Monday, September 24, 2018

How to book Jeet Lo Marathon show through

Its very easy to book shows in PVR cinemas.

Step 1: login (subsidiary of PVR cinemas)

Step 2: Choose Location eg: Noida

Step 3: Click Create Screenings

Step 4: Which movie do you want to watch search eg: Play This / Jeet Lo Marathon

Step 5: Select date from calendar.  enter - Continue

Step 6: Choose the cinema hall and show timings eg: PVR Logix Play          House 

Book all the minimum tickets suppose 20 minimum tickets are needed

Step 7: Pay 

Step 8: You will get the tickets online on your email ID

Please go through the site.

Offer: 50% of the revenue of the show/s booked by you received by Soulandhearts film from PVR cinemas.
or see the detail in this blog  


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Jeet Lo Marathon Movie songs review

Recently I was hearing songs of an Indian upcoming movie named "Jeet Lo Marathon", which means Win a Marathon. I find all songs soothing and melodious. They lyrics were so inspiring that one will get motivated to explore new horizons in one's life. I recommend you to hear it's songs on YouTube, Yandex music, Saavn, Amazon Prime Music, Apple iTunes, etc.

Song 1: Touch the sky ( Chule Aasman )
Means to touch the sky. The lyricist is asking one to Colorado the sky in one's own colors. It says once you open your arms you can become a 🐦 bird and fly in your own way.
I was curious who this lyricist. And it was an Indian named Bhayesh RD.

Song 2: Spiritual ( Rahiman )
After a longtime I was hearing a spiritual song. The songs says that true love is like a horse crossing a burning forest. It takes dare to love someone truly. Everyone craves for love but no-one understands the true meaning of love. I guess one who listens the song will understand that.

Song 3: Irresistable Love ( Bepanah Mohabbat )
It is a simple song which is a romantic song. One who are just now fallen in love will hum it day and night. Simple lyrics by Sawan Shukla and simple message is conveyed by him.

Song 4: Hero song
Never ever such a gallant song has been pened down by an song writer. Such greatness in the mood of the song. One will cherish the song for ever. It is a song which will make a sad person a highly motivated person. Amazing song.

Song 5: Hero Poem
Some brilliant words in the poem have been beautifully narrated by Amit Dwivedi who is an anchor in radio FM. Good words written.

After hearing the song I googled the film Jeet Lo Marathon. I came to know that there is a book of the same name and is available all over the world on Amazon. Along with that a movie is also there and it was screened in Cannes Film Festival, France and also got the Semi Finalist position in Kyiv Film Festival, Ukraine. The film is being invited at Milano International Film Festival, Italy.

Also there is website

And YouTube have various videos about the filmmaker. Search yourself.



Sunday, May 13, 2018


Jeet Lo Marathon movie songs are released under the label Soulandhearts Music. from Switzerland have made 250 shops available all around the globe for purchase, stream and download the music.

Song 1:  Rahiman
Lyricist - Sant Rahim Das
Music Director - Harindu

It is the most beautiful song of the movie. It has sufi feel. The song says that True Love is so difficult as it is like running through a jungle on fire. Beautifully pictured in locations of Mauritius. Must for intellectuals.

Song 2: Bepanah Mohhabat
Lyricist - Sawan Kumar Shukla
Music Director; Harindu

Trending as number one song of this album. Beautifully sung by Shubhankar. The song is pictured on Ankita Bahuguna and Aryan. It is soulful call of a lover to its beloved.

Song 3: Chule Aasman
Lyricist - Bhagyesh RD
Music Director - Veer and Dhawal Pandya

A motivational song sung by Veer Pandya has beautiful lyriscist. Surely, the most motivational song ever. Would be heard on TV shows in future.

Song 4; Hero
Lyricist - Aryan
Music Director - Harindu

It says all about achieving something in life. Everyone in this world needs to hear this song.

Song 5: Heera ho toh Poem
Lyricist - Aryan
Composer - Harindu

A challenging song. It will make your heart positive. It says if you are a Hero, you have to prove that you are a Hero.

Overall 5 star rating
A must for all especially young people who are confused and don't know what to do.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Jeet Lo Marathon Movie : Invest 20000 Earn 1000000

INVEST 20000 
EARN 1000000


Cost per week
Cinema halls in India take rent of Rs.20000.00 for a week
Multiplex charges are Rs.5000 to 8000 for just 1 morning show.
We are targeting Single Screen as well as Multiplex screens depending upon the city.
Total cities targeted in India are 165.

      •If the ticket cost is Rs.180.00, then
Entertainment Tax plus Service Charges is Rs.60.00
Total Income per ticket is Rs.120.00
Default WALK-IN-PUBLIC Minimum is 10 people per show
Minimum Public per week is 7 days x 4 shows X 10 people per show equals 280 people.
Total income per week is 280 people x Rs.120  = Rs.33600.00
First pay out will be to the Investor = Rs.20000.00
After Rs.20000.00 deduction, rest of the money will be shared among the Investor, Theatre and Producer of the movie as per contract.
Maximum Recovery for a theatre having 300 people per show could be:
  300 persons x 7 days x 4 shows x Rs.120 per ticket = Rs.10,08,000.00
  If the theatre size is big and more and more people are coming then the income could be anything. It’s much more than you can think from anywhere else. Invest now.

Unlimited Oppurtunity

If you earn money from us then you can become the Distributer of our Next Movie Projects.

You will present the movie in your city. All posters will have your name on it.

  Ramakrishna College presents
Jeet Lo Marathon
More than 20 lac runners are our prime target in 165 cities of India.
Join us to earn and become a part of revolutionary team.
Our website:
Youtube/Instagram/Twitter – Jeet Lo Marathon


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Review : DOWNUP THE EXIT 796 challenges Padman and Aiyaary

Downup The Exit 796
You must be wondering why a film has been named like this. Friend, for that you need to watch the film in theatres. The film has the guts to face films like Padman and Aiyaary. Releasing in less than 400 theatres, this film is sure to  reach the target audience. As the Sunday will pass, this film  will see a good Monday because the mouth publicity will attract audiences to the screen. Today, content is the king and this film has good story, tight screenplay, good performance and perfect direction. This film will surely make the audience say, "Paisa WASOOL".
Producer Jaimin Bal has the guts to cast a new actor VINAYAK MISHRA, who has done his acting training from Kishore and Namit Kapoor Classes, who have already produced gems like Ranveer Singh, Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi and Arjun Kapoor. Vinayak is surely to join this gang  of Bollywood superstars.
He has acted like a mature actor in his first film. This film also has actor like Yatin Kanetkar, who have proved their metal not only in Marathi cinema but also in Hindi cinema and Television. 
Actress Ruchhika Dandekar has tried her best. National Award Winner Cinematographer Khanvilkar has done a great job. 
Script is the king of this film. This film have some inclination towards films like Aamir, a Wednesday, Baby, etc.
I loved the film. I am sure you will also love it. Give this film priority over other films Releasing on 09.02.2018.
My Business Rating is ***1/2
My Movie rating is ****
For VINAYAK ***1/2
For Jaimin Bal ****1/2

Jeet Lo Marathon Movie has been screened in CANNES FILM FESTIVAL. It got Semi Finalist Certificate in Kyiv Film Festival, Ukraine and also Officially invited by Milano International FICTS Fest, Italy.


Friday, January 19, 2018

Film Piracy in India

Before starting the subject I would let you all know how a film gets made.
1. Cost of Production - This means a certain budget is being allotted to the production team to complete a movie. This includes pre production, Production and post production. This amount is spent by a person or an entity named Producer or a Production company.

2. Advertising and Promotion - A certain amount of money is spent to let the viewers know about the film.
This includes high Print Publicity, High Song or trailer promotion on TV, Boosting of YouTube videos by paying a desirable amount, Social Media publicity, SMS, Email Marketing.

3. Distribution - Producers have to pay atleast Rs.20000 for week to get shows in theatres. This means if a movie is released in 1000 theatres than a producer have to pay Rs.20000 *1000= RS.2 Cr

Now come to income from the film
1. Theatrical
2. Television
3. Video on Demand like Netflix, Amazon, Hooq, etc
4. DVDs etc

The film gets a maximum money from Theatres, then comes TV and sometimes nowadays Netflix more than TV.

Now we return back to Film Piracy thing.
If a person is now getting a just released movie on mobile than why will he watch the film on TV or Theatre. The film is absolutely free for him. In India, there is no man or woman who do not watch films. However, the younger generation is more film prone than the older people. People select film according to the star cast and book their tickets in advance for certain films and choose some films to watch on TV later. But usually all Indians watch movie on one format or other.

For a producer tonmake another movie he needs to cycle the money. So he has to sell the movie to VoD, TV and most of the times in theatres in very cheap cost. Most of the times, they do not recover their Cost of Production also.

The reason why they don't get money from Distributers is just because people don't come to watch movies because they get movies on mobile.

When will our country make a law where people should be debited the amount of money from their mobile network providers for watching the movie illegally.
People even don't known that they are doing the crime. Because they don't know about it.
There should be a video placed before each movie screening that watching a movie on mobile is crime. And severe punishment should be given.

A law is still waiting for such crimes.