSELVES. We long for the other so much because really we are longing to become whole with OURSELF and God. They are us, ourselves, and we want to connect so badly because we feel there are still parts of us that need healing, completing and we mistakenly think the other will complete us, instead of US completing ourselves. We are all God too. It comes from WITHIN before it is reflected back to us from the out.

Ironically, the separation occurs in order for us to long for the other so much until we do learn to accept, through creating the seed of the other's vibration (love) within ourselves FIRST, and along the way. This is an ongoing process. The only time we will fully unite (and i'm not talking physically necessarily, but it's a possibility depending on the chosen path) is when we have finally learn to ACCEPT OURSELVES and feel complete within ourselves, on both sides (creating the seed of their love at the same time).

Our twin flames are the other half of us, but the masculine and feminine vibrations are wholes within themselves. Both of these wholes need to be in complete harmony within themselves before the two wholes can fully reconnect to become One androgynous being.

When twin flames run, they are really running from THEMSELVES. They are us, we are them, and the connection highlights the parts of us that need working on and "fixing" in order to become our true selves again (united as one). This is MAJOR and very scary. We all have "faults" (lessons to learn) and it is painful to think about our percieved weaknesses. We blame ourselves and feel unworthy. We mistakenly think we "aren't good enough" or aren't even a "good person" if we believe we have "faults". But they aren't faults, just lessons, but of course we don't see it like that at first. There are no "wrong" decisions, "wrong" behaviours in terms of the soul. The soul CHOSE these traits/circumstances in order to ultimately teach us to forgive ourselves, to LOVE ourselves, and others. But of course, at first, we just see them as our weaknesses and believe we are unworthy until we "sort them out".

And this is what the twin flame makes us face up to. We see those "faults" in ourselves clearer than ever before. This scares us MORE THAN ANYTHING. We experience this wonderful person and it highlights to us all our "faults". We are one, so reflect each other and attract in to each other the very things we need to heal. The pain always comes before the healing though. With the twin flame's presence (in soul and in physical) we finally have to face up to those things, and quite often we don't want to (this is subconsciously). The very things about ourselves we have tried to distract ourselves from because we have been so ashamed are finally out in the open, seen completely by ourselves for the first times, and also seen by our twin flame. So we run, until finally we realise through the increased love, and awareness of our inner selves (God consciousness), that we have ALWAYS been worthy and that we are good enough. Then we can heal, as we realise that more and more of our subconscious pains about ourselves don't mean we are "bad" people.

You see, we are really wanting to become our complete SELVES. We still need to work on our side of the vibration before we can fully unite with their side of the vibration and vice versa. Our true selves are One, one with our twins, one with the universe, one with the creator. We are one and the same. All these things make up "ourself". We are wanting to reconnect with ourselves.

I do understand why we tend to focus so much on the physical side of things at first. I mean, this is what we are so used to on this physical plane. I do believe though, that as we all reach a higher soul consciousness, we see things CLEARER, meaning, we can see a much bigger picture outside of this physical world. Yes, the physical is important if it's part of the path, but we must remember that we exist on this earth to develop the SOUL which goes far beyond it. 

Twinflames: Reasons for Physical Separation

 Reasons for Physical Separation


There are many important reasons why many twin souls go through a time of physical separation from each other. This is something that is driven primarily by the soul and not necessarily the individual. Even though it may appear that one or perhaps both twin souls are denying/pushing away/running from the connection, really it is because the SOUL is not ready. The soul dictates when reunion will occur, therefore until the soul has decided it's time, then no amount of trying to force yourselves to be together before that time will work.

Perhaps a major block of whether the soul is ready to unite or not is the emphasis you are putting on the twin soul connection and reunion. Perhaps looking at it as primarily about coming together in a traditional romantic way is putting limitations on this and that is why you are not ready to unite.

But this physical separation occurs primarily to "wake us up". All preconceptions about the connection will need to be looked at and if the twin souls have any false ideas about what the connection "should be" and are not accepting it for what it really is, then they will need to continue on in physical separation until they are aware of the true realtiy of this soul connection.

Also, a main reason why we are physically separated from our twin soul is to learn to love ourselves as much as we love our twin soul, unconditionally. But firstly we need to look past the ego that contains all the "shoulds" and expectations, the conditions. Mostly what we blame our twin souls for is really what we are blaming ourselves for on a subconscious level. There are parts of ourselves we may be rejecting, denying, scolding, punishing ourselves for. To try and ignore this pain, we put the focus on our twin soul not giving us something which would make us happy. But really we need to realise it is OURSELVES not giving us what we need for happiness and fuliflment. Until we realise this and act upon our needs for happiness and self-love, the problem will continue to manifest itself between the twin souls as the mirror it back to each other.

The physical separation also helps us to become aware of just how important, how significant this twin soul connection really is. If we were to be together immediately with no problems then surely we would take it more for granted and be unaware of just how important, how significant the connection is. In being physically separated but feeling this pull and experiencing all the psychic, spiritual phenomena that occurs with twin soul connection, we become aware that this is something MASSIVELY important. It helps us to look inwards to discover WHY it is so important and this also spurs us onto awakening.

Our physical separation helps us to realise and strengthen our connection to God/dess. God/dess resides within us, we are divine beings and having the space from our twin souls to concentrate on our relationship with ourselves, with God/dess, helps us to come back to self-love and accceptance. This is what harmonises our energies with our twin souls and creates twin soul healing to bridge the gap between them for reunion to eventually occur.

As we work on our individual selves, the female aspect of the twin soul connection learns to develope more independance (primarily masculine) and the masculine aspect developes expressing emotion in a constructive manner (primarily feminine). Therefore the twin souls have the room to grow and develope their bi-gender energies to realign and reunite.

Think about what you have learnt from the separation - what are the good things that have resulted from this? Have you grown more as an individual? Have you awakened more spiritually? Have you learnt more about yourself? Have you developed more of your intuition? What else?

This is all happening for a reason. It is nobody's "fault" but just the path of your souls to help you learn and grow the most in preparation for twin soul reunion.

The Cycle of Separation and Connection Between Twin Flames

The Cycle of Separation and Connection Between Twin Flames


If you have met your twin flame, you are likely to have experienced the frustrating "twin flame dance" where you swing back and forth between connecting then withdrawing. This can be very confusing to the twin flames and also it can be very painful if they do not understand the divine purpose of this cycle.

However, many factors contribute for the NEED for this cycle:

1) Firstly I would say that if either of you aren't ready to unite, it is because you're not supposed to be ready - it's not the right time.Pointing the finger and blaming the other twin means you are not ready yourself either. Acceptance is needed and the ability to become whole within yourself and not feel the need for your twin flame to fill any voids in your life or heart. This has been said so many times, but it is very important to take the time to fully understand this. If you are looking to the other in order to feel love, it means you are not looking to yourself first. This void you have within will only be reflected back to you by your twin flame. It means you can't unite because there are gaps you need to fill in yourselves so that you can reflect wholeness back to each other and your split can be healed. If you were to join when you are not whole, you would live in eternity with great pain still remaining.

2) You separate because you haven't reached unconditional love and acceptance for yourself and your twin.Sometimes it is very difficult to not get caught up in your own views, emotions, ideals and forget that your twin has their own view of things. Often it is the ego that stands in the way; you just can't seem to agree on anything. This is because you are both coming to the same conlusions from the opposite angles. Remember the mirror; You are the counterpart, the opposite yet identicle energy vibrations. You work together through love, but come to it from opposite sides. The result is still the same though - love.

It is the ego though, that causes us to feel that the other is doing it "all wrong". We say to ourselves, "If he/she loved me, then he/she would show it the way I am showing it." We conclude that if our twin doesn't express themselves the same way as us, then they just don't love us. We begin to regard them as cold, heartless and even cruel.

My own thinking used to be so one-sided. I believed he was messing me around and playing me for a fool. I felt extremely hurt and in turn acted in ways which hurt him. Blinded by my own fear of losing him and trying to "prove" his love, I hadn't thought once about how I was hurting him (and I must say looking back, i was doing pretty much the same things to him that he was doing to me, but in a mirrored fashion). I also never even considered the fact that deep down I knew I wasn't ready to unite at that time either - all my focus was on him - he wasn't doing this, he wasn't doing that and it hurt my pride so much that the painful rejection is all i could think of. I tried to protect myself by shutting down. I chased him, but in a way that made out it was all some trivial game of power. He tried to protect himself by trying to make me chase him (to prove to himself my love for him), then doing the same as I was.

The major factor that we fail to miss though, is that many of the negative behaviour is caused by FEAR, which leads me onto my next point:

3) Twin flames separate because at first the connection feels "crazy". It threatens all that we think we know about the way the world works.You bump into your twin flame for the first time. Boom! Something happens, you know this person somehow even though you don't recognise them on a physical level. You feel such intense love, but you wonder how this can be so when you don't know them. You conclude it's just lust, but why is there that knowing feeling deep in your soul? You know your life has changed forever, you can just sense it, but you don't have a clue why. Then you can't stop thinking about this person ALL THE TIME, re-living times when you saw him/her over and over and over. The love you feel for this person incereases over time when you think logically it should fade. You can't stop fantasising about them, being distracted by thinking of them to the point that you cannot concentrate on anything else. You just feel scared. Scared of losing this person somehow. Scared you have already lost them. Scared because you don't even know them and that it means you are crazy to feel such intensity.

So you "run" from it. You try to block it out and convince yourself it's just lust. You've been taught by society that it's unhealthy to pine after someone for too long, therefore you try your hardest to forget all about him/her. But you can't. You try your hardest, but you just can't. Then you bump into him/her again unexpectedly and all those feelings flood back to you. All your hard work to try and kill these feelings goes down the drain and within a second you are back to square one. Tie this in with all the reflected fear, arguments, confusion and it all gets even more scary. Sometimes it just feels safer to run away and hope it all just disappears...

It's understandable (or at least it should be) that fear is going to present itself in this situation. It's a fight or flight situation and often twin flames run. But remember, this running is needed in order for them to have the distance to MAKE SENSE of it all. Granted, it could take years, but the point is, if you or your twin flame are "running", then it is because this is part of your life path - to get the distance to make sense of this new reality.

It's to do with overcoming the ego. It takes time. It's as if we have to reprogram ourselves to learn to live from soul consciousness rather than ego consciousness. It won't come over night. We have incarnated possibly hundreds of times, living in our egos. We can't expect ourselves or our twins to suddenly flick a switch and be back to living fully in our soul consciousness.

4) Twin flames reconnect for reassurance.They want to know you are still there. They want to test if you still love them because they definately know they love you, but are scared it is just one-sided and you've "gotten over" them. Of course they'll deny it though.

5) Twin flames reconnect to heal each other.Through the cycle of separation and connection, the twin flames are often destined to meet up in the physical several times in order to heal each other. When a stage of healing within each individual is complete, they will meet again to connect and expand each other in energy (love) which they will then need to separate again to "process". It's as if they meet up to recieve a challenge. Once they know what the challenge is (subconsciously) they both go their separate ways to achieve it. Once achieve, they recieve that healing and go onto the next.

6) We separate from our twin flames when we have individual karma to be balanced.Karma - the cause and effect cycle created by us through our lifetimes needs to be balanced before we can unite with our twin flames. Before we incarnated into this lifetime, and any other lifetime, our souls made agreements with other souls to meet on the physical plane and learn lessons from each other. They may be tough lessons, wonderful lessons but all will be helpful in the end. By this I mean that eventually, even if we percieve a situation to be negative, we will always learn a positive from it. All karma must be fulfilled by the intividual twins before they can come back together again in unity.

7) We (may) separate from our twin flames when we are destined to be in other relationships.Through connecting with your twin flame, you will feel increased love in your soul as long as you are able to put ego aside. Oftentimes we may marry a soul mate in order to share this increased love with them to help them awaken too. OR we may already be in another relationship when we meet our twin flame. This relationship will help us learn about love in order to prepare us for our twin flame. Either way, we learn from our soulmates and they learn from us.

8) We separate so we aren't distracted from our individual awakening.If we were together all the time before reunion occurred, we would remain reflecting our own voids that we need to heal individually. We would also not be able to balance our separate karma with others and would not have the yearning for each other as a catalyst to greater spiritual searching.

So you see, the cycle of separation and connection is NEEDED in order for us to fully heal, awaken and fulfil our mission to help humankind through our knowledge and light. We must all accept the journey towards reunion as JUST AS IMPORTANT as union itself. To unite too quickly before we are ready would leave us unfulfilled and unhealed.

We must accept ourselves and our twin flames and not blame each other for not being ready NOW. It's all part of the process; it's all part of the path we agreed upon before birth. ACCEPT your path and yourselves and it will all come to you in perfect time.

Why Twin Flames Run...

Why Twin Flames Run...


There are many reasons why twin flames and other soul mates run from the connection, from each other, from love. When they first meet their souls alight in the flames of Love. But then comes the troubles, the conflicts, the arguements, the hot/cold behaviour, the confusion, the feelings of "craziness"... the list goes on. But why does this happen? Why, when there is so much love, is there so much conflict and "running"?

Let me first explain that this is a SOUL connection and our souls are made from pure love. Think about it for a second, our souls ARE love, in it's purest form. Our souls are so eager to reconnect us with our twin flames and soul mates in the physical, you'd think it would be simple. But no, there are many lessons to learn, many tests to take before we can fully unite with our twin flames and soul mates. Please be aware that not all twin flames and soul mates are destined to be together in the physical though. Some just come into our lives to help us learn lessons for our own personal growth.

One of the main reasons why many twin souls and soul mates run from the connection is because of ego and all the preconceptions we have about the way we think and are taught love "should be". But this is soul love and therefore it doesn't fit into the earthly creations of romantic relationships - it goes far beyond that, therefore it is impossible to try and limit the love by forcing it into a purely romantic setting. Sometimes the souls love each other unconditionally but the human aspects get in the way of unconditional love. The soul loves unconditionally and until we enter more into our soul-consciousness, our human characters may well keep repelling us if we let ego take a hold too much. But again, I stress, sometimes we aren't supposed to have a harmonious connection even with our twin souls. Twin souls cans sometimes just be purely about learning tough lessons too. They are a part of us incarnated into another body at the same time, therefore the lessons will always be about self and accepting self, not romantic love.

Twin flames and often soul mates are reflections of each other, of Self, so they show us everything about ourselves that we are not loving, accepting and what needs healing. When these inner blocks still remain, they will continue to be reflected between the twins and yet again it will repell them to go their separate ways again until we look inwards and heal inwards individually. Sometimes we are meant to go our separate ways though if that's what our path has in store for us... often so we can meet more suitable and compatible soul mates on the human level. Often twinsouls and soulmates run because there are parts of themselves they are not loving or accepting and they can't handle seeing these things illuminated through the connection. They don't feel good enough and are afraid that if they get close, the other twinsoul / soulmate will see these parts of themselves they are trying to deny and reject them. This rejection, they believe, would crush them and "prove" to them the very things they detest about themselves to be correct. They run from their own fears about themselves.

Often this is subconscious though, and the twinsouls and soul mates point their fingers at each other and blame the other for the breakdown of a physical relationship. But this has all been pre-determined by both twin flames / soul mates along with their Spirit Guides and Soul Family before they incarnate, to help them learn and grow the most. The physical separation forces the twin flames / soulmates to eventually look deeper within and awaken more to their soul-consciousness and realise that it is about healing the self.

Sometimes it takes time for twin flames and soul mates to trust in the love. It came about immediately and so intensely that often it goes beyond logic which we are taught to trust in rather than emotion and intuition. Many twinsouls / soul mates feel the transformatin happening within them, as they awaken more and more to their soul-consciousness, but try to fight it because they are afraid of the unknown. They are happy at how, in the past, they had made sense of the world - it fits into most other people's views too. They wonder how they could survive if they suddenly allowed themselves to trust in intuition and soul and spirituality. Won't people think they are mad? Won't they lose friends and even family? What if they are married, won't their husbands/wives think them mad or bad? They feel so alone, so confused and think they are mad. So they run, to save themselves the trouble and fear of losing their grip of reality.

But as they run from the connection, the mirror image of themselves, they begin to lose themselves, close their heart, become numb, depressed, lost. But on the surface they try to make out everything is fine, they are desperate to make everything fine and "normal" again because they fear they are weak to believe in this, especially when they think the twin flame / soulmate has hurt them so much. They cannot yet see that it is their own inner hurt, their own inner rejection that has caused so much pain. But their inner numbness becomes very frightening, their depression very real. People can see they are changing but they cannot tell them why - no-one would understand.

So they begin to feel more and more alone and they are pushed deeper into themselves, into their painful emotions. But eventually the fear of losing themselves will become bigger than the fear of facing upto their inner issues. Sometimes twin flames and soul mates need to feel the deepest depths of despair before they accept there is another way into love, into freedom, into happiness. But the Path leading to that can be very rocky and will be for a reason, to help them trust in themselves more and come back to Self-Love to be reflected back between the twin soul / soulmates so Reunion can occur either with that person or with themselves (or both). 

I AM Archangel Gabriel!

Here is a special message from Archangel Gabriel about Twin Flames:
Greetings Everybody!
I am so very pleased to be able to speak about this topic! *giggles* Your Twin-Flame is a beautiful part of Gods creation. Intended to be part of you throughout your life, but you may choose when you meet up and how this will happen. So many of you are longing for this kind of deep relationship, and are looking perhaps in all the wrong places.

Dear ones, it is an easy process to become whole again,yet so many people would rather believe that they do not fit the standards or requirements for this too happen to them.
Even when asking for Twin-Flame guidance,there is still doubt in the air.
This is the hardest part of your life,is learning that you are a limitless being,therefore you are able to manifest things into your life to help you and guide you. It is the way of the world now,that others seemingly have all and others go on struggling.

But to think that the almighty creator energy could look down at you and say that you will suffer, is an gross misunderstanding. You who are born of this earth, were once in Spirit-in fact many many times over. Each time you come back to us, you want to return to earth and try again. It is all about ascension. Each soul needs to rise above their challenges, so they are not doomed to repeat-however many of you don't find out till later in life, how to go about things.

This is because the generations that are now coming to adulthood, are going to need your input and support,as they become instrumental in the changing of the planet to its natural harmonious state. So no one person is punished EVER by God the creator. The fear of a great punishing and menacing God,is something you may have grown up with-and most of these people have thought they were saving you. But you are already saved,you are already welcome and you always have a choice.

Now ,sorry everyone for getting off of track!!...If you would like to have a Twin-Flame relationship, sit with us Angels and tell us about this,and we shall direct you to books,people,places and situations, that will get you closer to this. Of course, you may not have a Twin-Flame on Earth right now, but even so, you each have the ability to connect with this soul on the other side. It may even be a family member that has passed, and yet can send you guidance and comfort when you need it. You may already be with a "Soul-Mate" and be asking
"Do I leave my partner to be with my Twin-Flame if they cross my path?" And the answer is , no you don't.If you are happy with your partner, you do not leave them for someone else. But you may be able to spend time with your Twin-Flame, study and learn together,and also send healing energy to each other.
This is always possible.
Do not leave everything behind you on a mission for this soul. That is defeating your purpose and showing desperation-some of the attributes that needed to first be resolved.
It is so very true,that your purpose is to ascend spiritually, without limiting yourself in any way. Open up your heart and mind and do research about what you feel is real. Some people do not believe in channeling, and my partner Rebecca, used to call it "Ridiculous" But again, almost every piece of writing you do is inspired, and you have constant thoughts in your brain,that have come from spirit. It is happening all the time,and this is always in direct response to what you have been asking for. So, try to write with our help ..everyone is absolutely capable, you just may take some time to believe it is happening. We Angels are happy just to have you finally speak with us,because unless you do,we can not intervene. This is something that is repeated as it is absolutely necessary for you to remember. You all have the tenancy to cry out in anger when things go wrong-if you had asked for a peaceful resolution or a sign that all is well, or a call for "help" then we can help open the door to you and give you options. These can be like miracles,and indeed it is in reality a miracle. Miracles are something that you create yourself, by following your inner guidance and asking for help when you need it.

If you are to continue to believe that nothing good will come of things,and you believe nothing will change, well you are going to bring that upon yourself. Things do change and prayer does work and is always answered. Don't be afraid of judgment in heaven, or an unforgiving God. Believe that you have multiple helpers, who will guide you forward in your journey. You have your Twin-Flame who if in spirit, will certainly be sitting right beside you right now as you read this!! Close your eyes right now,and put out your hands in the air. Now, as your Twin-Flame approaches, you are going to feel tickly feelings on your face and your lips and nose might tickle and itch. Maybe your ears will pulsate! *giggles*Now you have connected, and this will be one of the signs,that your Twin-Flame is hugging you!
You see now..that was easy wasn't it?!

Dear people,please go on and find your own spiritual methods.Take bits of information from wherever you like, and form your own scope of this. You are in charge of your own destiny. If you wish to live your life frightened of the future,there is not much anyone can do to change that for you. If you are reading or on the internet looking for advice,then only follow those things that feel right to you. Try to relax and enjoy the process! You are on Earth to learn,and you have all the abilities to do anything you wish, but this is not magic tricks,or spells etc ect...if you seek to trick someone or wow someone with your power, it will always be to your own detriment.

I have been very delighted to finally be able to relay information here for you today, and you can be sure to call on me whenever you need help in any area of your life! I can also bring with me a special "team" of spiritual beings and Angels to help you find your way through life.

With blessings and love to all of you!
I AM Archangel Gabriel!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Q&A

Can you tell me how it could work out so neatly that everyone has a perfect love? Where did
this person come from and what is their relationship to us?
The twin flame, or perfect love, is born out of the original white-fire ovoid. This is an ovoid of light
in which you are created in the Central Sun, the highest concentration of pure Spirit in the universe.
God takes the ovoid and he makes out of it two spheres of light. And each sphere looks like the
causal body in the upper portion of the Chart of Your Real Self. So imagine this chart twice.
Descending from these spheres into Matter, then, come forth the souls that are the counterpart of the
Spirit spheres. They are called twin flames because they came out of the original single ovoid. The
Electronic Presence of each soul is the exact duplicate of the other. And when they descend into
form, one assumes the positive or masculine and one assumes the negative or feminine polarity.
Now, that ovoid has a unique pattern. It is an electronic blueprint. Only you and your twin flame
have it. You have it in the Spirit. You have the divine image in which you were made. It’s the same
image. No one else in the whole cosmos can claim this oneness with you because you were only
born once, spiritually.
So we all started out in golden ages long ago with the perfect person, the twin flame, but then we
started making karma.* We descended into the lower octaves, we were separated from our twin
flame. We lost that physical manifestation of the divine counterpart in heaven, and then we began
creating obligations with other people.
And this is why embodiment after embodiment we are married to different people. Some may be
soul mates, some karmic relationships. And hopefully we make the best of it and share a love that
will achieve a particular purpose and also balance karma. The law of karma demands we go back
and fulfill our responsibilities first. It is always your first obligation. It can take you away from your
twin flame for lifetimes.
And the goal is to balance that karma, become purified on the Path of the Holy Spirit, attain reunion
with God and the twin flame, and climb back up the ladder of life to the Source whence you came.
And that is the long story of the lost Word being found again.
*Karma. (Skt. karma ‘act’, ‘deed’, ‘work’.) Karma is energy/consciousness in action; the law of
cause and effect and retribution. Also called the law of the circle which decrees that whatever we do
comes full circle to our doorstep for resolution. Paul said, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he
also reap.” Newton observed that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The law
of karma necessitates the soul’s reincarnation until all karmic cycles are balanced. Thus, from
lifetime to lifetime man determines his fate by his actions, including his thoughts, feelings, words,
and deeds.
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Could you clarify the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate? You seem to be saying
that if you can’t unite with your twin flame in this lifetime, in the meantime you might find a
soul mate. And I thought that they were just different expressions for the same concept.
A soul mate is a person with whom you may have worked for many centuries on the same mission
or the same initiation of the chakras—some parallel path of soul development. And even though
there may be a great attraction and bond between soul mates, fundamentally, in the ultimate sense,
you could define it more as a brother/sister relationship, even though soul mates have great
marriages and a great union of hearts. There is that sense of “we’re comrades, we’re pilgrims on the
path together, and what we’re doing has to be done together.”
You may come together for several lifetimes, and you may feel a great tie. But if you really
meditate at inner levels, you know that that relationship doesn’t go as high or is not as profound as
the one with the person who is your direct counterpart—the twin flame you have known as your
other self from the first moment of your creation in the Great Central Sun.
You have only one twin flame. But you may have brothers and sisters in various places whom
you’re working with. Let’s say in this lifetime your choice as well as your assignment is to master
music. You’ll probably be assembled with many musicians, and you may find someone who is very
much a co-worker and a companion with whom you can share not only your love of harmony but
also a real soul communion on that wavelength and chakra of one of the seven rays.
And there is a blessing that comes to your endeavor from the I AM Presence of both twin flames—
your twin flame and that person’s twin flame. So that’s what a soul mate is—someone you can truly
love and respect and share with.
A soul-mate relationship has to do with the seat-of-the-soul chakra—that chakra just above the base.
The connection is one of parallel and mutual evolution rather than origin.
It is a blessed experience to have someone who is a friend (someone you can trust who also trusts
you) with whom to share a true commitment to a common cause as well as tender devotion.
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Is the age of Aquarius a time when you’re more likely to meet your twin flame? Or, in other
words, is the possibility of joining forces by meeting your twin flame, which you did with
Mark Prophet, the kind of power that is needed right now in the world?
Well, it is a very propitious time for meeting one’s twin flame because it is the desire of the Great
White Brotherhood* in sponsoring your souls on the path of soul liberation that you should be
joined with your counterpart for a greater realization of true freedom to be who you are in God—in
your joint causal bodies.
Also, because we’re at the conclusion of the Piscean age, we’re supposed to be balancing our
karma. And so, we may go through karmic marriages; we may go through the marriage with the
soul mate.
The end of Pisces is the time of balancing a lot of karma, and that’s why people’s thinking about
relationships has radically changed in recent decades—because people have had a need to interact
and to settle old scores and to keep on searching to find the highest complementary expression of
their being in the quest of the spiritual path.
There is a heightened intensity of interest in twin flames today because that is the relationship that
enables you to fulfill the greater portion of your fiery destiny. God knows this. God is sponsoring
the true relationships of twin flames and soul mates today because in the beginning God made us to
love one another as He first loved us.
*The spiritual order of Western saints and Eastern masters cooperating from the ascended octave
with embodied disciples and adepts. The word “white” refers not to race but to the aura (halo) of
white light that surrounds them.
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What is the first step you can take toward finding your twin flame?
You must first seek the union with your I AM Presence and Christ Self. That is the inner polarity.
That is the greatest, most profound and blissful union that you can experience. It is the goal of the
When you attain union with your Divine Reality, you also are coming into the closest union with the
white fire core of your being through which you find the one and only one who was there with you
in the beginning. Your relationship with your twin flame first began in this giant ovoid of white fire
that became twain—two spheres of God-identity.
Now, you can develop a polarity in the human with your twin flame, with a soul mate or with
anyone. You have had experiences in many lifetimes which make you feel attracted to people you
may meet throughout your life. But the only polarity that is of the fiery ovoid, that Electronic
Presence, is that of your twin flame. And the profoundness of the oneness of twin flames is in the
very depths of God’s being.
So the real path and the real search is for union with God, because the reason we are separated from
our twin flame in time and space is that through our incarnations in the physical plane, we’ve
departed from our original Oneness and gotten entangled in other relationships, other karma. So you
may feel a longing and a loneliness in a crowd because the other half of your spiritual being is
nowhere to be found.
But, you see, you can be sitting next to your twin flame and not even know it, because from having
gone forth from the octaves of light and being separated for so many long thousands of years, you
don’t even recognize one another through the veils of karma. And that is the great tragedy of
searching and searching and not realizing that the twin flame is, mystically, oneself. And if one
hasn’t found oneself spiritually, one is not going to recognize that “One alone, to be my own,” as
the song goes.
Now, if your twin flame is ascended, already one with his/her I AM Presence, you tend to feel more
complete because the twin flame has achieved the divine oneness.
If your twin flame is your equal in attainment and in embodiment, you may seek that one.
If your twin flame has lesser attainment and more worldly ties, you may find a great dichotomy in
yourself—that you love the Path but you have to dive into the astral sea because somewhere in all
of that temporal and illusory condition is the other half of yourself whom you feel dedicated to
rescue and to raise up.
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When you’re on the search for your twin flame, are you suggesting that you shouldn’t partake
of other relationships?—like, say, if you meet someone and decide to just have a companion
for a while, but it’s not compatible enough for marriage. Are you suggesting not to partake of
those sort of relationships?
Well, I think that it is your individual free will, your personal decision. If you are intent on pursuing
the Path and God and more permanent things, you have to realize that the establishment of such
relationships takes time and energy and a certain amount of input because every friendship demands
the giving of self. And so you’ve only got energy and time and space to spend in this embodiment—
it’s like a bank account. Every individual has to decide what he wants to do with his life and lifeforce.
But I always think, well, if you’re locked into a wrong relationship or you’ve settled for less, you
could miss your twin flame.
One of the reasons we are separated from our twin flames is because the Law compels us to
manifest our own interior wholeness first. Wholeness is a magnet, and it magnetizes to ourselves
wholeness. So if we are incomplete in consciousness or if we harbor within ourselves records of
grief or fear or death or dying or problems of nonforgiveness of our twin flame from past lives, this
is inside of ourselves and it’s a block to finding the perfect match.
So we can spend a lot of time going from relationship to relationship and actually never arriving at
that union—the union that we are desiring, which is first with our beloved I AM Presence and then,
through that Light, with our twin flame.
The words of Jesus really do ring true in this case. He said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and
his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” I learned that verse when I was a
little child and it has worked for me all of these years.
Before I met my twin flame—who is Mark Prophet, as you know—I came to the conclusion that
because I was on a spiritual path, I believed in Ascended Masters, I believed in karma and
reincarnation, no man would ever want me. So I was definitely convinced that I was going to be
single the rest of my life.
And I went straight to the heart of finding Saint Germain, finding the Masters, finding my mission
and service. And in the process of pursuing what I knew my mission was to be, I bumped into the
person who had the same mission—Mark Prophet. And I never would have found him if I hadn’t
sought first the consciousness of God and his righteousness.
Now, just meeting your twin flame does not mean everything is going to be wonderful. We can get
out of alignment with our twin flames through our conflicting karmic, personality and astrological
I had a recollection of a past life with Mark Prophet a number of centuries ago, when he preferred
others to myself. It was quite painful for me to face this record. And I realized that even though I
had the sense of love and forgiveness, there was that little bit of resentment or annoyance. And I
realized that I had to put the violet flame through that because that was a point of nonresolution and
it would interfere with our present relationship. And so I surrendered it and was healed.
So what we find out is that we can be standing face to face with our twin flame, but if we don’t
have the desire to give and to love and to sacrifice, we will not have a successful relationship, we
will not have a successful marriage, and we will not represent the Father/Mother God to our
children, who must have an example of harmony.
I’ve seen twin flames who don’t recognize each other and they go their separate ways because
they’re so self-centered and caught up in their problems.
I’ve seen others in marriages where they fight intensely because they will not surrender their egos
for the sake of the greater and the higher love. This is so destructive to the family and so
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You were saying that twin flames might not recognize each other. At what point would there
be that union? What can you do? It would seem inevitable at some point there would be that
You can make the call to God, “Show me who my twin flame is.” But the development of your
inner faculties, of your inner knowing, comes through decreeing, through giving the violet flame.
It’s the most efficacious means on the planet of spiritual development. It will be the crown of all
other paths, meditations, forms, asanas you have been through. And you will notice it if you’re
diligent with it. Of course, she’s got to recognize you, too, so that’s an important reason to decree
also. Because you can tell her all day, “You’re my twin flame,” and she can say, “Get lost,” you
The fastest way I know of getting there is to decree. Believe me when I tell you there is nothing
greater than the science of the spoken Word. I wish you could have all seen me 25 years ago and the
acceleration of my life and God in me through just the science of the spoken Word and the blessed
Masters’ sponsorship.
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I’d like some guidelines on how to recognize my twin flame from a false twin flame. Recently I
was engaged and I realized that he had some characteristics that I didn’t think I could live
with. And yet, he had many fine characteristics. It was so difficult to separate from that
person. I think I made a wise decision, but I’d like some guidelines.
Well, most people have a collection of good and bad qualities. And basically we do decide on our
relationships based on what we can live with in a person given the fact that there’s a greater love
that binds us.
Now, determining who your twin flame is by a person’s good and bad qualities is not a safe method
because the knowledge of the twin flame is very inner. And it’s almost best to blind oneself and stop
up one’s senses and to follow the flame of the heart. Sometimes outer examination and analysis can
be very misleading.
So what we can do is go to the heart of hearts. And marriage is such a total commitment, especially
when you’re on the Path, that it warrants a prior period of aloneness, prayer, fasting, calling to
Archangel Michael to protect oneself from what we are warned of by Saint Paul—”Be ye not
unequally yoked together…for what communion hath light with darkness?” And “Be not entangled
again with the yoke of bondage.”
You see, the hallmark of true love is liberty, not the suppression of our true self for or by another.
And so God will tell you if you give him the opportunity to tell you. But if you don’t want to know
because you want this person more than you want the Truth, then you can get into trouble.
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Because of this acceleration you were speaking about, and the end of Pisces, are we destined to
meet our twin flames in this life?
First of all, everyone has to realize that, given statistics and the law of averages, not everyone’s twin
flame is his approximate age, is available, is in embodiment, and is necessarily an adjunct to one’s
life calling. Your twin flame could be an Ascended Master, your twin flame could be a baby, your
twin flame could be in the octaves of light waiting to be born again on earth.
So we hope that our twin flame may be here, but you have to be prepared, of course, for the
eventuality that it is not your destiny to meet your twin flame in this life, in which case the course
of action is still the union with God, following the Lost Teachings of Jesus taught to us by the
Ascended Masters, and the raising up and the exalting of the light of yourself and your twin flame
even if the twin flame is not presently with you.
Because, of course, the reality of the twin flame is not mere flesh and blood. The twin flame is a
being who at inner levels is never separate from you at the level of the causal body—who is always
in your heart. What we’re talking about is the outer separation. That’s what’s painful.
Now, when it is obvious that the divine plan is not to meet one’s twin flame, that doesn’t mean that
God will not provide a partner, a companion, a husband, a wife. And this person may be a soul
mate, a person that you’ve been good friends with a long time whom you do care for deeply, with
whom you can get a job done—a relationship that is soul-satisfying because it’s project oriented.
Or you may have a karma that can’t be balanced any other way than in a marriage, and that too may
be fulfilling for the lessons that you learn and for the love you give to one another and your
children, which is all-important.
So then, what we need to call for beyond calling for the twin flame is the divine plan. What is our
divine plan and who is it we’re destined to be with, to raise a family or go into business with, or this
or that? So I think that the calls to God and the decrees on the Path are the best insurance for the
best possible outcome given the hand we have dealt ourselves from our previous rounds.
Now, you will never attract anyone of worth as long as you have blocks, anxieties, and all kinds of
schisms in the psyche, because you’ll attract a person like that. And then you’ll have two of you to
solve the problems of. But I think you should relax and be joyous because you can be joyous in
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Does it matter if you don’t meet your twin flame? Is it something which is necessary and, you
know, if you don’t, will it slow down your evolution?
You know, our life plans are very complex. We descend into embodiment with a certain job to do.
We have many accounts to settle and responsibilities we’ve left off on. And sometimes we have to
get through a lot of those things before the cycle comes for the meeting of the twin flame.
Sometimes it’s the boy next door; you knew him all your life. But you had to get everything else out
of the way first. It’s so different for everyone. Sometimes it’s imperative that you find your twin
flame, and sometimes it’s not the plan for this life.
You see, what you have to understand is that Jesus said that the days would be shortened for the
sake of the elect, and the shortening of the days means the acceleration of cycles. And the more
cycles of past causes you’ve set in motion you can get through (transmute or resolve), the more you
can actually speed up your life. In other words, you can do more in this lifetime with the use of the
violet flame than you could in previous lives under ordinary circumstances.
So, nothing changes in your life without the sacred fire. And I do recommend you read this book,
The Science of the Spoken Word, by Mark Prophet and myself—good, you got one! It is a book for
twin flames because it gives you the tools to give daily decrees to transmute karma with the violet
flame along with your service to life.
You can write letters to God, you know. They work. You write it, you put it in your Bible on your
little altar where you pray or meditate. Then you ask God, if it is his will and in accordance with
your divine plan, that he please reveal to you your twin flame and how you can cooperate at inner or
outer levels with that person.
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Would you say through reincarnation that when you incarnate a female you would always be
No. We do change—masculine, feminine. The polarity of the Spirit is one thing, but in this octave
one of our tests is to develop both masculine and feminine qualities.
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Do you have to marry someone you have karma with? And what is a karmic marriage?
You don’t have to marry anyone to balance karma if you have the mastery to balance it. You may
have a karma that mandates a marriage, which would be a karmic marriage, but you also have
karma with many people whom you do not have to marry to balance karma.
Now, when you marry—and I believe that relationships should be consummated in marriage if
they’re going to be of any endurance—you do take on one another’s karma. And that is the real
meaning of the vow at the altar. “In sickness and in health” means in cycles of karma.
So that is the seriousness of a marriage vow. And this is why people may resist marriage. This is
why the phrase “The honeymoon is over” was coined. When you look at someone, after all else is
considered, you have to say to yourself, “Do I want to share in that person’s karma?” And karma is
circumstance. And the type of person that person is and the problems they have or the things they
get into, even their career, is their karma.
We may meet people in life to whom we have been married in previous lives. Our karmic ties and
our deep emotional ties and our unresolved relationships all usually cross our path in a given
lifetime—that is, the number of them that our Holy Christ Self and the Karmic Board decides we
must deal with in this lifetime.
The best way to deal with them is to use lots of violet-flame decrees and to pray that your karma is
balanced and that you give back to that lifestream—to their soul, to their causal body—the gift of
love from your I AM Presence to pay off all debts.
Karma prevents you from finding the perfect mate, and you should recognize that the violet flame
called forth from the sacred heart of Jesus and from Saint Germain (Saint Joseph) is the allconsuming
fire of the Holy Spirit that balances karma.
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How do you tell if you are in a karmic marriage?
None of us really knows what we’re getting into when we get into a relationship or a marriage,
because people grow, and cycle by cycle through the years, karma is outplayed. So things we have
not seen in people may surface later, or the very chemistry of the relationship brings out situations
that one never suspected. So sometimes the bond is everlasting and sometimes it is a karmic
marriage, and I would give decrees to know the difference.
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How do we tell if a relationship we’re in is keeping out our twin flame or if it’s balancing
karma? If there are a lot of problems, is it time for a divorce?
Here we go. Advice to the lovelorn!
Well, it may or may not be. I believe in working—and working hard—at a marriage. And I believe
that we should always love beyond the person to God. Our devotion is to God or to the twin flame,
and we ought to try to make our marriages work. And if they don’t work, we ought to be just as
smart to recognize it and pray about it and see to it that we don’t overstay and create more karma
and waste both partners’ lives when we could actually be accomplishing more good without the
burden of a relationship that is obviously leading neither party in any constructive direction.
What I think that we should do when we have problems in relationships that are knotty and have
seemingly insurmountable odds is to do what Jesus said—pray and fast. And I’m talking about
fasting on the violet flame, fasting on dynamic decrees of the Holy Spirit, as well as fasting on
water with a little lemon juice, or apple juice, or carrot juice for a few days while you clear your
head, attune with God and do some real soul-searching for the right answers.
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What is the violet flame? How is it able to transmute karma? What is the power of that? Is it
a living entity? Or how does it do that?
Well, the violet flame was promised in the Old and New Testaments. And it is the sacred fire. Moses
testified by direct witness. He said, “Thy God is a consuming fire.” And Paul said the sacred fire
would try every man’s work. Well, obviously our God is not going to consume us, his children, so
what does he consume with his fire? He consumes our sins, our discords, our problems, our karma.
God said that in those days “I will remember their sin no more.” It’s also prophesied in the Book of
Revelation that when the seventh angel will begin to sound, God will finish his mysteries. The
seventh angel is the Master Saint Germain, hierarch of the Aquarian age, who brings us the violet
The gift of the violet flame is an Aquarian-age dispensation. It’s the flame of freedom, forgiveness,
and alchemy. And when this flame is invoked, it passes through the subconscious and, in
conjunction with your right mindfulness, your love, your good works to God and man, the violet
flame as the agency of the Holy Spirit consumes the records of the past. This is how we achieve
liberation in the West in this age. This is the corresponding path to what the yogis and avatars have
taught as soul liberation.
It’s a good time to invoke the violet flame with a mantra that you can all memorize very easily: “I
AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!” Let’s all give it together.
I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires! (14x)
When you use the name of God, I AM, you are using the name that God gave to Moses. It is the
power of the sacred name that releases the light from your causal body. That’s your causal body of
light. Since your twin flame has a causal body with the identical electronic blueprint (though from
the moment of creation each one develops his own individuality), you can also draw down the
violet flame from the causal body of your twin flame.
Or you can give some violet fire to your twin flame. You say, “My twin flame is a being of violet
fire! My twin flame is the purity God desires!” This is a fiat which you can make. Then you say:
In the name of Jesus Christ, I call forth the violet flame from the heart of Saint Germain, the
seventh-ray Masters, the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood and from our causal bodies for
and on behalf of myself and my twin flame, wherever the beloved may be, worlds without end. In
the name of the Holy Spirit I decree:
My twin flame is a being of violet fire!
My twin flame is the purity God desires! (Say it nine times or more.)
The decree, or “mantra,” is the key that unlocks the light of your causal body, causing it to descend
and come into manifestation physically. You all have treasures stored in heaven. Your good works,
good karma from past lives—every positive momentum: it’s all there in these rainbow spheres of
light. In the violet sphere, all the momentum of violet flame you have ever called forth is stored,
together with all service and initiation on the seventh ray.
Also when you call to the violet flame, the Masters of the violet flame who serve with planet earth
and her evolutions send their momentum of violet flame to you. So you can actually visualize your
divine counterpart blazing with the violet flame when you make this call:
My twin flame is a being of violet fire!
My twin flame is the purity God desires! (9x)
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Is there anything concrete that we can do to protect our twin flame?
Definitely. You have the authority, the unique authority to make a call for the protection of your
twin flame because you are tied at that level. You can say:
“In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, I call now for the victory of my twin flame, for the
cutting free of my twin flame by the power of the mighty blue flame and sword of Archangel
Michael. Legions of Light, come into action now! And wherever my twin flame is, cut him/her free.
Cut me free. Cut us free now to fulfill the divine plan and attain union in the level of the Christ, in
the level of our chakras. And if it be the will of God, draw us together in a lifetime service. We
thank you and accept it done this hour in full power according to God’s will. Amen.”
Then you give a blue-flame decree and visualize Saint Michael and his blue-lightning angels around
yourself and your twin flame. You can follow this with 15 minutes to a half hour of violet flame for
yourself and your twin flame to consume the cause and core of all that stands between you and your
perfect love. And this is something you can do as often as you like.
If you do this daily, you’ll build a momentum of power with the first and seventh-ray angels, who
will help you and your twin flame in every way they can.
A decree can be used for anything. You can take the decree of your choice and after the preamble
give a prayer to Jesus or to God or to your Mighty I AM Presence and ask for the cutting free of
your twin flame if that one is in physical embodiment and if it is the will of God that you’re
supposed to meet.
Meeting, of course, is not the only goal. The goal is to pray for your twin flame to find God and
attain reunion with God, because that is the real meeting place of twin flames. So any decree you
give will help your twin flame as it helps you—if you want to give violet flame for freedom, or blue
flame for protection, or the green-ray decrees for healing, the golden flame of illumination for
problem solving, and so forth.
Then you commend your love’s keeping unto God and go about serving to set all life free. Because
where you love, where you serve, where you give, all of your energy is also available to your twin
flame. So everything positive you do right now is helping your twin flame and helping you balance
your karma so you can come to that point of the grand reunion which is only the beginning.
You and your twin flame are destined to move on through the ages, through the solar light, to
become responsible as godparents for lifewaves and evolutions beyond this system of worlds.
There’s no end to the possibilities. And once you are free of the chains of karma and out of the
round of rebirth, you will be free to fulfill your destiny—together, worlds without end.