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Soulmates and Karmic Connections

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How do we know the difference?

I have been journaling my own experience with Soulmates and Karmic Connections along with what you know about Twinflames if you followed my Blog. I really think it can be really tricky to differentiate at times but there are some distinct differences to me that I am finding so far.

Keep in mind that the attraction felt in the beginning for both Soulmate and Karmic Connection is very strong. This helps bring the two toward their call to carry out this mission with the other person. First, If you are facing a Karmic Connection you are going to, more times than not, feel it's a love/hate relationship. Maybe you feel that you love the other more than they love you, that the relationship is not reciprocated in the same way. Typically the person who doesn't seem to care or love comparitively is the one with the largest lessons.

There are also times that you will
meet someone and feel this hate for them even though you don't know them. Also, if you do attempt to form some type of relationshp or you can't avoid some form of contact (aunt, cousin, in law, coworker, etc) then you will notice that your relationship is very rocky. There is a significant "connection" that keeps you coming back but you can't figure out what it is. Imagine a long string with a dog tied to one end and a cat to the other. ;) Perhaps you both keep meeting, putting out fires and lighting new ones. This will continue until the karmic lesson/experience is fulfilled or the two part ways.

If you are seeking a romantic relationship with someone who seems to be playing "hard to get" or it feels like you are fighting to stay together. Consider breaking ties with them in the most loving way possible. A healing may be needed here. Send light and love to them and all involved and cut those psychic strings!
Why are Soulmate Encounters Different?

Soulmate encounters have a very strong attraction/connection factor. You feel you just "click" with someone instantly, romantically or not. If it is romantically there is an immediate comfortable feeling and security. You just fall in together beautifully. There is more of a sense of attraction/connection than actual "knowing". If you are thinking of Twinflames, remember Twinflames have the "mirror" factor (lots of synchronicities and mirrored personality/character), an intense connection and an immediate, innate "knowing" that the connection goes well beyond this life and time as we know it.

There will be lessons/challenges involved with a Soulmates,  as Soulmates are also Karmic Relationships but Karmic Relationships aren't always Soulmates.. They bring a part of you that you need to acknowledge and deal with. There are some relationships where this happens and they live happily ever after and others where the other partner refuses to acknowledge what needs to be addressed and chooses to walk away. Soulmate relationships bring love to one another in areas that need to be loved for each person. They are still helping you to grow. I heard a song once and it said "I will love you until you learn to love yourself". I think that sums up a Soulmate.

Soulmate encounters, and Karmic, are usually planned before incarnating but as with everything in our life, it can be "written" in as we go. This means, if you walked away from one  planned Soulmate or Karmic Relationship that the universe may supply you with an equal experience to fullfil that lesson. I believe also that you can have a Karmic Connection cross your path that may not be planned. This is usually someone you just run into by chance that gives you the feeling you know them but don't like them as mentioned previously.

***All Karmic Relationships should be met with unconditional love. This, however, does not mean that one should remain in relationships that are abusive.  Sometimes the lesson is to have enough love and respect for ourselves to know when to "fold em". All good relationships start with the unconditional LOVE AND RESPECT for self***

Attracting Love – Soul Mates and Life Partner

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There is something wonderful about sharing life’s journey with someone you love.  I can say that from experience, having happily celebrated my twelfth wedding anniversary yesterday. A life partner, a soul mate, a companion, lover, friend – for many of us it is one of life’s greatest gifts and pleasures.
But what do you do when you haven’t found them yet?  When you are lonely and looking and wondering if there’s anyone out there who can truly  love you for who you are, and whom you can love deeply in return…
The following formula has worked for me, and many of my friends and clients.  I trust that it can also work for you.  So read on!

Knowing what you want

The Universe works like a giant restaurant.  It will only deliver you what you order.  If you keep changing your mind, it makes it hard for those hard-working kitchen angels to create the right ‘dish’ and deliver it speedily to you.  Mixed messages are confusing for everyone, and will ultimately frustrate you in your attempts to find true love.
Most people spend more time choosing a car than they do choosing a life partner.  How often do people fall into a relationship and then try and make it over into the one they want?  We throw so much time and energy and money into trying to make square pegs fit into round holes.  Often years of our lives are spent fighting battles we were never meant to win.  Sound familiar?
Discernment is the key to successful relationships, and discernment must ALWAYS start with awareness.  Are you aware of what you want in a relationship?  For many people, their clearest opinions and decisions start out being based around what they DON’T want.  This is as good a place to start as any, as long as you are able to then turn each negative into a positive.  “I don’t want a partner who will cheat on me” becomes, “I deserve a partner who will be faithful and loyal to our relationship.”  Look to the good and unsuccessful relationships around you to guide you in making your love choices.
Journalling:  Take time to really think about the sort of partner and the type of relationship you are looking for.  As you become clearer about what you want, begin by writing the qualities and characteristics of this relationship down.  Create a “Love Shopping List”, and add to it as your awareness increases.  Take your time with this.  Do you rush into buying a house, or choosing an expensive once-in-a-lifetime holiday?  Make your list comfortable, accurate and reflective of your innermost desires.
If you meet someone who clearly does not fit what you ordered, then wait!  Maybe the Universal Chef is still cooking your meal.  (And of course they may wonderfully surpass all of your expectations!)


I have used this method myself, and so have many of my friends and clients.  This activity involves letting the Universe know exactly what you are wanting in a love relationship so that it can deliver this to you.  In every single case that I am aware of it has been successful!  I also know of people who have refreshed and revived existing relationships using the same technique.
When you have compiled your list of characteristics and qualities for your desired partner (from the journalling activity before this one), review them until you are satisfied with your choices.
Take a clean white sheet of paper and then write the following:
“I, (Insert your name), now chose the following in my life partner:”
Now write down your list.  Finish the work by writing, “I now accept this or better in my life”.  Sign the work and set it to one side.
Take a second piece of paper.  On this piece write down all of the qualities and characteristics within YOU that you can offer a loving partner.  Be honest and humble.  Sign it with, “I offer this and better to my life partner”.  This part is important because the Universe is governed by laws of energetic exchange – you don’t get anything for nothing!
Now fold both pieces of paper and seal them in an envelope.  In your mind’s eye, imagine these pieces of paper and surround them with a pink bubble of Light.  Send them to Spirit, and whenever you think to in the future, send more pink Light to them.
Put the envelope somewhere safe, and place your expectations to one side.  Be open to what comes to you.  Spirit always surprises us with more good than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

This five minute meditation will help you to consciously connect into the energy of your Soul Mate.  It works on opening your heart chakra, allowing you to radiate love into the world.
This is lovely, and describes this process perfectly.  It will also help YOU get into that wonderful ‘attracting’ vibration of joy and anticipation…

Recognising Karmic Relationships

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“When someone has a strong intuitive connection, Buddhism suggests that it’s because of karma, some past connection.”
~ Richard Gere

Karmic relationships are a big part of our growth. We can experience a karmic relationship with lovers, siblings, children, parents or friends, even work colleagues.
Contrary to popular opinion, not all karmic relationships are soul mate relationships.  Rather, karmic relationships happen because before we came to this life we have made a conscious choice to come together with another soul so that we can share, support, learn, heal, resolve past life issues, forgive and grow.
There are several defining characteristics of karmic relationships, but the most obvious ones are:
  • instant recognition of each other on some level, especially when there is no way you have ever met before
  • strong, and often unexplainable attraction (the sort we can’t justify to ourselves, let alone family or friends)
  • an intensity to the relationship, either positive or negative
  • a tendency for the relationship to become for a time, the most dominant or perhaps even our ONLY relationship
  • a deep emotional or physical connection, often that has an addictive quality
  • an ability to really press each other’s buttons
  • an inability to easily walk away
  • a feeling of the need to stay, even if it is hard, so that you can work through or resolve something
Usually karmic relationships serve to bring you together for a definite purpose, and once that purpose is achieved, the ‘spell’ is broken and the relationship loses its pull. Looking back you might wonder what ever brought you together – even you won’t understand it!
Many of my clients have experienced intense friendships or love relationships that taught them hard lessons, that changed them in some way, and that caused them to move in a new direction.  Often these relationships were painful, uncomfortable and a wild ride.  None of their friends or family understood why they were in that relationship, and it often made little sense to my clients either, but they couldn’t seem to help it or avoid the pull of the other person.
A large number of them then went on to find a lifelong partner, or a satisfying new life direction…
Not all relationships are difficult – some are wonderful, but last only a short time.  They buoy us up and remind us of something positive and important about ourselves, building a stronger sense of self and purpose.
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Some karmic relationships will support you for your entire life, and if one person dies before the other the one who remains will not find someone to replace that love, and that feeling of deep connection will endure even if that person takes a new partner.  Note – this relationship may not be with a lover, but could also be with a friend or family member.
These enduring karmic relationships are characterised by:
  • the feeling that you understand in each in ways other people can’t
  • a feeling of loyalty and a deep bond
  • a sense of being very comfortable with the other person, as if you’ve known them forever, even if you’ve just met
  • a knowledge that you are sharing a path through life
  • a feeling of deep trust, and a knowledge that you are supported by this person
  • an easiness with one another, even if you do have issues to work through
  • an ability to truly forgive, and to move on, together
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We are all connected, often in ways we can’t possibly understand from where we are, down here. I find it incredibly reassuring, to know that love transcends time and space, and that we care enough about each other as souls to show up in each others lives over and over again.

Cosmic Ordering in your Bed Room for attracting love

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Cosmic ordering in the bedroom will deal with reorganizing energies to allow full-bodied dreams and visions.  We can also cosmic order more fulfilling love and sexual pleasure by working with energies in the bedroom.
The rooms in our homes are miniature representations of the cosmic mansions of our lives.  Ergo, by altering our bedrooms, we alter the big pictures of our lives.  What kind of big pictures?
The ones that deal with the symbolism of the bedrooms such as:
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Caring
  • Restfulness
  • Dreams
  • Vision
  • Intuition
  • Psyche
  • Unconscious
  • Relationships
  • Secret knowledge
Bedrooms are symbolic of all these things.  And the attention we pay to the environment of our bedroom will affect all these areas in our lives.
So how can we begin cosmic ordering love and bright dreams in our life by adjusting our bedrooms?  Here are some tips.

Think and Speak Love

If you want love in your life, as well as your bedchambers, then maintain a consistent level of loving thoughts and speech.  Do this in the bedroom the moment you awake and just before falling asleep by speaking and thinking loving sentiments.  Keep a notebook of your favorite loving affirmations by your bedside.  Read from this before and after sleep.  It’s like programming your life for love and well-being!

See Love

The bedroom is the perfect place to display images, colors and textures that inspire you to love.  Robe your bedroom in rich, sultry linens and window treatments.  Choose soothing fabrics that appeal to your inner sensuality.  Select colors that spark your creativity as well as passion.  It doesn’t require a lot of money.  You can even borrow items from nature in your decorating.
For example, I once decorated my bedroom with shells I collected at the beach.  This was perfect because shells come from the water, and water is symbolic of emotions as well as dreams.  Seeing these surrounding me in the bedroom augmented my dream life (and made my love life rather dreamy too!).  Even a bit of paint can be an inexpensive way to revitalize the bedroom and open the door for love and expansive intuition in your life.

Smell the Love

Certain scents trigger the energy of love.  Odor can also have a tremendous effect on our psychic/intuitive practices too.  Use aromatic oils (infusers), incense and scented candles to release a whole host of olfactory sensations geared to jumpstart your love engines.  Scents like lilac, lavender, rose, honeysuckle and jasmine are perfect starters.

Turn on your Love Light

Candles in the bedroom are essential to opening up our intuitive vision as well as fueling our romantic inclinations.  Fire is an element symbolic of passion, desire, clarity, warmth and vision.  Choose colored candles that make you feel safe, loved and calm.  You can also select scented candles to enhance your desired intent.

Feel the Love

Open up the windows of your bedroom.  Do so every day if you can, or at least once a week.  Even in the winter.  Doing so will bring a sense of rejuvenation and freshness to the room – this will help to insure more pleasant dreaming too.  Also, avoid clutter at all costs.  Clutter in the bedroom will guarantee obstacles in your love life (disagreements, confusion, misunderstanding).
Clutter will also inhibit dreams and prophetic insight.  Why? Because the bedroom is a small example of the larger life experience.  Ergo, clutter in the bedroom translates to clutter in the mind – and this clutter will prohibit the freedom of intuition, dreams and psychic ability.
I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on cosmic ordering in the bedroom to attract love and fuller dreams/intuition.

Love Yourself

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Love, in a way, is the biggest karmic lesson for us all. I was raised with the idea that there’s one soul mate, one relationship, one marriage – and then when you find that marriage and that relationship, you live happily ever after and everything is perfect.
Sometimes it works just like that.  But for many of us, we get involved in relationships where there is an imbalance of energy, where one person loves the other person more, or where one person wants one thing, and the other person wants something else.   At such times we can end up thinking, “hang on a minute! It’s not supposed to be like this! This is painful! This is devastating!”
It’s at those very times when we need to remember that relationships come along for many reasons.  When relationships don’t work, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a karmic connection with that person, and it doesn’t mean that we weren’t meant to have that relationship. It can mean that we have encountered a relationship the purpose of which was to help our soul grow, to help us expand and even to learn to love ourselves.
Having a good relationship with yourself is actually essential to loving someone else. Difficult relationships can shine a light on where we don’t love ourselves and reveal the work we need to do.
So if you find yourself in a difficult relationship, or coming out of one, ask yourself, how do you actually feel about yourself? What is your relationship to yourself, and your relationship to your inner-voice? Do you love yourself? Do you speak kindly to yourself? Do you treat yourself kindly? Would you fall in love with you?  Are you being loving towards yourself?
All love begins with self love, and many relationships come into our lives to show us that fundamental truth.

Karmic Connection

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I was talking with a friend the other day who is in one of those intense, on-off relationships that are brilliant for losing weight but play havoc with your peace of mind.  Even though she was talking to me, she was obviously elsewhere and admitted that she was totally consumed by the detail of every moment that they spent together and floored by the agony it caused when they were apart.
There was clearly a strong karmic link in this relationship that made it even more compelling, but karma brings people together for many reasons.  It could be that the purpose of their karmic link was to help her learn about the temptations and dangers involved in totally giving all of your power to another person.
We are here to love but not to lose ourselves completely in love. Even in long term relationships, it’s important to practice letting go and taking time out to honour yourself.  You should still follow your own bliss and be able to be happy in your own company.  Doing this creates a space that allows the other person to step forward and recreate the passion that brought you together over and over again.  By continually clinging on, you lose that you that attracted your partner in the first place and run the risk of letting the energy between you go stale.  Letting go feels risky, but it isn’t really.  It’s far riskier to cling on to something and force it into a stalemate of dependency, or even towards total collapse.
How do you stay in your own power, even when love has knocked you for six?  At least once a week, so something for you, either alone or with your friends.  Instead of eating in front of the television, lay yourself a place, light candles and make it an occasion.  Buy yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers.  Go see a film that makes you laugh or read a book that inspires you. Honour the fact that you are absolutely unique and worthy of attention and the world – and your beloved – will mirror that back to you.

Love Dilemma

My boyfriend ended our relationship out of the blue last year and, even though I know I should have moved on by now, I just can’t. What should I do?

Michele Says

You could meet your perfect partner on the bus tomorrow – but what would be the point?  The universe can’t bring in new love when you’re stuck in the old.  Perform a ritual of letting go.  Take a piece of paper and write out everything that you feel – all the love, all the pain, all the grief. Then take something that represents him, such as a photograph, and burn everything, saying as you do, “I release you to the universe and send you on with blessings. I open myself to new love.’  If you can, bury the ashes of the fire somewhere they won’t be dug up!  You might feel an outpouring of emotions as you do this ritual, but the energy should shift!

Candle Magic

I adore these gorgeous smelling Reiki candlesthat are designed to attract and magnify love in your life. At home, I burn candles every night and often when I take a bath.  Every time I light a candle I turn it into a little ritual, saying a short blessing or a prayer for something I want for myself or someone I love.  If you do that, it’s best to stick to wishing for things like love, joy or healing.  When friends come round for dinner we always light one candle each in our candelabra and make our silent wishes and prayers before sitting down to eat!

Quotes to Lift Your Heart

I love this quote from Marianne Williamson, “Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us.”

Tantric Tip

As love begins with the self, I thought we’d start with self love!  Make a date with you, treat yourself to some fabulous rose scented massage oil (or put a few drops of rose essential oil in a light oil, such as almond oil) and give yourself a top to toe massage.  Be present in your body and make love to yourself.  Feel what relaxes you and what turns you on.  It isn’t essential that you make this a sexual experience.  The important thing is that you experience yourself and treat your body as sacred.  Celebrate your own divinity.  If you find that doing this brings up powerful emotions of not feeling good enough or hating certain parts of your body, hold yourself as tenderly as you would hold someone else and stay with the feelings until they pass. Do this on a regular basis to build a loving, healthy relationship with your own body so that when you do share it with someone else you can do it with complete joy!

Let Go Karmic Relationship

In my life I’ve been involved in quite a few intense relationships and I would say I’ve had a few past-life relationships which were very intense and made me face up to a lot of deep-rooted issues. A lot of the time, people confuse soulmates, past-life connections and addiction.
If that sounds a bit dramatic, read on.
There are people that we have relationships with where tell ourselves that we’re in love and that we’ve met our soul mate because we’re thinking about that person all the time or tuning into their feelings when actually what we’re dealing with is a kind of addiction. You know that you’re dealing with addiction rather than real love when you feel that you simply couldn’t live without that other person and when the thought of being without them is too terrifying to even think about.  That kind of love that actually knocks you off of your path, but it can also be the kind of love that teaches you something.
In contrast, past life relationships can be just as intense, but there is a particular kind of familiar feeling about them.  I’ve bumped into two people in this life that I know I’ve had previous past-life relationships with. When you meet someone that you had a past-life relationship with, you it often feels as if that person is your soulmate because you know them with a profound feeling of recognition, you understand each other, you have more of a bond when you’re separate from each other and you can kind of feel where they are.
Past life relationships can be confusing at best and hell at their worst.  They are confusing because they can they often involve ecstasy and agony.  There can be so much intensity between you.  You might even share all sorts of spiritual experiences such as telepathy or seeing colours when you make love. But such relationships are usually plagued with  problems.  It’s like you’re repeating the same relationship you might have had in ten lives with that person.  It’s obviously very potent and intense magic.  Even if you don’t see them for ten years you can feel this complete and utter bond, because in a way it’s a timeless bond.
Sometime, those relationships are not meant for this life, however, and it may be that your learning in this life is to let go of that so that you can find the right energy for you. It’s hard, because people find it very difficult to let go of that intoxicating experience, even though, in most cases, those kind of relationships will never work – it’s always ecstasy and agony and drama.
When you’re in that experience it’s very difficult for you to think that it’s not for you, because you’re determined to fit that square peg in that round hole, and make it work but it all comes back to your relationship with you.  If you are your best friend and you love you, you’re not going to let yourself go through that trauma all of the time. And ultimately it’s about actually believing that you are worthy of a relationship that is worthy of you – a relationship that nurtures you, a relationship that is equal. A relationship that doesn’t destroy your heart, and take away with your self-esteem.
In contrast, and despite anything else that you might have heard anywhere else, soul mate relationships just tend to work.  When you meet soulmate, you get on, you may have a few struggles, but fundamentally you click.  It’s a functioning relationship, and you have each others’ best interests at heart.
Not all soul mates are destined to be lovers, either.  If you have a friendship or you have a connection that’s absolutely stunningly beautiful, and pure and delightful, and you merge together, it could also be a soul mate connection.
So if you’re confused about whether the person you’re involved with or have your heart set on is a soul mate, a past life connection with some karma to work through or an outright addiction, just ask yourself:  Does this relationship bring me peace? Does it work?  Are we better people for being in it? Does it allow me to be my best me?  If the answer is yes, it could be a soul mate relationship.  If your answers are no, then it’s likely to be a past life connection and only you can make the decision to set yourself free.

Karmic Path Revealed through Numbers

Many eastern teachings speak of Karma and the Karmic path. As a Numerologist I personally believe that the difficult times in life can often be linked to Karmic issues. When we understand this it can really help to make sense of things and help us to find our way through. To find our personal link to Karma we need to look at the day of birth. This can give valuable insight as to what our life lesson may be.
If the day of birth number is double digits i.e. 26 we would reduce it by adding 2+6=8.
Therefore the Karmic connection number would be 8.
The only exception to this rule is the master numbers which are 11, 22 and 33.
When you have found your number of Karmic connection look at the numbers below to find out what it means for you.
ONE: This number indicates a deep need to express your individuality and to be Independent. It may be that you were prevented from doing this in a previous lifetime. You need to accept the challenges that life brings.
TWO: This number indicates a deep sensitivity on the emotional levels and a need to develop emotional maturity. There is a deep desire for justice with this number and a need to learn to understand the emotional needs of others.
THREE: This number brings a need for creative expression. You have a lot of love to give and the ability to uplift people. It may be that in a former life you were not allowed to be outwardly expressive. There is a need to work on self esteem.
FOUR: The energy of this number brings a need for order and stability and security. The great lesson often associated with this number is Self control and responsibility.
FIVE: The free spirit with the gift of communication. Five needs to try new things and be constantly changing and growing. There is a low boredom threshold here. The lesson of this number is often to do with inner control.
SIX: The number of Balance and Harmony and of family. Very caring and loving these are the archetypal parents. The karmic lesson here is usually about learning to maintain a sense of inner balance and of “letting go”.
SEVEN: Analytical and yet often considerate sevens need to have their own space and privacy. There is a need to learn to discriminate as the seven can often be taken in by those who are less honest.
EIGHT: The number of organization and of the material world. Material success is often important to the eight. The lesson is to not lose sight of why you are striving to achieve. You may find it difficult to “let go” of old emotional hurts.
NINE: The humanitarian with a great deal of compassion and love to give. Honest and kind your desire is to help make the world a better place. The Karmic lesson of this number is often about learning to control the emotions and to learn from your mistakes.
ELEVEN: Unconventional and highly intuitive these are the people who bridge the old with the new.
The lesson here tends to deal with patience and with understanding that perfection cannot actually be attained. You must learn to appreciate what you have.
TWENTY TWO: Powerful energy with this number. There is a fine line between realistic achievement and illusions. You need to learn to use your abilities wisely to empower people. Work on self esteem.
THIRTY THREE: Very knowledgeable with the ability to enlighten and share wisdom. The lesson here is to learn to use your skills to help others without giving in to the ego.
The three higher energy or Master numbers can be difficult numbers as the life lessons can sometimes be more difficult to learn. You may find yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over until you get it right. It is important to remember that these lessons make us stronger as people and it is often the more difficult times that bring the greatest rewards.

Breaking Free of Karmic Relationship

Breaking free of karmic relationships
When you meet someone you have a karmic connection with, a spark of recognition ignites in your soul. You’ll feel a haunting familiarity, a sense of having come home, a longing for something not quite remembered.
You might recognise their face, name or the sound of their voice, or you may intuitively know you have met before. If this person is a potential lover, these feelings are magnified, giving the whole relationship a compulsive, alluring intensity. You’ll feel a connection that goes way beyond what you actually say and do together. Something profound appears to be bubbling away under the surface.
Familiar old patterns
Unfortunately, just because something is familiar, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. You might feel comfortable in situations that are actually very limiting, just because that’s what you’re used to. If you have low self-esteem you may feel more ‘at home’ with people who perpetuate that myth around you because that’s how you’re used to seeing yourself. Unconsciously this might feel much safer to you than the terrifying unknown beyond your own self-imposed walls.
If you have karma to resolve in a close relationship you may be sucked into a whirlpool of repetitive past patterns and behaviour that appears to have very little to do with your conscious wishes and actions. But because you know the pattern, you’re compelled to repeat it.
Making new patterns takes much more effort – and brings unsettling change. It could mean you have to look at yourself in a new light, which can feel daunting. What if you are not who you thought you are? Friends and family may feel threatened by you changing, and oppose it because it brings to light things they need to break free from in their own lives.
Love versus karma
Discovering whether you’re caught in a karmic emotional rollercoaster is actually quite easy to do. Real love should be a peaceful, beautiful experience filled with mutual respect, joy and space to grow. If you’re hynotised by someone who controls, mistreats or lies to you, but whom you still refuse to believe would deliberately hurt you – you’re in a karmic relationship. You might have incredible sex, and feel like they know you better than you know yourself. But you also have terrible cathartic fights and say unforgivable things to each other. You feel like you experience life more intensely through them, for better or worse.
The karmic recognition falsely tricks you into feeling that your destiny is tied up with this person. It feels fated. And, yes, it is, as you have possibly encountered each other hundreds of times before in various guises. And the reason he or she keeps coming back is that you could not find a way to resolve your past issues. So why should this time be any different? Because this time you have the potential to understand that your karmic relationship is teaching you a lesson that could transform your life for the better!
Acceptance and realisation
One of the first things to accept if you’re in a karmic relationship is that you are actually in one. You’re not a fool to have mistaken the intense feelings you’re experiencing as love, or felt that you are bound together in an inevitable dance with someone who is controlling you like a puppet.
Karma has to be compelling and addictive, otherwise you wouldn’t learn anything from it. Its only purpose is to teach, so you can become more whole.
Your friends and family will have already pointed out that they don’t understand why you put up with your karmically-challenged person’s attitude or behaviour. And perhaps, intellectually, you know they’re right. But in your heart you’re probably still a slave to the beast.
The great news is that as soon as you start to consciously acknowledge the truth of your fated relationship, the mask will slowly slip, and you will see them for who they truly are. You’ll soon come to realise what the people who really do care for you see so plainly – that it’s not really love.
Your own path
This is one lesson you have to learn on your own. Everyone goes through it at some time, and your path is unique, created by your own personal karmic debts.
Although it can be a lonely place to be, the miracles that will happen when you take charge of your own destiny will amaze you.
Tackling your personal fears and negative patterns has the potential to completely re-wire your spiritual life path. It is also important to recognise the other person in the relationship as a powerful force in your life. They are teaching you a valuable lesson, one that could free you from an endless loop of negative behaviour.
Next time around
To break the pattern, one of you needs to evolve. But if that seems impossible at the moment, don’t be too hard on yourself. Though staying in an abusive relationship of any sort will erode your self-esteem, and drain your energy to deal with it at all. Speak out and get help if you can.
Karma can be painful – but as you learn more about your life, through both your wonderful and painful experiences, you will grow wiser and more whole, and the pain will ease.
Just being aware of the karmic nature of the partnership will lessen its power over you. And if things don’t get resolved, you can choose to put it back on the spiritual shelf for now. Of course this means you’ll have to go through it all again… but in another life, perhaps by then you’ll have accumulated enough good karma and positive energy to slay your demons once and for all!
Never again!
If you are feeling brave enough to take charge of your karmic debts in this life, you’re in for a soul-changing experience. Because once you assert yourself, or take charge of the situation in a conscious way, you’ll feel the burden slowly lift. Communicating your needs and wishes, not tolerating unkindness, sticking up for your opinions and beliefs, and most importantly, forgiving yourself, will melt those binding karmic ties into oblivion.
Once you have learned your lesson you will know in your heart that you will never have to deal with that particular piece of karma again. The person who had you spellbound will begin to look like an ordinary human being, and you’ll become master of your own destiny.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Karmic Relationship

Karmic Relationship

Greetings and welcome to all of you!

As the title suggests, I want to explain what it is meant by "Karmic Relationships" and how this deep & powerful relationship,can sometimes overtake all that you are,and cause you to feel defeated and hurt time and again. This is a 3 part series, which will include"Soul-Mates" & "Twin Flames"

A "Karmic Relationship", is not your soul-mate or twin flame, no matter how much you may want it to be, and this can be difficult to say the least.

The love relationships that you experience throughout your life, are always karmic in nature.But not all past life relationships were happy ones, so when the connection is made between you, you have no idea whether this is a good or bad thing-only that you are drawn to them,like a magnet.
The Karma or energy between you needs to be rinsed clean,so you can then continue your mission, and rise above, to your true happiness in life.If you are not ready for this, you may stay in unhealthy relationships, for fear of being left alone,unhappy,never find someone else & the list goes on.

The experience of a "Karmic Relationship" is never supposed to be a lasting one-unless you enjoy arguments,unhappiness and resentments in your daily life. If you do not choose to embrace your happiness, and find out where you wish to be in life,then you will remain in these type of relationships-or keep attracting them.
All the while,you may be wishing for a better life,but not willing to do any inner healing-or be true to yourself,or even know how or where to begin the healing.
This confusion can also lead you further into depression and worry, and so the cycle continues.You may even feel trapped, scared and unable to move forward. There is no easy way out of self growth.It is going to be up to you,what is acceptable.

In these kind of love relationships,there is no real growth on an inner level & there is also much confusion and indecision outwardly also. Many younger people will experience these relationships early in life,and this can even result in the first heartbreak-or go on to be a destructive long term relationships,and later,these can involve into having children.
Yet the bond and connection was so overpowering,that even when all the signs are staring you in the face... .you choose to ignore this.(Maybe they will change??Not likely!)
Again,if you are not OK with who you are-even if that meant you would never have a partner in your life, then you will always attract the kind of relationships that are destructive,hurtful and confusing,to say the least. In effect mirroring what you are portraying as you....

A Karmic Relationship has some of these characteristics:
  • A very intense attraction( can't stop thinking about them)
  • A feeling of nervousness when the other is near (wanting them to love you )
  • An addiction to sex,drugs,drinking etc.(Non-stop party)
  • A "Bad Girl/Boy" persona (wanting to be safe/appear strong)
  • Arguments & hurtful words-resulting in sex afterwards (this is abuse!)
  • Giving up your interests and who you are to please them
  • Restricted Financially-always taking from you
  • Abuse of all kinds
  • Selfishness toward responsibility (you have to take care of everything)
  • Never letting go of past hurt( often bringing up the "ex" or parents)
  • Jealousy ( you are not allowed to hang out but they are)
  • Rage( outbursts of anger & property damage,door slamming etc)
  • Isolation ( no contact with friends no work no family)
  • Name calling (disrespect of feelings)
  • Weight Loss/Gain ( both from severe stress!)
  • Nice when they want something ( sweet talks until you give in)
  • Calling Just For Sex then ignoring you ( purely physical)
  • Lies (will lie even when caught!)
  • Cheating ( cheats with you,will cheat on you)
  • Social aggression(Hates attention that you get-gets into fights)
  • Obsession( calls you non stop-watches you, smells your clothes etc)
  • Breakups ( then cries or has a drama to pull you back in)
  • Depression (cutting, spacing out, loss of reality,sleeps all the time)

Also a person who does not want a relationship with you, but just wants you for the good times,or only when it suits them,will sometimes be the hardest one to release.This person shows you a loving side that you long for,and so you believe they are almost perfect..If only...
Common WARNING signs that you are with someone like this:

  • "I don't want a relationship" (walk away now while you can! )
  • "Its not you it is me" ( yes it is them,you are wasting your time. )
  • "I will call you when I can" (Translates,I will call you when I have nothing better to do)
  • "You are too good for me,don't waste your time"(this is not a compliment,this is an excuse for their bad behavior.)
  • "I'm not ready for love"( Another excuse)
  • "I'm not loveable" ( This is another needy reply)
  • 'Don't call me I will call you" (This is also a sign of someone who may be married/partner)
  • "I'm just too busy for a partner"(But not too busy for your friends hmm?)
  • "You don't really want me" (Take this hint,and run,You definitely don't!)
  • "Can't we just be friends?" ( But only on my terms)
Sometimes you may break away from these kinds of relationships,and still the moment this person contacts you,you will drop everything and run straight to them!!!You will even accept the other's excuses! As long as they have wanted you for that moment! Even when you know its foolish.
All of these and more are signs of a Karmic Relationship.
This relationship will only get better,if you are BOTH willing to grow forward and embrace the love that you want for your life,and this will also include a growing emotionally and spiritually,so all the things that used to occupy your time,will change to more love based and happy things.You must be on the same path...both heading to the completion of your goals/dreams .Working together & building the future you would like. Usually,once you start to develop these areas of your life,you may even drift apart further,because you will be forced to deal with your true feelings about this person.
It is rare that a Karmic relationship will make anyone truly happy.The whole time that a relationship like this is happening,you KNOW deep down that this is just too hard,and it is not going to last.This underlying thought is what will eventually rule out.
(But I really LOVE them?? No! You just think you do! )
You may also believe that one day,they will see how happy you make them,and how much they love you....ummm NO! This is something that is established in the first 5 minutes of meeting,not after years of hurt and strain-or after you have gone!
If either of you wants to end the relationship more than stay in it-there will usually be a way out that is developed,and in most cases,makes the other person feel like it has happened entirely because of them...
So, if you are pulling your hair out,feeling betrayed,abandoned,unfulfilled,angry,jealous,enraged and left alone to name a few, then you need to be honest about the situation,and know that you deserve happiness on every level. You are delaying this growth,and the longer you leave it,the harder it is.
But-there is no easy way out-this HAS to begin with you!!! You need to release all of the past and all the doubts about yourself and start fresh.
After all,this person has taken so much from you-about time you started to reinvent yourself,and take your power back!
Don't believe the put downs you may have received from this person-sometimes, a dark energy may be lurking with them-in which case, they will feel threatened by your light.
It will not be an easy process. But alot easier than living with them!
You may go through a very hard time after the split.Your children, family and your ex may continue to make you pay for mistakes,but still,you have to push forward.If you truly want the deepest love you can have on Earth, you won't find it behind closed doors with someone who is not.

It will be up to you to start beginning the healing process. Talk to your Angels about things.Ask them to guide your way.Ask them to give you faith and hope,even when you are crying in your pillow at night. Strengthen yourself and refuse these lower levels of love to consume you.

Once you have come out of these types of entanglements,you may still get angry or revert to your old way of thinking,but you would have made the most important discovery.You will find that you made it after all,and you can't believe how you could have stayed there all that while.
Please don't ever make the mistake of thinking something is incredibly wrong with you-in reality it has nothing to do with you-but what level you and they are at.

If you are in this sort of situation,and you are not sure how to get out of it or you don't want to have this person harass or call you etc..then you need to be sure that you are ready to leave,and there is no way you would go back. Sometimes we go back again,because it is "easier than arguing" or "the kids are missing them" or "I have no choice" ect..but then we have to start the whole process over again-most times with a whole range of new hurt. Rise above,and never stoop down again-it will be something that you will need to decide very deeply.

A Special Message:
The Archangel Chamuel, who is one of the Archangels of Relationships, offers a message to you now-for those going through this now, just come out of it, or have been there before...
"Dear dear children of heavenly light,
I am with you now in your time of need. It is never easy to have a "Karmic Relationship" enter your life,because of the depth of feeling which is often apparent right from the start...some of these are warning signals to each of you-but each time you follow your guidance and each time you ignore this, we Angels are right there waiting with encouragement.
You may feel as though the depths of your feelings are that of a "Soul-Mate" relationship and this is very confusing especially since you feel as though you have known this person for a long time,and feel an urgent need to help them and guide them along with you.

BUT dear children, are you lowering your standards to accommodate this person? Because a true love situation,would never ask you to change anything about yourself-yes,growth is change,but this is positive energy. To stagnate,or become fearful of someone and what they may do either to themselves,or yourself is certainly not the best you can do.

So don't fight yourself! When you are ready to reach for more and embrace a deep and meaningful love (yes,there is actually one out there for everyone who wants it) It is wise to ask for signs from the Angels as to your next step,and to remove the built up Karma between you and this person-this is important,otherwise you may always revert back to that way of thinking.
If you have been in a relationship before like this,you would know now that you will never lose yourself in that sort of predicament again-but still you may hang on to certain things in that relationship,like trust issues, put downs on your appearance,and harsh words. Sometimes even now, you may still show "survival instincts" and this is the very thing that needs to heal in order to remain in a peaceful relationship.

The biggest challenge for everyone is going to be the release process.You will go through a wide range of emotions as well as feeling like you are abandoned by the thing that you never have to concern yourself with is being alone,for we Angels will be there for you every step of the way,and when you are ready,we shall help with the right partner for you. One who deserves you and will want to grow with you!

Of course you may still have a few "trial runs" with some that are Karmic ties to you, but this too,is all part of the process relationship good or bad is intended for you to become fully aware of what you want in life-and whatever that is,if you believe that it can happen to you,and you also want a lasting relationship,this will be brought forward.
Never feel guilt about anything you may have done or said in these sort of relationships...what is done is certainly done,and we Angels hold no grudges to you-we just wait for you to come to us for help in the matter!
As long as you are not repeating mistakes over and over again, you are growing-and so each relationship you have will build you up to the one you finally settle with.

My point is,dear children,you may not learn straight away-or there is still Karma to be balanced between you and another,and so you may have another relationship that is different but along the same lines...the difference will be that you will work this out alot sooner,and therefore it becomes easier for you-until you are with your true life partner.

We Angels want you to have the ultimate happiness that you deserve! If you don't wish to have a partner,there is nothing wrong with this,but if you ever do,remember to write down what you require in this person,and then ethericaly "hand this over to us Angels to deal with for you!" this frees you up to work on yourself and what you have been wanting to do in life...when you least expect it, you will be looking at the one who will love you and make you feel complete-you will then see,that what you had experienced in the past,pales in comparison to the real thing! YES it will happen for you!! Trust & open yourself up for this to come into play-remember when it is the real thing, there is no issues like the ones that have been mentioned-it is bigger and better and certainly worth waiting for!
Anytime that you need some inspiration and guidance,please remember to ask,and then follow the guidance that lies in your heart. You are powerful! You are courageous! You are strong! You are beautiful & talented! Don't hide yourself away,set yourself free and experience the great things that lie ahead for you!
Blessings and warm Angelic hugs!
I AM Chamuel!

As I myself have been through my fair share of "Karmic Relationships" I can fully understand how hard it is to break away. Even when you do,there are so many circumstances in which you will need to see them-especially where children are involved,and floods of memories can come back.
I can tell you that the first time you see your "ex" with someone else,you become very angry-even if you yourself have moved past this. Especially if your "ex" appears to be happy and settled the way you wished it was...
But remember this,that time does heal all wounds .Although you may still, even years later, have to deal with upset and issues about this, you have still come a long way from where you were,and this is a great accomplishment.

Below is a note especially for the ladies ( but men may benefit from this)written by a man.

It is called: "If A Man Wants You"
If a man wants you,nothing can keep him away,
if he doesn't want you ,nothing can make him stay.

Stop making excuses for a man & his behavior
Allow your intuition to save you from heartache

Stop trying to change your self for a relationship that's
not meant to be-slower is better

Never live your life for a man until you find out what truly
makes you happy.

If a relationship Ends because the man was not treating you
as you deserve,then heck no,you can't be friends!
A friend would not mistreat a friend.

Don't settle-if you feel like he is stringing you along,he probably is
Don't stay because you think "It will get better" You will be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are NOT better!

The only person you can control in a relationship is you!
Avoid men with a bunch of children with different women,
He didn't marry them-why would he treat you differently?

Always have your own set of friends,separate to his.
Maintain boundaries in how a man treats you
If something bothers you,SPEAK UP!

Never let a man know everything,he will use it against you later!
You can not change a mans behavior
Change comes from within.

Don't EVER make him feel more important than you are
He is a man ,nothing more nothing less.
Never let a man define who you are!

Never borrow someone else's man,
if he cheated with you,he will cheat ON you!

A man will only treat you how you ALLOW yourself to be treated
All men are not dogs!

You should not be the one doing all the bending,
Compromise is a two way street.

You need time to heal between relationships,
there is nothing CUTE about baggage!
Deal with your issues BEFORE pursuing a new Relationship.

You should never look for someone to complete you,
A relationship consists of two whole individuals-
Look for someone complimentary not supplementary.

Dating is fun! Even if he dost turn out to be MR Right!
Make him miss you sometimes-when a man knows where you are
& your always readily available-he takes it for granted!

Don't fully commit to a man who doesn't give you everything you need
Keep him in your radar but get to know others.

Share this with other ladies!
It will make someone SMILE, another RETHINK ,and another PREPARE!
There are Angels that you can connect with to help you to recover and heal those parts of you that have been broken down and painfully hurt. The most important Angels you can have with you in these times, are your Guardian Angels.
You will still go through alot of anguish,but this is also part of the healing process. The main thing is that now you are moving forward in your life,and because of this,you open the floodgates of happiness,and self love. Without deep healing,and allowing your self to get to know YOU, you will fall into a sense of denial-believing that there will be no end to suffering,no one would want you, you will never marry..ETC and this can leave you a very bitter person-the very thing you have been trying to avoid.
My hope for everyone is to find that special "Soul-Mate" or the even deeper experience of a "Twin-Flame".