Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Actor's Affirmations


My personal favorites for right before an audition or performance:

·      I release and destroy my need to get this job.

·      I am going to take it from where I am.

·      I release my need to control this audition. I know that I am not strong enough to control it, and therefore ask my higher power to be there to lovingly guide me through it.

·      I am going to approach this scene as an improv.

·      I release and destroy my need to be an “Actor”.  Let them be the “Actors”, and have all the responsibilities that come with it.  I am just here to be myself and have fun.
(or simply “I’m not an actor.  I’m just here to be myself and have fun.”)

·      (For Comedy) I release my need to be funny.  I am here to tickle myself.

·      (For Drama) I will not make choices, however I will allow choices to happen.

·      I release and destroy my need to impress them.  Fuck them.  I can hate them. 

More terrific affirmations:

·      I am grateful for all the good in my life.  I am worthy of all the good in my life.

·      All is well in my world.  I am one with the universe and have more than I need.

·      I am relaxed, trusting in a higher plan that is unfolding for me.

·      I release and destroy my attachment to results.  I am here to enjoy the journey.

·      I release and destroy my need to feel unworthy.  I know that I am worthy of all the good in life and now lovingly allow myself to accept it.  As I repeat this affirmation, my outer effect of procrastination fades away and I no longer feel the need to delay my own good.

·      This, or something greater, for my highest good, and the highest good of all concerned.

·      I forgive myself, unconditionally.

I put these affirmations here, at the very beginning, to stress their importance.  If you didn’t read another word I’ve written, you could still benefit greatly from these affirmations.

Affirmations for Actors

I trust that my preparation is enough. I trust that I am enough. I trust that the perfect roles are lining up for me, and I can detach from the outcome of booking this job. I trust rhat I have done all my work, and now I can let go and play in the room.
I attract the perfect assistance and embrace those who are willing to help me in my journey. As I trust that my representation is doing their best, I see evidence of it. I am ready to accept assistance in every area of my career. I express gratitude to those who assist me at every audition.
I have the power to create my future. I own my power in the audition process, on the set, and between jobs. I have the power to create the life I envision for myself. I have all the tools I need within me. There is no one like me-my power is unique.
I take responsibility for my life and let go of the people whose negative energy no longer uplifts me. I let go of any need to blame myself or others. I let go of any need to book this job, please my representatives, parents, friends or teachers. I let go of any and all expectations, and am free to play.
I look to the future with wisdom and insight. I understand that we are all doing the best we can with the knowledge we have. I can now say thank you “for giving” me this experience. As I forgive others, I free myself. Subconsciously, I may have needed the lesson this experience has taught me. Thank you for giving me the gift of wisdom—as I have learned from this experience.

Have you made PEACE WITH WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW on your wonderful career journey! Have you celebrated your latest callback, audition opportunity or job, no matter the size? It’s so easy to get caught up in where you are NOT, and what the competition is doing, but really, your only competition is the internal monologue you have with yourself on a daily basis—the one that beats you up, brings you down, and questions your inherent self-worth! Here are some breathing meditations to get you centered, focused and recharged. Take a deep breathe in and a deep breath out...and recite.

I breathe in a deeper sense of trust.
I exhale and release over-thinking and doubt.
I breathe in a deeper sense of trust.

I breathe in and easily attract assistance with my goals.
I exhale and release feeling I have little help.
I breathe in and easily attract assistance with my goals.

I breathe in and feel my infinite power.
I exhale and release any insecurities that may hold me back.
I breathe in and feel my infinite power
I breathe in and feel myself letting go.
I exhale and release any negative thoughts, feelings or people.
I breathe in and feel myself letting go.
I breathe in and feel the gift of forgiveness.
I exhale and release any anger and resentment.
I breathe in and feel the gift of forgiveness.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rocks or Light?

Rocks or Light?
By Alan Cohen

Your task is not to seek for love, but to find the barriers in yourself that you have built against it.
—A Course in Miracles

The Hawaiian spiritual tradition teaches that every child born into this world is like a “bowl of light” containing the radiance of heaven. If rocks are placed into the bowl, the light of original innocence is hidden. Fear, guilt, and unworthiness are some of the stones that mask our true brilliance. The more rocks in our bowl, the less light we shine. Angry, nasty, or irksome people have lots of rocks in their bowls, while radiant, happy, and joyful people have few.

The game of enlightenment is not about going out or getting something we do not have or becoming something we are not. We are already enlightened; we have simply covered our wisdom. We started out fine, then we got de-fined; now we must be re-fined.

Health, happiness and success are our birthright, and we carry all we need within us to manifest all the good we seek. But first we must remove everything from our consciousness that works against the full expression of what we are.

What rocks are in your bowl? Begin to note the beliefs and attitudes you hold that stand between you and the light that you are. When you act out of fear or self-doubt, you add more rocks to your bowl. When you let go of one of these impediments, you release your true essence to shine.

Help me to release anything that stands between me and the expression of the light that I am. I claim my identity and inheritance as a being of splendid light.

I am as God created me. I am the light of the world.

Glowing Confidence

3 Steps to Glowing Self-Confidence By Deepak Chopra

Most of us have learned to find our identity in our relationships, work, accomplishments, possessions, personality and body. This is known as "object-referral," which means that we identify with objects outside of ourselves. By their very nature, these objects are always changing, and as long as we tie our identity to them, we will never know our true unlimited self. We may feel happy when things go our way, but we'll always feel an underlying current of instability or insecurity, because part of us knows that the source of our good feelings can disappear at any moment. The opposite of object-referral is self-referral, which means that we identify with our inner self, the unchanging essence of our soul. Self-referral is an internal state of well-being that doesn't depend on external circumstances. When we're living from an awareness of our true self, we feel connected to all that exists; we experience infinite creativity; we feel free of limitation; we are fearless and willing to step into the unknown; we experience the spontaneous fulfillment of our desires; and we view ourselves and the world with compassion. True self-esteem comes from discovering that who you really are is infinite spirit, unbounded and eternal. Once you've awakened to your essential nature, you will let go of the ego's struggle to build an external sense of self-worth. Your true self doesn't need to be improved, changed or even healed. It is whole, perfect and complete, exactly as it is. Shifting your sense of identity to your true self frees you to create a life of abundance, joy and fulfillment. You can create this shift by practicing the following steps.
Step 1: Notice What You're Doing
You can cultivate compassionate awareness of yourself by paying attention to your thoughts, feelings and reactions throughout the day. Remember that awareness is the key to change. As you witness yourself getting caught up in familiar emotional reactions, gently witness the habitual patterns without judgment. Notice when you're wounded by small slights or you feel anxious or unhappy when someone you love doesn't give you the attention you want. Most people are trying to earn the approval of others, repeating a pattern that goes back to our early childhood, when we believed we had to earn our parents' or caregivers' love and approval. We unconsciously believed that our survival depended on it—and it may have. But now we are adults and can start to let go of the false need for approval.

Step 2: Allow and Accept
As you open the door to awareness, feelings of fear or insecurity may seem more intense. Instead of fighting or resisting uncomfortable feelings, simply be with those feelings in a nonjudgmental way. When you try to push away a feeling, it only grows stronger, but when you simply notice and allow it to be, it will soon dissipate. In the beautiful words of Harvard neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor, "Just like children, emotions heal when they are heard and validated." When you're in a difficult situation, observe yourself without judgment. Since the ego is a constricted version of your true self, it creates sensations of tightness and contraction in the body. You can usually feel this in the chest, heart, stomach, shoulders, neck or back. Whenever you feel discomfort in one of these areas, know that your ego is trying to dominate a situation. In that moment, just becoming aware that your ego is creating the sensation is enough to shift back into the perspective of your true self.
Step 3: Cultivate Your Inner Dialogue
Conscious inner dialogue is a powerful tool for connecting to your true self. Whenever you look in the mirror, even if just for a few seconds, make eye contact with yourself and silently repeat the three principles of self-referral:
1. I am totally independent of the good or bad opinion of others. 2. I am beneath no one, and no one is beneath me. 3. I am fearless in the face of all challenges.
Look into your eyes to see these attitudes reflected back at you. Look just in your eyes, not at your facial expression. Look for the shine in your eyes that reflects the fire in your soul. If you do this exercise a few minutes every day, it will create profound shifts in your life.