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The Easiest Way to Understanding Ho'oponopono

What is Ho’oponopono?
Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving.
The original Hawaiians used to practice this. Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, my
Ho’oponopono teacher, says that these Hawaiians came from other galaxies.
Many religions are practiced in Hawaii as everywhere else, so not everyone
in Hawaii practices Ho’oponopono. Some people in Hawaii have never heard
of it.
Morrnah Simeona (Ihaleakalá’s teacher) brought these teachings to us and
updated them for modern times.
In the past you needed the whole family present, and one by one they would
ask for forgiveness from each other. Now we know there is no one else out
there. It is just our thoughts of the other person, our own memories of the
other person. So we take 100% responsibility and clean those memories.
Whatever gets erased from us gets erased from the other people, our family,
relatives and ancestors, and the earth. It gets erased from everything. You
do not need to be in the presence of others to ask for their forgiveness, now
you can do it in your own home. Memories are all inside of us, as we clean,
whatever comes off of us, will come off of them without the need to be in
their presence.
Ho’oponopono means “to make it right”, “to correct an error”.
Everything that shows up in our life is a memory, a program playing (an
error) and it shows up in our life to give us an opportunity to let go, to clean,
to delete.
Ho’oponopono is the delete key on the keyboard of our computer.
See, when you misspell a word, you don’t talk to the monitor and tell the
monitor “How many times did I tell you how to spell that word?” You know
the monitor can’t do anything about it. You can talk to the monitor all day
long, but the monitor looks at you, like: what does she want me to do?
If you want to change something, you need to delete first, create that empty
space in order to put in the right information.
Ho’oponopono takes us back to the void, to zero, so that Inspiration can
show up in our life and guide us. That way we can be at the right time at the
right place.The Easiest Way to Understanding Ho'oponopono
The Clearest Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions 8
What does it mean to be 100% responsible?
You are attracting everything in your life. You don’t realize it, but the
memories playing inside of you attract everything in your life. You hold data,
programs, information, memories that you have accumulated since the
beginning of creation. Therefore you’re responsible for all your memories
that replay as problems that you experience. You were created perfect. You
are perfect. Perfect means no memories, no beliefs, no attachments, no
judgements. But the memories are not perfect, and many of your memories
come from your ancestors. Nothing is what you think it is.
Where do my problems come from?
Most of our problems come from our ancestors. For example, if you know
diabetes runs in your family, you would say: “Oh, I know I will have diabetes
because it will come down the line through my family. However, you can
erase the diabetes before you get it. The same thing with emotional
problems or lack of money or relationship challenges. Most of our memories
come from our ancestors.
What does “cleaning” mean?
Cleaning means when a problem comes up, you are willing to take 100%
responsibility. You are willing to say “I am sorry. Please forgive me for
whatever is in me that is attracting this.” You can use any cleaning tool that
you have. You can also get your own cleaning tools through Inspiration.
Cleansing is a petition to Divinity to correct errors from the past. It’s a way
of giving permission to Divinity to erase whatever is not working and that we
are ready to let go. God knows what we are ready to let go. We don’t.

Where there is love, there is Success and Wealth

Someone once told me the following story:
A woman went out of her home and saw
three old men with long beards sitting in
front of her garden. Since she didn’t know
them, she said, "I don’t think I know you,
but perhaps you are hungry. Please come
into my home and eat something." They
asked her, "Is the man of the house home?"
"No," she answered, "he is not here." "Then
we cannot go inside," they told her. In the
evening, when her husband returned home,
the woman told him what had happened.
He said, "Tell them that I have arrived and
invite them to come in!" The woman went
outside to invite the men in. "All three of
77 us cannot go in at once," explained the old
men. "Why?" she wanted to know. In that
moment, one of the men pointed towards the
other two and said, "His name is Wealth and
his name is Success. My name is Love. Go
inside and decide with your husband which
one of the three of us you would like to
invite in." The woman went inside her home
and repeated the story to her husband. The
man became very happy. "Fantastic! Since
that is the case, let’s invite Wealth in. Let him
come in and fill our home with abundance."
The wife did not agree. "Honey, why don’t
we invite in Success?" The couple’s daughter,
who was listening to the conversation from
the other end of the house, came running
up with an idea. "Wouldn’t it be better to
invite Love? Then our home would be filled
with Love." "Let’s listen to our daughter,"
the man told his wife. "Go invite Love to be
our guest." The woman went outside and
asked the three men, "Which one of you is
Love? We wish for him to be our guest."
Love stood up and started to walk towards
the house. The other two old men stood up
78and followed him. Surprised, the woman
asked them, "I only invited in Love. Why are
you also coming?" The old men responded
in unison, "If you had invited in Wealth or
Success, the other two would have stayed
outside. But you invited Love, and wherever
Love goes, we go." Where there is love, there
is also wealth and success

Spiritual Marketing by Joe Vitale

How I Created Spiritual Marketing

“What do you do?” I asked. I was standing in a line of 700 people in a hotel in Seattle, waiting to spend a day listening to an author and spiritual teacher. “I do energy work,” the woman beside me replied. “It’s
hard to explain. It’s different for each person.” “Do you have a business card?” “No,” she said, slightly embarrassed. I was shocked.

“Let me ask you a question,” I began. “There are over 700 potential clients here for you. Why don’t you at least have business cards?”

A woman beside her smiled and told her, “You were just hit by an angel.” I’m not an angel. But I was curious why this business woman was missing a huge marketing opportunity. As I talked to a few more of the 700 people at this event, I realized all of these people were in business for themselves. And they all needed help in marketing themselves. That’s when it dawned on me that I could write a concise handbook on spiritually based marketing. No one else seemed better qualified. I’m the author of The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising for The American Marketing Association, and I have over fifteen
years of experience in metaphysics and spirituality. I’ve interviewed many new age spokespeople and have had some of them as my clients. Besides, I had already created and tested a secret five-step process for manifesting anything you wanted. I seemed like the best voice for a book on marketing with spirit.
I also knew that those 700 people at the seminar represented a still larger group of people who need help
with their businesses. I further knew that they were all doing something inside themselves that was creating their outer results. In other words, their inner state of being was creating their business, or lack of it. Said more simply, the woman who didn’t have a business card had an inner insecurity about her business that showed up in her life by her not having business cards. And taking this logic a step further in the direction I want to take you later in this book, if that woman were truly clear about her business, she wouldn’t even need business cards. Business would just come to her. Her inner spirit would do her marketing. That’s what this book will reveal. I’ve learned that we are human beings, not human doings. When you reach a clear inner state of being about your service to the world, the world will come to you. As one successful person said,
“Angels now hand out my business cards.” Confused? That’s okay. Therapist, author and my dear friend Mandy Evans says confusion is that wonderful state of mind right before clarity. Maybe the following story will give you a glimpse of what I’m talking about and set the stage for what is to follow:

I once read a delightful old book from 1920 titled Fundamentals of Prosperity by Roger Babson. He ended
his book by asking the President of the Argentine Republic why South America, with all of its natural resources and onders, was so far behind North America in terms of progress and marketing. The President replied:

“I have come to this conclusion. South America was settled by the Spanish who came to South America in
search of gold, but North America was settled by the Pilgrim Fathers who went there in search of God.”
Where is your focus? On money or on spirit?

In this book I intend to offer a new way for you to easily and effortlessly increase your business. It’s based on proven marketing techniques and timeless spiritual principles. It will reveal how your inner state of being
attracts and creates your outer results---and what to do about it so you can have, do, or be whatever your heart desires.

Do the techniques work? The proof will be in the pudding. Try them and see. I can tell you about the
successes I’ve had---and I do in this book---but nothing will be quite as convincing to you as using these simple ideas and seeing your own amazing results. I could tell you that this method will help you manifest anything you want. You’ll read about people who created cars and homes, healed themselves of cancer, and created new relationships. But I’m focusing on business because there appears to be a serious lack of spirituality in business. And I’m going to let you discover the magic of marketing with spirit because
nothing will be more powerful as your own first hand experiences.

Pull up a chair. Get comfortable. Take a deep breath. Relax. Let’s talk about how you can increase your
business---and achieve anything else you may desire--- through the magic power of “Spiritual Marketing.”

“Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your
wings on the way down.”

-- Ray Bradbury


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Self I-Dentity Ho’oponopono

I got the idea a few months back of a “talking” glossary of the essential
“characters” in Self I-Dentity Ho’oponopono. You can get acquainted with
each of them at your leisure.

Self I-Dentity: I am Self I-Dentity. I am composed of four elements: Divine Intelligence,
Superconscious Mind, Conscious Mind, and Subconscious Mind. My
foundation, Void and Infinite, is an exact replication of Divine Intelligence.
Divine Intelligence: I am Divine Intelligence. I am the Infinite. I create Self I-Dentities
and Inspirations. I transmute memories to Void.

Superconscious Mind: I am Superconscious Mind. I oversee the Conscious
and Subconscious Minds. I review and make appropriate changes in the
Ho’oponopono petition to Divine Intelligence initiated by the Conscious Mind. I
am unaffected by memories replaying in the Subconscious Mind. I am always
one with Divine Creator.

Conscious Mind: I am Conscious Mind. I have the gift of choice. I can allow incessant
memories to dictate experience for the Subconscious Mind and me
or I can initiate the release of them through incessant Ho’oponopono. I can
petition for directions from Divine Intelligence.

Subconscious Mind: I am Subconscious Mind. I am the storehouse for all
of the accumulated memories from the beginning of creation. I am the
place where experiences are experienced as memories replaying or as Inspirations.
I am the place where the body and the world reside as memories
replaying and as Inspirations. I am the place where problems live as memories

Void: I am Void. I am the foundation of Self I-Dentity and the Cosmos. I am
where Inspirations spring forth from Divine Intelligence, the Infinite. Memories
replaying in the Subconscious Mind displace me but do not destroy me, precluding
the inflow of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence.

Infinite: I am Infinite, Divine Intelligence. Inspirations flow like fragile roses
from me into the Void of Self I-Dentity, easily displaced by the thorns of

Inspiration: I am Inspiration. I am a creation of the Infinite, of Divine Intelligence.
I manifest from the Void into the Subconscious Mind. I am experienced
as a brand-new occurrence.

Memory: I am memory. I am a record in the Subconscious Mind of a past experience.
When triggered, I replay past experiences.

Problem: I am problem. I am a memory replaying a past experience again in the
Subconscious Mind.

Experience: I am experience. I am the effect of memories replaying or Inspirations
in the Subconscious Mind.

Operating System: I am the operating system. I operate Self I-Dentity with
Void, Inspiration, and Memory.

Ho’oponopono: I am Ho’oponopono. I am an ancient Hawaiian problem solving
process updated for today’s use by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, Kahuna Lapa’au,
recognized as a Living Treasure of Hawaii in 1983. I am composed of
three elements: repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation. I am a petition
initiated by the Conscious Mind to Divine Intelligence to void memories to
reestablish Self I-Dentity. I begin in the Conscious Mind.

Repentance: I am repentance. I am the beginning of the Ho’oponopono
process initiated by the Conscious Mind as a petition to Divine Intelligence to
transmute memories to Void. With me, the Conscious Mind acknowledges its
responsibility for the memories replaying problems in its Subconscious Mind,
having created, accepted, and accumulated them.

Forgiveness: I am forgiveness. Along with Repentance, I am a petition from
the Conscious Mind to Divine Creator to transform memories in the Subconscious
Mind to Void. Not only is the Conscious Mind sorrowful, it is also asking
Divine Intelligence for forgiveness.

Transmutation: I am transmutation. Divine Intelligence uses me to neutralize
and to release memories to Void in the Subconscious Mind. I am available for
use only by Divine Intelligence.

Wealth: I am wealth. I am Self I-Dentity.

Poverty: I am poverty. I am memories replacing. I displace Self I-Dentity, precluding
the infusion of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence into the Subconscious

Before bringing this visit with you to an end, I would like to
mention that reading this appendix satisfies the prerequisite of attending
a Friday lecture if you are considering taking a Self I-Dentity
Ho’oponopono weekend class.
I wish you peace beyond all understanding.
O Ka Maluhia no me oe.
Peace be with you,
Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD
Chairman Emeritus
The Foundation of I, Inc. Freedom of the Cosmos


Healing: Ho’oponopono Process

The Conscious Mind can initiate the Ho’oponopono process to release
memories or it can engage them with blame and thinking.

Repentence and Forgiveness:

1. Conscious Mind initiates the Ho’oponopono problem solving process, a petition to Divine Intelligence to transmute memories to Void. It acknowledges that the problem is memories replaying in its Subconscious Mind, and that it is 100 percent responsible for them. The petition moves down from the Conscious Mind into the Subconscious Mind.

2. The down flow of the petition into the Subconscious Mind gently stirs memories for transmutation. The petition then moves up to the Superconscious Mind from the Subconscious Mind.

3. The Superconscious Mind reviews the petition, making changes as appropriate. Because it is always in tune with Divine  intelligence, it has the capacity to review and make changes. The petition is then sent up to Divine Intelligence for final review and consideration.

4. After reviewing the petition sent up by the Superconscious Mind, Divine Intelligence sends transmuting energy down into the Superconscious Mind.

5. Transmuting energy then flows from the Superconscious Mind down into the Conscious Mind.

6. And transmuting energy then flows down from the Conscious Mind into the Subconscious Mind. The transmuting energy first neutralizes designated memories. The neutralized energies are then released into storage, leaving a Void.


Here are two ho’oponopono proven ways to heal yourself (or
anyone else) of anything you notice. Remember that what you
see in another is also in you, so all healing is self-healing. No one else
has to do these processes but you.The entire world is in your hands.

First, this is the prayer Morrnah said to help heal hundreds if not
thousands of people. It’s simple but powerful:
Divine creator, father, mother, son as one . . . If I, my family, relatives,
and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives, and ancestors in
thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of our creation
to the present, we ask your forgiveness. . . . Let this cleanse, purify, release,
cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies, and vibrations, and
transmute these unwanted energies to pure light. . . .And it is done.

Second, the way Dr. Hew Len likes to heal is to first say “I’m
sorry” and “Please forgive me.” You say this to acknowledge that
something—without you knowing what it is—has gotten into your
body/mind system.You have no idea how it got there.You don’t
need to know. If you are overweight, you simply caught the program
that is making you that way. By saying “I’m sorry,” you are telling the
Divine that you want forgiveness inside yourself for whatever
brought it to you.You’re not asking the Divine to forgive you; you’re
asking the Divine to help you forgive yourself.

From there, you say “Thank you” and “I love you.”When you say
“Thank you,” you are expressing gratitude.You are showing your
faith that the issue will be resolved for the highest good of all concerned.
The “I love you” transmutes the energy from stuck to flowing.
It reconnects you to the Divine. Since the zero state is one of
pure love and has zero limits, you are beginning to get to that state by
expressing love.

What happens next is up to the Divine.You may be inspired to
take action of some sort.Whatever it is, do it. If you aren’t sure about
the action to take, use this same healing method on your confusion.
When you are clear, you’ll know what to do.

This is a simplified version of the modernized ho’oponopono
key methods of healing. To better understand the Self I-Dentity
through Ho’oponopono process, sign up for a workshop. (See To understand what Dr. Hew Len and I
are doing together, see



1. You don’t have a clue what is going on.
It is impossible to be aware of everything happening in
and around you, consciously or unconsciously. Your body
and mind are regulating themselves right now, without you
being aware of it. And numerous invisible signals are in the
air, from radio waves to thought forms, which you have no
conscious sense of at all.You are indeed co-creating your
own reality right now, but it is happening unconsciously, without
your conscious knowledge or control. This is why you
can think positive thoughts all you like and still be broke.
Your conscious mind isn’t the creator.
2. You don’t have control over everything.
Obviously, if you don’t know everything that is happening,
you can’t control it all. It’s an ego trip to think you can
make the world do your bidding. Since your ego can’t see
much of what is going on in the world right now, letting your
ego decide what is best for you isn’t wise.You have choice, but
you don’t have control.You can use your conscious mind to
begin to choose what you would prefer to experience, but
you have to let go of whether you manifest it or not, or how,
or when. Surrender is key.
3. You can heal whatever comes your way.
Whatever appears in your life, no matter how it got
there, is up for healing simply because it’s now on your radar.
The assumption here is that if you can feel it, you can heal it.
If you can see it in someone else, and it bothers you, then it’s
up for healing. Or as I’m told Oprah once said, “If you can
spot it, you’ve got it.”You may have no idea why it’s in your
life or how it got there, but you can let it go because you’re
now aware of it. The more you heal what comes up, the
clearer you are to manifest what you prefer, because you will
be freeing stuck energy to use for other matters.
4. You are 100 percent responsible for all you experience.
What happens in your life is not your fault, but it is your
responsibility. The concept of personal responsibility goes
beyond what you say, do, and think. It includes what others
say, do, and think that shows up in your life. If you take complete
responsibility for all that appears in your life, then
when someone surfaces with a problem, then it is your
problem, too.This ties in to principle three, which states you
can heal whatever comes your way. In short, you can’t blame
anyone or anything for your current reality.All you can do is
take responsibility for it, which means accept it, own it, and
love it.The more you heal what comes up, the more you get
in tune with the source.
5. Your ticket to zero limits is saying the phrase “I love
The pass that gets you peace beyond all understanding,
from healing to manifestation, is the simple phrase “I love
you.” Saying it to the Divine cleans everything in you so you
can experience the miracle of this moment: zero limits.The
idea is to love everything. Love the extra fat, the addiction,
the problem child or neighbor or spouse; love it all. Love
transmutes the stuck energy and frees it. Saying “I love you”
is the open sesame to experience the Divine.
6. Inspiration is more important than intention.
Intention is a toy of the mind; inspiration is a directive
from the Divine.At some point you’ll surrender and start listening,
rather than begging and waiting. Intention is trying
to control life based on the limited view of the ego; inspiration
is receiving a message from the Divine and then acting
on it. Intention works and brings results; inspiration works
and brings miracles.Which do you prefer?

A Map of Life’s Spiritual Journey

A map of life’s spiritual journey. They are:

1. You’re a victim.We are virtually all born feeling we are powerless.
Most of us stay that way.We think the world is out to
get us: the government, the neighbors, the society, the bad
guys in whatever form they seem to take.We don’t feel we
have any influence.We’re the effect of the rest of the world’s
cause.We gripe, complain, protest, and gather in groups to
fight those in charge of us. Except for a party now and then,
life, in general, sucks.

2. You’re in control. At some point you see a life-changing
movie, like The Secret, or you read a book, such as The Attractor
Factor or The Magic of Believing, and you wake up to your
own power.You realize the power of setting intentions.You
realize the power you have to visualize what you want, take
action, and achieve it.You begin to experience some magic.
You start to experience some cool results. Life, in general,
begins to look pretty good.

3. You’re awakening. At some point after stage two, you begin to
realize your intentions are limitations.You begin to see that
with all your newfound power, you’re still not able to control
everything.You begin to realize that when you surrender
to a greater power, miracles tend to happen.You begin to
let go, and trust.You begin to practice, moment by moment,
awareness of your connection with the Divine.You learn to
recognize inspiration when it comes to you, and you act on
it.You realize you have choice but not control of your life.
You realize the greatest thing you can do is agree to each
moment. In this stage, miracles happen, and they constantly
astonish you as they do.You live, in general, in a constant
state of amazement,wonder, and gratitude.

I’ve entered the third stage, and maybe you have, too, by now.
Since you’ve come along for the ride with me, let me try to further
explain my own awakening. It may help prepare you for what you
will soon experience, or help you better understand what you are
currently experiencing.

Friday, May 3, 2013



I operate my life and my relationships according to the following insights:

1. The physical universe is an actualization of my thoughts.

2. If my thoughts are cancerous, they create a cancerous physical reality.

3. If my thoughts are perfect, they create a physical reality brimming with LOVE.

4. I am 100 percent responsible for creating my physical universe the way it is.

5. I am 100 percent responsible for correcting the cancerous thoughts that create a diseased reality.

6. There is no such thing as out there. Everything exists as thoughts in my mind.

Peace begins with me.

“Peace begins with me.”
Humanity has accumulated addictive memories of perceiving others
as needing help, assistance. Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono
(SITH) is about releasing these memories within our subconscious that
replay perceptions that say that problems are “out there,” not within.
Each of us came in with our “fore-bemoanèd moans” already made.
Problem memories have nothing to do with people, places, or
situations. They are opportunities to be set free.
The whole purpose of SITH is to restore one’s Self I-Dentity, one’s
natural rhythm with Divine Intelligence. In reestablishing this original
rhythm, zero opens and the Soul is suffused with Inspirations.
Historically, people who take SITH want to share the information with
others with the intent that it will help them. Getting out of the “I can
help them” mode is a tough one. “Explaining” SITH to people, on the
whole, does not free up problem memories. Doing SITH does.
If we are willing to clean up our “fore-bemoanèd moans,” we will be
fine and everyone and everything else will be too. Hence, we
discourage people from sharing SITH with others; instead, we
encourage them to give up their stuff of others, setting themselves
free first and all others second.
“Peace begins with me.”


Talk to your body. Say to it: “I love you the way you are. Thank you for
being with me. If you have felt abused by me in any way, please forgive me.” Stop now and then during the course of the day visit with your body. Let the visit be one of love and thankfulness. “Thank you for conveying me about. Thank you for breathing, for the beating of our heart.”
See your body as a partner in your life, not as a servant. Talk to your body as you would talk to a little child. Be friends with it. It likes lots and lots of water to work better with its self. You may feel that it is
hungry, yet it may be telling you that it is thirsty.
Drinking Blue Solar Water transmutes memories, replaying problems in the subconscious mind (the Child), and helps the body to “Let go and let God.” Get a blue glass bottle. Fill it up with tap water. Cork the Finding the World’s Most Unusual Therapist 15 top of the bottle or wrap the top in cellophane. Place the bottle in the sun or under an incandescent lamp for at least one hour. Drink the water; rinse your body with the water after bathing or showering. Use
the Blue Solar Water to cook with, wash your clothes with, and for whatever you use water for. You can make your coffee or hot chocolate with Blue Solar Water.
I wish you Peace beyond all understanding.