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Divination and the Bible

Divination and the Bible
Urim and Thummim, generally translated as "lights and perfections" or "revelation and truth" were a scrying medium. Scrying is a method of divination and can take on many forms. The information that comes forth varies with the type of scrying one is using to receive answers. The information received can be an objective message that is independent of the scryer. It may also be subjective, and thus influenced by the scryer. Scrying can also be determined as a method of mediumship or receiving of messages that allegedly come from other realms.
The divination process used by ancient Hebrews (mostly the Israelites) was used for revealing the will of God on points that were contested and that needed resolving by a higher authority.
Judaism teaches that a small parchment with God's holy name, the Tetragrammaton, was inscribed on it and slipped into an opening under the Urim and Thummim on the high priest's breast plate. The breast plate would "glow" and thereby "transmit messages" from God to the Children of Israel.
The High Priest’s Divination SystemDivination and the reading of omens is also referenced in the Bible for deciding all manner of issues. This was a common occurrence and referenced often in the Bible. Those that were often recorded had to do with the safety of king or state. The prophet Elisha directed King Joash to throw two arrows through the window in order to find out whether the king would be victorious or not (2 Kings 13:14-19). Omens were given by God according to these stories, and one such omen was sent to signal Gideon’s victory over the Midianites. If the fleece of the sheep was wet and the ground was dry it was a sign of ensuing success (Judges 6:36-40). Another example is in 1 Samuel 14:9 where Jonathan decides whether or not he should attack the Philistines by the words the Lord has them speak.
But the Israelites did not just have these words and signs in these outer methods. They also used the sacred divination system, known as Urim and Thummim, given to them by Jahweh (Esther 3: 21-28). Several verses of the Old Testament that were not edited out mention the use of this sacred tool. The exact composition of the Urim and Thummim is not certain, but most scholars believe there were two sacred stone dice, perhaps made of precious gems. These stones would have been worn in a pouch inside the high priest’s “breastplate of judgment,” which he wore whenever seeking divine guidance with regard to important issues or strategic decisions of state. Scholars are not clear on how it worked, but however it worked, the Bible makes it clear that God himself granted the people this divination system, and that He controlled the answers it produced.
Abraham used Urim and Thummim, as did Aaron and the priests of Israel.He shall stand before Eleazer the priest, who shall inquire before the Lord for him by the judgment of the Urim. At his word they shall go out, and at his word they shall come in, he and all the children of Israel with him—all the congregation. (Numbers 27:21)
As noted, Moses used the Urim and Thummim. Joshua was named as his successor using this divination system (Numbers 27:21). After Joshua died, the Israelites used it to determine who would continue to lead them into victory over the Canaanites. (Judges 1:1) When David was considering whether or not to pursue the marauding Amalekites, the divination tool confirmed for him that it was advisable to do so (1 Samuel 30: 7-8). There are many more examples of the divinatory use of the Urim and Thummim, which can be easily looked up in any Bible concordance. In most cases, God explicitly tells them to use it to divine His will.
Since there are so many instances in the Bible in which God provides answers to his followers through divination—either Urim and Thummim or the casting of lots (used in the New Testament to pick Matthias as the replacement for Judas).
Today we have many new and old methodologies of communing with our Higher Being in Spirit. Some may directly take us to Spirit and some may take us only as high as the mental realm, where there is a level of unseen darkness that lurks to take the innocent away from their Truth and Being. We need Christ discernment, which we learn as we travel on the spiritual path. But beyond discernment which comes in time, we need help in finding a trustworthy outer guru, as well as teachings that guide us in the Way to Truth and Being. Connecting with other spiritual beings on the Path is a good way to get outer support as we go through the trevails on the Path upward. Finding and using tools that will help us connect with the Inner Guru in the heart can bring us closer to the Truth of Being and who we really are as Spirit. IK is just one of those means, but a very powerful method using a combination of inner tools to guide us through our dark nights until we reach that dawn of Reality in Being I AM.

Being Love is Therapy

Healing is more than curing a physical ailment or stopping that annoying allergy. Healing is bringing wholeness to your entire being. But what is your entire being? What are you more than your physical body?
You are a container of several bodies actually. You are more than your physical body, you are a child of God, his son or daughter. Therefore, you are at the heart of you a spirit, or a God flame that is unique and beautiful in God. So you have a spiritual, or etheric, body.
In order to experience the world in the physical body, you have a mind to think and conceptualize ideas. You use your mind to create and store the information you receive in what and how to create. But more than your human mind, you have a higher mind. That mind is given to you to raise your awareness of who and what you are and connect with a higher source – your Creator. That is your mental body.
At the heart of you is love. It is not physically in your heart, but in your spiritual heart. That heart is where you feel the love of God for you and you send out that love in return. That is your emotional body.
Healing your four bodies is important to bring true wholeness. Your physical body is the densest of the four bodies and therefore, when you experience physical issues, the cause is not generally stemming from that body, but from your emotion or mental bodies.
The tools presented in the courses provided here will help you communicate with your four bodies in a unique and healthy way. You may also learn how to communicate with your Higher Self and the angelic hosts and Cosmic Beings who oversee our world and help us rise to higher levels of awareness and wholeness.

Light vs. Darkness in Relationships

Light vs. Darkness in Relationships

The following subjects are sometimes seen as oppositions. This is not always the case. When we are balanced in ISIS there is a flow from one to the other without any conflict. Our true Being IS, as God IS. Yet God individed Himself into polarities called Father-Mother God. God IS Father, God IS Mother. Finding our True Self in today's world is a challenge. Yet we can best understand ourselves when we know the true Self as God. Being I AM, the personalized Self of God, is our goal. When we are I AM we will find that balance of ISIS and see ourselves as God. 

God's Will vs. Free Will

The will of God is good. The will of God is the thunder of universal love. It is the strength of the right arm of the Almighty. It is the fire of his devotion and the best gift to his children. As men understood that as they had sowed so should they reap, a desire to have perfection arose within them. This desire to return to perfection through grace became the second corollary of the will of God, the perfection of perfect love. While some men dream to obtain power for control and creating their own will outside of God's and a law unto themselves, a few realize the folly of such thoughts. Thus God's Will and man's will have divided the Righteous from the unrighteous.

Heart vs. Mind

The heart relates to love, and love relates to the soul and feminine side of self, while the head relates to the examination of objects and concepts by the logic of the mind. Standing alone, without the employment of the heart, the head, dominated from the masculine side of self, often makes those decisions which shatter on impact the tender and intuitive feelings of the soul. When the natural faculties of the soul and feminine are allowed to express, a whole new world awakens. The strength of man's mind, tethered to the radiance of his heart's love, opens the pathway to the emerging Christ consciousness and oneness with I AM.

Divine Love vs. Unconditional Love

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God is Love and More. We are made in the image and likeness of God. Thus our true Self is Love and More. Unconditional love accepts every condition, however far from More. True Divine Love is the judgment. Divine Love raises all to the divine ideal and the divine plan. Divine Love is uncompromising. Only by allowing the flower of Divine Love to unfold in your heart will you discover its mystery, and you cannot know the mystery until you do.

Being vs. False Oneness

Understanding the ISIS flow comes naturally in Being. Being IS and Being in action IS. Allowing both in your world brings you naturally into oneness with Self. From Being you may know the Way. Desiring a false oneness has its roots in the masculine/feminine imbalances within. This leads to thinking that wholeness comes from union with the opposite gender. Therefore, restoring the Divine Feminine within self becomes a priority before wholeness can ever be achieved. This restoration will change not only your world, it will dramatically change the outcome of this planet.

True Caring vs. False Caring

There is a caring that is nurturing to the body and spirit. This caring is provided by the Mother in all who attune to the Divine Mother. There is also a false caring that caters to the ego and contributes to the destruction of the soul. This false feeding of the body and soul is often highly desired over the Divine Nurturing we are meant to receive.

True Mother-Father vs. False Mother-Father

The true Father is love and wisdom and authority, while the true Mother is justice, tenderness at times and other times the fiery chastisement in the Divine Love of the Ruby Fire. Many a soul longs for the Father's approval and the Mother's tender caress, but for want of incarnating the Love, Wisdom and Power of God, they turn to the false Father-Mother images. Seeking approval from any source, souls get trapped in downward spirals and co-dependent relationships. To know the true Father is to know Divine Love. To have the true Mother's Love is to know More.

Ascended Masters vs. False Impostors

The ability to know a true Master lies with the necessity for God-obedience, and the necessity for inner attunement and oneness with the I AM THAT I AM. It starts with the one-pointedness in carrying out the divine direction of Almighty God spoken by an angel, a chohan of the ray, a messenger or your Holy Christ Self. One must be sufficiently aligned in order to hear the Word of righteousness and truth spoken by the authoritative Self–wherever that Self may appear, even in disguise. Some have preferred the synthetic self to the Real Self, the God-ordained Self. Some who take lightly the path of discipleship have sought to establish a synthetic self that may function well in society and in society's ways. When this synthetic self is instated in the temple of one's being, it becomes the false prophet, the lying prophet, and the disobedient prophet whose voice becomes louder and louder as a point of insanity.

I AM Alpha and Omega vs. I am MORE

Our God is a dual Being. Becoming one with Omega through Being, while in the physical plane, the Father Alpha is realized in the mind and heart. Without the More manifest in our world there are no victories. To those who refuse to follow the disciplines to get the true More, the path of no victories and no achievements leaves a void filled by the false MORE.

Christianity vs. New Age

Can you be both a Christian and a New Ager? No you cannot. For a belief sacred to a Christian separates the New Ager. A look at the separation and what are the common beliefs of a New Ager.

Soul Twin Flames

Soul Twin Flames

You seek your First Love, who is the Lord of Life, I AM, and you seek your twin flame. You seek the perfect union, and yet your karma stands between you and the very resolution you seek with the most precious parts of life, whose contact you have lost or let slip through your fingers. All of a sudden one is swept in one direction and one is swept in another, as we are physical separated from our twin flame. The pain of this separation, the separation from our Self, is immeasurable. No matter how happy you are in life, if you have not found that union with your twin flame the fullness of the joy of Being is denied in your world.
Yet the world goes on and people, for the most part, do not realize the cause of their inner sadness. Some go here and there seeking acquisitions of material things, hoping that the next and then the next acquisition will fill that void that feeling that something is missing in their world. Some go from partnership to partnership, unconsciously looking for that perfect partner they know from the depths of their soul is out there "somewhere" in cosmos. They may project onto others that this other "person" is it, they are the perfect one. But in time they are disappointed as the expectations are not met, and then they blame the other person that they are the problem, they lack this and that.
One Became Twain Twin Spheres
Your First Love the Self in Spirit, separated into the twain as twin spheres with two separate causal bodies and I AM Presences when you descended from Spirit into Matter. One causal body of Light now separated into twin souls, one masculine, one feminine, the yin and yang, the Alpha and Omega, as twin spirit sparks, separate twin flames, but eternally in Spirit the One.
For the purpose of the evolution of Cosmos you and your twin flame's Spirit attainment is one. At the same time, your individual soul progression accrues to your own causal body and I AM Presence. Likewise, any imperfection, limitations and discord created accrues to your own electronic belt where each one's negative karma lodges and stays with them from lifetime to lifetime until this karma is balanced.
Because both of you share the same blueprint of identity, unique in all of cosmos, whatever energy you send forth is imprinted or stamped with that specific pattern. According to the law that like attracts like, all energy you release cycles to your twin flame—either hindering or helping them on the path to wholeness. Although your twin flame is not responsible for the negative karma you create, the twin flame has karma from the original rejection of the feminine half of self. Whether you are the original masculine who rejected your feminine that caused the Fall, or the original feminine rejected for the Great Whore impostor of yourself, both of you ultimately rejected the feminine—one the outer feminine and the other the inner feminine. Thereby both made the same karma which caused the initial separation in Eden.
The pure Edenic state of being sinless and having Divine Truth in the soul – the feminine counterpart to the I AM Presence – was lost. This eventuated in the expulsion from Eden. Karma then became the guru when the free will choice was to leave the Mystery School of Eden and go out from The Way and the path of harmony with I AM and your twin flame, for karma takes us where it leads us and where we lead it. And karma is surely the guru of each and every one who, in matters great and small, has not commended his soul into the hands of God, the Great Guru of all.
The way back to oneness with I AM and the beloved, is to open your ears to hear and your eyes to see, and listen to the speaking of God in your heart. It is the only way to know the difference between the light and darkness of your karma after eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
Understanding how love truly is a manifestation of the all-seeing eye of God, with the union of your twin flame as spheres of light each in God consciousness, you are the incarnation of the divine blueprint of the ovoid of God as Father-Mother. The Sword (Sacred Word) of Truth with that God consciousness of Divine Love is the purification of all anti-Love, anti-Being, anti-Word and anti-Mother on this planet. Therefore the sword of Truth must be wielded by those who have some degree of the mastery of God-Love–understanding that the most intense and fiery love for God, for one's Guru, for one's twin flame or spouse or child must be seen as the love that is instrumental in the defense of those who are the "have-nots," those who have not the Light or the spiritual fortitude to bear the strength of Truth surrounded by Love.
Seeking union with the twin flame is important. But the path to that union must be purified by the violet flame and the understanding that you are conceived out of the same white fire body, the fiery ovoid of the I AM Presence, born out of God's Light.
The First Ray Masters speak of once having contemplated the Tree of Life we must not forget Being. For the Tree of Life is the focus of the inner blueprint of your beginning. The Tree of Life in Self is the "You" True Blue, the "forget-me-not", * for each one is the manifestation of our Father/Mother God.
*El Morya, the Master of the blue ray of the Will of God, has said he is the center of the forget-me-not of your heart.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are always intense and involve many of the relationships we have with people, and with whom we have made karma in the past—for both good and bad. Sometimes the more intense the experience with someone the more negative karma one has with them.
The soul knows why she has come into embodiment. Before coming into embodiment you go before the karmic board where you learn what karmic situation requires resolution in your next life. The ramifications of what we do by committing sin or omitting to serve life are very heavy. The soul is very conscientious in the desire to serve to do what's right and to right things that are wrong.
Meeting someone in the physical where we have an instant recognition or a soul connection is felt, is often indicative of these karmic relationships. Sometimes you can actually feel this great joy within your soul as she recognizes the one she has karma with and rejoices that the opportunity has arrived to balance that karma. Other times there is a great animosity around certain people and you actually desire not to be in their presence. This does not mean that you have karma with these people but that you actually have issues within yourself that you do not like and certain people mirror back to you that dislike. In such cases you actually project your own dislike of your issues onto the other person blaming and criticizing what irritates you about another while you do nothing to correct the behavior in yourself. This irritation with others is often a good sign for you to look at yourself and what you may not have wanted to admit or see about your own behavior.
In all karmic situations and regarding every part of Life, it is well to deal with gentleness and respect and honor. The love that one gives toward a child or friend, teacher or employer, or toward one's partner in life, and with all whom we have karma, is an opportunity to balance the scales of life and forgive another where we have misqualified love in the past with hate and anger. Where we apply love and forgiveness, that love always ascends ultimately to the heart of the twin flame. Thus, you will find the twin flame in each expression of love, each service rendered, and each forgiveness given. The heart tie is never broken. Likewise, if you sink into sadness, worthlessness, or self-condemnation, the one you love most, the twin flame, is the one you hurt the most. It is through consideration and caring that allows one to be tender toward all Life, giving unto the God in all, then knowing that what one gives to others is also given to the twin flame.
Love as the divine friendship in every human relationship always transcends idolatry or karmic situations where there is an almost automatic dislike or bristling in the presence of another. This is only revealed as a sign that great imploring of the Godhead is needed, and love and invoking the violet flame will go a long way to right any karma. It is like a pain in the body or a sore that erupts on the skin; it is but a sign of something deeper.

So if we want to identify why that one thing about another is so irksome and so very different from oneself, we call upon our I AM Presence and Christ Self to reveal to us our own inner conditions that we may not be yet able to see about ourselves. We may not yet be able to see where something is yet lurking in our own subconscious that is either offended or hurt or burdened or resentful with what someone has said or done to us. 
The Age of Aquarius
We are living at the end of the Piscean Age and are now in the dawn of the Aquarian Age. Every end of an age, which lasts some 2,150 years, brings the ending of cycles and the need of balancing karma. We also have in this cycle, been delivered a 25,800-year package of personal and planetary karma. It is the cumulative karma of earth's evolutions from 11 past ages that fell due at the dawn of the Piscean age.
Had it not been for the avatar Jesus Christ stepping in to mitigate that karma of 25,800 years in the tradition of the adepts of the East, as Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha and Sanat Kumara had borne this karma before him, that karma would have descended in full at the beginning of the Piscean age. But because Jesus chose to take embodiment and to fulfill his mission, this karma was mitigated by percentages and allowed to descend in a series of cycles that would last throughout the age.

The figure 25,800 years corresponds to cosmic cycles. It also has to do with what we call the New Age. The New Age is related to the phenomenon known in astronomy as the "precession of the equinoxes," the slow backward rotation of the earth around its polar axis during which the point of the spring equinox moves backwards through the signs of the zodiac.

It takes about 25,800 years for the earth to make one complete backward rotation around its polar axis and approximately 2,150 years to go through 30 degrees of the zodiac, or one astrological sign. Since the earth rotates, or precesses, backwards, the order of the ages is also backwards through the zodiac.
Here in the new age of Aquarius we are given the gift of knowing God as Mother. As we pass through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, we receive a dispensation from the Great Central Sun whereby the planet receives a new awareness of self in relationship to a new awareness of God.
In the age of Aries we received the gift of knowing God the Father, the I AM THAT I AM; in the age of Pisces, God the Son; and now in the age of Aquarius, God the Holy Spirit with God the Mother. So we may see that within ourselves and our relationships with others we are challenged to be the Christ Son and to know God within ourselves and each other. In this age we are called to restore the Divine Mother within ourselves and our planet. Challenging the darkness we see around the world becomes a great responsibility in this age and a necessity in karmic relationships. Many, who have not bent the knee to the Christ, to Father-Mother God, have come to the end of their opportunities in this age. But the judgment must be invoked from within our domain and where we have dominion.
So in this day and age karma is accelerated and we are given many opportunities to marry, divorce and marry again as we quickly balance our karma with another. Staying in one relationship for one's entire life regardless of having finished your cycle together is now another thing of the past. In this way once the marriage karmic conditions have been met, we can move on to either balance other karmic relationships or we can move into world service with our twin flame or soul mate. Once we marry someone we begin a relationship where we share one another's karma. Thus the true inner meaning of the ritual of marriage is to bear one another's karma and to help each other balance their masculine and feminine energies.
In today's age it is important not to get caught in the belief that marriage is passe and no longer a necessity in the eyes of God. We cannot balance a karmic relationship where we are meant to make a commitment with another and share one another's burdens and thus be challenged to the fullest in our ability to love and forgive, without the marriage vows. Living together outside of marriage is not making a commitment or sharing the other's karma, and thus we are impeded in actually balancing fully these types of karmic relationships.

The Guru-Chela Relationship

The Guru-Chela Relationship

In the East, a Guru is regarded as second only to one's parents in dignity. The relationship between Guru and Chela is understood as a continuing relationship from lifetime to lifetime. In the West there is little understanding of the importance of this relationship. One reason is that Christians see Jesus as the Son of God and the Christ as the example to follow, yet they do not see Jesus as their Guru, although he was a Guru to many in his life especially to his 12 disciples.
In the hierarchy of heaven every Master and cosmic Being are in a relationship as a Guru and a Chela. When the word chela is capitalized, it indicates that the Chela is sharing a relationship of coequality with the Guru, wherein the Guru represents the Alpha polarity and the Chela represents the Omega polarity. In the earth such a Chela is capable of holding the balance for the Guru in the earth.
Each ascended master positions his chelas on the 360 degrees, so to speak, of the circle of Life. Each point representing some aspect of life. Thus the positioning of chelas has to do with their assimilation of understanding varying on their past life experience and the assumption of their awareness of Absolute Reality at that one point. By forming a circle of love and light around the ascended master there can be formed from those on earth to the one in heaven, a figure-eight spiral of oneness. You may enter into the most fundamental disciplines which, when mastered, will propel you into certain cosmic retreats (places of learning and wisdom in heaven) and certain situations where you can be of inestimable value and effective service to one or more of the masters and to the entire Great White Brotherhood.*
The Mystery School
The LORD God that walked and talked with Adam, with the twin flames in the Garden of Eden, in the Mystery School on earth, was Lord Maitreya. Lord Maitreya holds the office of Great Initiator and he initiated the souls of Adam and Eve and the other twin flames in the Garden. The false guru who came to tempt the twin flames was known as the Serpent, an archdeceiver of souls, who was a high ranking angel in heaven before he fell.
As recorded in Genesis the mythical dialogue between Serpent and Eve is the same fallen logic that tempts our souls today. He said to Eve (representing the feminine side of each of us, the soul, and the feminine counterpart of one's self, descended from the masculine Spirit of the I AM THAT I AM.):

"Ye shall not surely die if you eat of the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil [if you unlawfully take the fruit of initiation into the Sacred Mysteries before you have earned the grace to receive them by the hand of Maitreya], for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."
The Serpent is really saying:
"No need to struggle; you can be fully enlightened without the Guru and without the path of initiation and without the Sangha of the Buddha and without the Teaching, (based on the fundamental principle To Be one's Real Self) which the Guru (the LORD God) keeps promising to initiate you in but never does."
The Bible says she logically concluded and "saw "that the tree was good for food,...pleasant to the eyes be desired to make one wise." Then she ate of the fruit and gave some to her husband.
If you allow the false guru into your logical mind, he will initiate you into the duality–the two-eyed vision–of relativity. And there are many just such false gurus in the world today who will attempt to steal your soul away from the true Guru. There is a saying in the lineage of true Gurus, "When the Chela is ready, the Guru appears." When we make ourselves readied, we have submitted our souls and spirit to the disciplines of the Spiritual Path. Finding the true path of chelaship begins with seeking the Truth. Step by step we are led by our inner Guru, the Christ, to find just what we need to take us the next step higher. Everyone is given the choice to be obedient to the inner and outer Guru whether they are consciously aware of it or not, while regardless, the soul knows and the she makes the choice day by day.

False Gurus
The Serpent in the Garden is this allegorical story, gives us the understanding of how the false guru replaces not only the twin flame but also the individual I AM Presence and the personal Teacher, the Holy Christ Self. The false guru attaches himself to the chela by means of various devices such as Tantric initiations or the forced raising of the Kundalini prior to the attainment of a certain self-mastery and equilibrium gained through the balancing of karma. The false guru may introduce their chelas to sexual rites, secret mantras for the supposed transfer of supernatural powers or so-called initiations, thereby engendering emotional attachment or mindless enslavement to himself. The false guru may lure his chelas by using ancient traditions, languages and the lineage of the Masters East and West, whereby he lays claim to legitimacy by association with or descendancy from the Ascended Masters, the Buddhas: Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, and Sanat Kumara.
The false guru may have developed physical adeptship through developed siddhis (powers), or the misuse of the mantra (black magic) manipulating nature spirits into wayward control of elemental forces, thereby bringing sudden disasters against so-called enemies or influencing the sincere, trusting student to do the bidding of the false guru. He may encourage the practice of meditating on the guru's picture together with the recitation of the guru's 'secret' mantra. In this practice instead of giving Light to the chela, it is the means whereby the false guru, having no Light of his own takes the Light from his chelas.
The entrapments of dress, diet, airs of holiness and meditation for private peace, powers, and personal and financial gain without application to the goal of world service all lead to a path of selfishness, a counterfeit Path taught by Jesus to his disciples and the Ascended Masters to their chelas.

Trust in the Chela and Trust in the Guru
The chela, then, must be responsible in discerning the false paths of the false gurus. The Guru must wait until the chela has finally had enough of the false teachings and is ready for the truth before he/she can enter the world of the potential chela. The Guru/chela relationship, is one that can be sustained only by the flame of trust and the trust in the guarding of the light by the chela. The light is power and when it is not guarded but misqualified in an unguarded moment, that light simply goes to feed the sinister force in the world. Thus, when in a moment of anger or a sudden flash of envy the light given is turned to a lesser vibration where the forces of darkness await in the shadows to take it from you. The Guru must see a responsible nature and an understanding of the cosmic forces before transferring light to the chela. Continents have sunk and calamities have occurred from chelas in the past taking that proffered gift and misusing it for their own power and glory.

Does a Guru know it all? Of course not. A guru is always a chela as well. But it is folly to fall into the mindset that the chela knows more than the Guru. If a chela starts to believe they know more than the guru, they have entered the mind of the fallen consciousness. It is this very belief that has caused the betrayal of Saint Germain when he backed Napoleon in an attempt to establish a United States of Europe. Napoleon took the light and left behind the instructions, the direction from the Master. Thus, Saint Germain withdrew from him and eventually withdrew from Europe for the lack of chela to work with there.
Following a Guru's Divine Direction often leads to many victories. But sometimes that direction has an alternative purpose than getting you to your point A. You may end up at point B, but that is exactly where you need to be (no pun intended!).You may be led to take a job or enter a relationship, or join a group, with the expectation of something different than what unfolds. Unexpectedly you may have a falling out with someone and the door immediately closes on that opportunity you thought was opening up. You may get the job and then find out you have great difficulties with someone there or you are badly treated. You can be disappointed that you even began the trek in following this new direction, or you might be thankful for the experience. You could see it as a waste of time and investment when nothing panned out.
Yet, if you could see what happened from heaven's viewpoint, you might realize that you just balanced a lot of karma, or you gained an immeasurable victory of accomplishing and overcoming some block in your psychology. You could be resentful to the guru for misleading you to the goal that never materialized, or you could trust the guru did what was best for you to help you gain the More.
The Path contains the requirement, on the one side, of obedience unto the Law—obedience unto the Law as the Word of the Guru who embodies the Law. The chela is not obedient to a set of blueprints or to a code of conduct or to a set of regulations and rules or commandments of life, but rather obedience to the spoken Word of the Gurus in the unbroken chain of the Word incarnate whereby the pronouncements of the Word have also been collected and codified. Yet, it is a fact that the Law itself—as set forth by the Gurus—is the manifestation of the Word. Therefore, balancing the obedience to the Law on the other side of the scale is having this intense love for the teacher and ultimately this intense love for the Person of God whereby one is filled with the light and God desire to be obedient to the Impersonal Personality of the Law itself.
All in all, the Guru/chela relationship is the greatest gift to spiritual seekers to help them connect with their Higher Selves and to gain God Mastery and make tremendous progress on the spiritual path.

Divine Purity

Purity is the key, purity is the way!
Purity is the refinement
Of your expression of the seven rays.
Purity is the etching in your being
Of the fohatic light of the secret rays.

Purity is all!
Be purity and watch then
How discarnates and moods
And energies of human habit fall
From the temple of our God!

Purity is the universal solvent of all sin.
Purity is the light
That is your will to win.
Purity is the energy in which you live
As a shining, resplendent sun of righteousness.
Elohim of Purity1976

From an earthly standpoint, the definition of purity is the state or quality of being pure. From a spiritual standpoint Purity is Light and Light is eternal purity and perfection.

It has been said that "purity is the cornerstone of the universe". It is also the cornerstone of your own personal "universe", because you were created in perfection and your physical, mental, emotional and etheric blueprint are wholly pure and perfect. For purity is the light to draw you into the center of the awareness of the original blueprint, the design of God for your very soul and evolution right within the heart of the consciousness of God.
Purity contains all of the wisdom of God, for that which is pure is the all-knowing mind. That which is pure contains the all-power of God, for purity is strength. When we let purity be reflected in every word, and the motive and desire of our heart is pure then our desire body will reflect, in all we send out from the heart, that which is pleasing unto the Lord God. "My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure."*
The Fourth Ray
There are seven rays that are the light emanations of the Godhead. These rays of the white light emerge through the prism of the Christ consciousness. The seven rays are (1) blue, (2) yellow, (3) pink, (4) white, (5) green, (6) purple and gold, and (7) violet. The fourth ray, white, is the ray of Purity and the Ascension. Serapis Bey is Chohan of the Fourth Ray, and he serves the people of the earth to help them develop the qualities of the fourth ray: purity, discipline, joy, hope and excellence and to train candidates for the ascension.
The base-of-the-spine chakra is comprised of four petals and of the Fourth Ray of God’s Purity, and in its highest form is a dazzling white light representing the Father-Mother God. This chakra is the center of the sacred fire of purity in man. The four petals of the Mother are for the opportunity for the mastery of self in Matter, for taking dominion over earth, air, fire, and water. The petals form the base of the figure-eight pattern that crosses in the heart chakra and reaches its culmination in the crown chakra.
Since the Mother Light is the base and foundation of all life, we may use this life force to co-create life ourselves. One of the ways we use this life force in the base of the spine chakra, is to create life in the form of children. This is the highest form of creative interchange between man and woman.
When properly conserved and spent wisely, the Mother Light may be used to bring forth other creative forms through love. Other creations might be in the form of music, art, literature, scientific and technological discoveries. When brought forth through love, these creations endow all life with the Mother Light, blessing all life.

When the Mother Light is brought upward to the heart chakra, through the soul chakra by the soul's will to Be God, and then through the solar plexus which is the chakra of the mastery in the emotional body, the soul may unite with the I AM Presence in the secret chamber of the Heart.
Six O'clock Line of God-Harmony
Yet without mastery of the Flame of Mother on the six o'clock line, without true desiring to dissolve all differences and inharmony between the self and all mothers and the Divine Mother, there can be no entering into the secret chamber of the heart. The six o'clock line of God-Harmony corresponds with the base chakra and the purity of the white light of the Mother, so it is at this point of the six o'clock line of God Harmony, where the sacred fire of the purity of the Divine Mother in the base-of-the-spine chakra is opposed throughout the world.
And so individuals must understand how important it is to transmute within their own worlds all inharmony and not to look at others with a critical mind. As they do this and transmute within the forcefield of their own being each appearance of discord, they will be enhancing their opportunities for harmony with all Life and they will suddenly find that all discord comes from the same source–from human creation–that it is not divinely created at all and that it never could be. Therefore they will shun it as they would the plague and they will recognize the need to enter into a constant spirit of harmony.
Yet this does not mean we are passive individuals. For the perversions of God-Harmony are indecision, self-pity and self-justification, and not making any decisions to stand for a cause of light and feeling sorry for oneself is abdicating the divine inheritance of the Mother within you.
The white fire of the fourth ray is the very presence of the power and the purity and the love of the Mother. This white fire is the cosmic force of the Woman clothed with the Sun that is yours to direct, as a fiery flame, into the conditions of the anti-war of the fallen ones, like a white fire covering the earth as white-fire snow. By the Mother Flame does the Judgment go forth in the white-fire.

The fourth ray of purity, is Right Action—the practical application of the Law. Right action can only be prompted by right motive, which necessitates that we reflect upon our motives in terms of selflessness and charity. The Buddha's teachings gave us five precepts of right behavior; do not kill; do not steal; do not lie; do not be unchaste; do not drink intoxicants. So right behavior becomes the discipline of the Law for purity in action.
Raising Up the Mother Flame
Parallel to this activity, so necessary for the purging of a planet and a people by the judgment of love, there exists the path of initiation. Each one of us who are spiraling through that path, can become an electrode for the raising up of the true Mother light, which is indeed a spiral of the feminine principle and the negative polarity of the Spirit positive energy. But that negative polarity is not abuse or misuse, it is simply the T'ai chi and the energy in balance of the creation of worlds.

The reason that there is such a fine line between truth and error in this octave is that both are occupying that energy of the Mother; and the negative energy which is part of the whole misuse of the Mother polarity is but a shade apart from the true Mater-realization whereby you ensoul the pristine purity of the Mother of the universe, Omega, and whereby you raise up the Mother flame. Until we know the true vibration of the Mother light, it is easy to think that the glamour of the psychic and the false teaching of the fallen ones and even the energies which they transmit are the real light.

Thus we have a path of light, a path of darkness in the earth. So the fallen ones would have us believe that their misuse of the Mother flame is the polarity of God. It is that white is black and black is white. In Isiah 5 we read, "Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter." The fallen ones have created a philosophy whereby they have declared that this negative energy is actually in polarity with the light of Spirit, the masculine ray. Good and evil are never in polarity, the energy veil (evil) has no magnet of itself to be a part of Spirit. Therefore the eternal polarity of the divine lovers who are one, then change polarity, then separate, then unite again, thus sustaining the masculine and feminine counterparts of God in a cosmic interchange of the Father-Mother God within you, has nothing to do with the imitations of the fallen ones.

Besides impostors of twin flames there is the impostor of your own path and your own role, always just a shade removed from the original matrix. Therefore, it is by purity's light that is the fiery core of each and every chakra, that you can walk as that two-edged sword and be clean of the magnet of any of the particles of darkness that have been scattered in the Earth.
The flame of purity is able to restore mankind to the God-estate, to the communion of the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, where angels and men walked and talked with the Elohim as their dearest friend. The Elohim can restore mankind to the original state of pristine purity and calling upon the Mother Elohim Astrea and her counterpart Purity to encircle the earth and ourselves to cut free all impurity daily will help restore us to purity. Another assist we can do is to recite this mantra frequently, "I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires!" All things can be attained by diligence, purity, and the pure love of the Mother. The Divine Mother is the key to the heart of God in the center of being and that Buddha is Father and that Father must be approached through Mother.

In the process of the transmutation and dissolution of karma you can receive assistance from an Ascended Lady Master such as Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Portia or the Goddess of Liberty. When you give intense devotion to their image and flame then through your heart one with their heart you might dissolve all separation from the Mother of Cosmos, thereby embracing thy Mother and be free.
Alfred Lord Tennyson, "Sir Galahad," stanza 1.

Christ Wisdom

Christ Wisdom

The Scriptures tell us that wisdom is “gentle, peaceable and easily entreated.”  Certainly there is no need of struggle to obtain that wisdom from God, who is the Source of all wisdom. Beloved Jesus has said again and again: “Learn of me for my yoke is easy....”. He also has said: “Ask and ye shall receive....”. We also have been told by the Psalmist: “Be still (at peace) and know that "I AM" God”.

True wisdom brings peace. True wisdom is the divine birthright of every lifestream and is yours for the asking. True wisdom always manifests perfect balance. The Golden Flame of Wisdom occupies the center position in the picturization of the three plumes of love, wisdom and power, which comprise the immortal threefold Christ flame of eternal truth. It acts, as does the fulcrum of a scale, as the force of perfect balance between love and power, with the blue plume of God Power on the left and the pink plume of Divine Love on the right. This is because the energy of life represented by the blue plume of power is received from Above down the crystal cord as it flows into the heart from the Presence. Then, passing through the golden plume of wisdom where it is given its divine direction for use, it is dispensed through the pink plume of Divine Love.
The wisdom of the Holy Christ Self determines when the lifestream is ready for more instruction and just what each one should have. If you find yourself in a quandary as to just what would be the perfect thing to do in many circumstances which arise in daily living, after having acknowledged graitude to your I AM for the gift of its life for another day—ask the I AM to show you clearly just what—in its wisdom—is the perfect thing for you to do. If you have accepted your own Beloved “I AM” Presence as the reality and source of your being you have but to turn to its gentle presence focused right within your heart and make your desires known there. Your answers will come if you will be patient, letting your Holy Christ Self choose the perfect time of manifestation for you in its wisdom. The answers may come either through hearing, through reading the written word or, perhaps, through the voice of another—one who may know nothing of your need or the fact that he is being used as a channel to bless you.
Being More
The wisdom of Christ is the reality of Being More. Many seek the wisdom of the world and consequently receive the false MORE. The consciousness of being more important than another for the wisdom of having facts and knowledge takes those individuals into the pride of the carnal mind. Is it wrong to desire to be wise? Seeking the wisdom of man is not truly seeking Christ wisdom. Seeking Christ wisdom is desirable. Yet when man does not know the difference and enters the desiring for worldly wisdom, he sets in motion the misuse of free will.
Is it evil to desire to be wise? Free will gives man the right to pursue whatever he wants. Although ultimately if he goes outside the Will of God there will be a price to pay. Evil (or the energy-veil) is the veil of misqualified energy that man imposes upon Matter through his misuse of the sacred fire. Misusing wisdom by embodied lifestreams is taking God's Light and moving against the current of God's will. If one desires to be wise and then believes their knowledge makes them wiser than others, and thus superior to an inferior race (i.e. woman), they have attempted to get ahead by believing they are above others.
From the beginning of the fall of man, women have been carrying the blame that they were the ignorant half of the first man and woman God created. One account in the Bible says that women were created from the rib of man, implying Adam was lonely and needed a helpmeet (helpmate) to attend to his needs. While another account in the Bible describes that man was created in the image and likeness of God, male and female they were created from the beginning.
Whether you ascribe to the one or the other creation story, the fact of the matter is that God made man and woman, and they are different for a reason. When we are endowed with the threefold flame of Christ, that flame is placed within both man and woman. God did not say that one or the other was wiser, wisdom is inherent in both women and men. Yet in relationships men and women carry different polarities in the plus and minus of Being. In the true wisdom of Christ man learns that we are androgynous beings in Spirit and we separated into divine polarities in Matter. As we study and pray to understand our own Beings and the Laws of God the weaving of the deathless solar body* commences. This garment is necessary for our ascension back to God. It is created from our pure energies qualified with love, wisdom and power.
Misqualified energies are the result of selfish human activity whereby man regards their human rights as so sovereign that they conclude they are incapable of doing wrong as long as their actions remain within the bounds of these so-called rights. This is just as dangerous as the notion that they are incapable of doing right, which is equally treacherous. With the wisdom of Christ God can act in man and then all that God does in man will be according to His plan.

When our lives are lived according to our divine plan, then conformity comes not as the result of struggle but as the result of a happy and joyous submission to the Christ wisdom. Having Christ wisdom means understanding that having some great philosophical or theological statement may exalt one's mind but knowing how to Be the Christ raises the mind to wisdom.

Voice of the Mother

Long ago the land of the Mother sunk beneath the sea. Mu, short for Lemuria, means Mother. Mu was the lost continent of the Pacific which, according to the findings of James Churchward, archaeologist and author of The Lost Continent of Mu, extended from north of Hawaii three thousand miles south to Easter Island and the Fijis and was made up of three areas of land stretching more than five thousand miles from east to west. Churchward's history of the ancient Motherland is based on records inscribed on sacred tablets he claims to have discovered in India.
In the ancient temples of Lemuria, the Ascended Masters describe there were twelve major temples surrounding the central altar. These temples were positioned in a wide circle across the vastness of the continent. Within those temples there was the perpetual intoning of the Word in the frequency of the twelve gates of this "City of Light". Lemuria was a golden age and the place where Maitreya had his Mystery School, the Garden of Eden.

When many who were tending the Word, they became convinced by the fallen ones in embodiment at that time, that the their giving of the mantra and the intoning of the light was either not necessary or there was a "higher" way to invoking the light. Gradually, one by one the altars were being misused with other practices that actually drew down the light, instead of raising it up. The altars became desecrated turning them wholly to the abuses of fallen angels. Thus, there came the eventual sinking of so great, great a land as Lemuria. The record of this Motherland, according to the Ascended Masters, left a gargantuan record of travesty in the race memory of the planet and her people.
The Masters in embodiment at that time knew of the impending cataclysm and they did lead their chelas to distant shores, such as where India is today. As some stood and watched the Motherland going down in the midst of flame and fire, their grief was very profound as with that sinking of the Motherland there was the going down of her retreats and the withdrawal of her Flame.
Those of the Masters and their chelas knew that by the Mother Flame all mastery of the physical octave was gained. In each temple these adepts and chelas, priestesses of the Mother Flame, tended the individual flame for that particular temple, corresponding to twelve signs of the Zodiac, as depicted in the chart. There the intonation of the Word would hold the balance in the earth for that ray of God-Power, God-Love, God-Wisdom, God-Mastery, and so on.
In the central temple of Mu, hour upon hour there was celebrated different rays, according to the hours of the day. In this temple was permanently anchored the flame of the Divine Mother. It was a piercing ray of the ruby light sheathed in white fire—a mighty pillar of fire to behold. It was a permanent flame of the Divine Mother whereby the entire continent in its golden ages was nourished. The temples in the outer extremities of Mu were also dedicated to the Mother Flame in the central temple and were peopled with many adepts and devotees of that fire.
The misuse of the Mother Flame that began through the trickery of the fallen ones produced horrendous and devastating effects, even at the level of nuclear weapons. There was a desecration of the altars; and ultimately the misuse of that Mother Light brought about the murder of the highest representative of the Divine Mother in that era and the consequent sinking of the continent. The Ascended Masters revealed that this murder was plotted by none other than the fallen Archangel Lucifer.
Why the Twin Flames Fell
We cannot completely fathom the level of attainment these adepts had in that golden age, as we have sunk so low in consciousness since the Fall. But these adepts were the students of the Mystery School, the Garden where LORD Maitreya taught the twin flames the way to intone the Word and precipitate anything they needed. Although others in the land, such as the fallen ones in embodiment, needed to procreate by physical means, the adepts did not. The twin flames would stand apart from one another, intone the Word and they would create between them a child of the size of a nine year old. Food was all precipitated through the Word. There was no need for their laboring in the fields.
Precipitation was possible because of their dedication to the Mother within themselves and each other, and to the one in the land who outpictured the highest Purity of the White Light. It is hard to imagine that with such abundance and purity in their lives that these twin flames could fall from grace and accept the ways of the fallen ones, but they did. When the masculine adepts were initiated to step back and raise up the outer feminine to lead through her inner knowing, they could not. Prior to this initiation they had been infiltrated by the fallen ones inserting the Great Whore teachings and mesmerism known to have waylaid the children of the Light who had previously embodied in the fourth root race.
These twin flames were God-taught in how to master their energies, but they had to choose for themselves if they wanted to use this mastery or receive light and energy through other means. Not having to procreate in the way of physical contact, they were tempted to experiment with coitus together. The fallen angels in the land were the highest in attainment before their fall. Thus they carried great light and wisdom, with the ability to appear as the wise lords among the twin flame adepts. Their women were beautiful to behold and were taught in the ways of using their light to entrap the masculine to worship her. This wanting worship for themselves was not the true worshiping of the Mother Light. It was a way to steal light and control others.
While the fallen ones worked on the masculine twin flames, building up appearances as being important and above Reality, the feminine twin flames were put down as inferior to these fallen women. Eventually, the slow erosion of the love between twin flames led to the leaving off of trust, fidelity and the adoration of the true Divine Feminine within both man and woman.
With the loss of the voice of the Mother, both in the murder of the outer Mother Flame in embodiment, and the microcosm murdering of the flame of the Mother within the twin flames, the mighty land that had been devoted to the Mother could no longer sustain the pillar of Ruby Fire in the land. It was withdrawn as the people rejected the true Fire of the Mother. The light of the Mother in the flame of the highest love, was rejected by those who fear her all-consuming love. The fallen ones set up their own citadels of worshiping the Great Whore, thereby replacing the Purity, the White Light, with their gold images of light as the highest and above that of the Mother. In the denial of the Divine Mother of ancient Lemuria, there has come to pass a civilization bereft of the intimate knowledge of being the vessel of the Mother and thereby coming unto the love of the Buddha, even Jesus who unfolds the light of eternal Christos.

The Restoration of the Mother
This story has been told and retold, for it has occurred in various alterations of the theme from age to age and continent to continent. So vast is the experience and the observation of souls who have lived long upon earth that at inner levels millions now in embodiment are aware of the treacherous ways of fallen angels and how they have brought down the best and highest opportunity for souls to achieve the victory. This they have done by tearing down the foundations of those mighty empires that had been raised up by Ascended Masters and avatars over the ages, so that souls could attain that ultimate union with God.

In heaven there are many Cosmic Beings who have won their victory from the earth and long ago taken their ascensions. They have tarried with earth to work with those who did not make it, those who were left behind on Lemuria and even in other ages, failing their initiations once again. These Cosmic Beings are incarnations of God and are masters of many of God's qualities, especially those twelve attributes that were once honored and anchored in the earth by the adepts of that age. They are our spiritual teachers who we can call upon for personal and planetary assistance. Some of them have also taken embodiment in this age to help during this dark hour of the planet, where once again the altars of God have been desecrated and every evil known to man is eroding the Purity of the Mother and the sacredness of our body temples. They are the voice of the Mother, crying in the wilderness "Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight."
This is the age of the Restoration of the Mother. Our obligation to the great adepts of God who sacrificed their lives during their many sojourns on earth to save those lost in Maya, is to raise up the Mother Light within our own temples. It is a decision that the individual must make by free will to keep the flame of Life and to know that in the science of the spoken Word is the means to raise up the Mother Light that is the sacred fire from the base-of-the-spine chakra. Then to draw forth the Light of the Father from the I AM Presence to experience that union of both in the heart chakra. As the fire of the heart increases, so shall that ancient karma of the compromise of the heart be consumed. Then ultimately that fire, that threefold flame expanding, will return to you the consciousness of God you once knew.

The Ego Is Not Your Identity

Lifetime after lifetime we have either glorified God in our souls and in our beings by challenging the ego and the dweller each step of the way, or we have damned our souls and our God and chosen to plight our troth to the ego, the dweller and the fallen angels, accepting their offers of power and glory and dominion.
We are a complex set of good and miscreations that we call bad characteristics. We have been tempted to do evil in taking the pure unadulterated energies of God given to us each day and qualifying those energies with malicious and selfish acts of ungodliness. Some of those acts have been against ourselves, our souls, and other acts of ungodliness have been towards others.
Our true identity is I AM. We are a spirit spark, a unique flame from out of the Great Central Sun, the hub of creation where Father-Mother God reign. We are Spirit Beings first, children of God; and second, co-creators with God. Only God knows His divine purpose in creating extensions of Himself, but we can know God and the answer to all our questions through becoming one with Him. So our goal in the physical is to remember who we are, remember why we are here, and Be all that we are in I AM. It sounds doable, but it takes work, commitment and a great love for God that extends to all His creation.
Along the way of coming into the earth and exploring God as Mother and Father, and putting on the garments of the Son and Holy Spirit, we may have lost our way. Desiring the things of instant pleasure provided for us from the fallen ones who also inhabited the earth, tempted our unbridled senses. Choices were made that created an alter-self that had nothing to do with God. Every time our choice was based on some impure desire or thought, we created another layer of unreality around us. In time the demarcation between the layers of unreality and the Real Self were blurred. We forgot who we were and even who are real Father-Mother was. Even God, the Source of All Being was obscured or relegated to only a token place of gratitude. Man had fallen.
The Creation of the Ego and the Dweller
The Garden of Eden was the original Mystery School founded by Lord Maitreya to train Sons and Daughters of God to become spiritual adepts, initiates of the highest order, that they might go forth from the Mystery School to raise the consciousness of the children of God and to make the teachings of the spiritual path available to them and eventually to all mankind.

The paradise described in Genesis was in the etheric octave somewhere between heaven and earth. Adam and Eve, the archetypal twin flames, and numerous other sets of twin flames studied there under Lord Maitreya, who is named in Genesis as the LORD God.

When tempted of the Serpent to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, many of Maitreya's students disobeyed him. Even though the LORD had told them that "in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die," these students of the Mystery School believed the Serpent's equivocation, "Ye shall not surely die," and partook of the forbidden fruit.

All who entered into this act of disobedience paid the ultimate price: the flame of their immortality was snuffed out. Thus, they knew that their souls had become naked and that they were now mortal. Grief-stricken, they went forth from Eden, literally driven out by the LORD God, "lest Adam put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live forever" in his fallen state.

And so, Adam and Eve and many sets of twin flames were consigned to the earth plane and to earthly bodies. To them the LORD God declared: "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

No greater indictment has ever been handed down by the LORD God upon his people.
While we were in Eden we were innocent. We developed neither ego nor dweller. However, our souls were susceptible and we fell. Over the long centuries of our souls' incarceration on planet earth since the Fall, we have created the ego and the dweller and allowed them to mushroom until they have displaced the "hidden man of the heart," the Holy Christ Self.

We have allowed the ego and the dweller to intimidate our souls. Only the soul who has garnered the sacred fire of God can counteract the telling blows of the Not Self. She who has Wisdom's fire consciously recognizes and confronts the ego. She is up to the task of slaying it. Furthermore, she knows that she alone must undo the threads she has sewn in dishonor and must now sew in honor.

We can all become conscious of the antics of our egos if we want to be–that is, if we are not in a state of denial, denying the destructive words and deeds that come through our egos and dominate not only our own souls but, sadly, the souls of others. The dweller-on-the-threshold, on the other hand, is not so easy to detect. It inhabits the subconscious and the unconscious minds even as it inhibits the soul's evolution. And while the soul is terrified of the dweller, the ego is in cahoots with the dweller, ever plotting the soul's demise.

When a soul has committed herself to Darkness and the Dark Ones, she is completely taken over by the human ego and the dweller-on-the-threshold. There is no longer a distinction between the ego and the dweller. They are merged as one. The soul has for all intents and purposes ceased to exist.

What was once a pristine creation of God is now bonded to the Not Self instead of to the Holy Christ Self. Only Darkness and the Dark Ones inhabit what was formerly a temple of God. Jude called the fallen angels in this state "wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever."

The Soul Bonded to the Holy Christ Self
Until the soul is once again bonded to her Holy Christ Self, the human ego and the dweller-on-the-threshold are more powerful than the soul. And this is one reason why it is not so easy for the soul to rise from the seat-of-the-soul chakra (at the navel) to the heart chakra. 
In order to rise, the soul must overcome her tendency to repeatedly fail her tests at key points of vulnerability. She must recognize these key points and seek daily to transcend them. And with the help of her Holy Christ Self and Archangel Michael, if she applies herself, she will learn step by step how to challenge and defeat her human ego and her dweller-on-the-threshold.
We must teach the soul to defend herself and to take up the sword of truth to defeat the lie, no matter who mouths it. We must teach the soul that there are four classifications of animal magnetism that can cause her to stumble if she does not clear her four lower bodies daily of their vibration. We must warn her that animal magnetism can entrap her in the lower chakras and the lower animalistic nature.
  • Malicious animal magnetism manifests in the memory body and the memory quadrant
  • ignorant animal magnetism in the mental body and the mental quadrant
  • sympathetic animal magnetism in the desire body and the desire quadrant
  • delicious animal magnetism in the physical body and the physical quadrant.
The goal of the soul is to attain union with God and that to achieve this she must rise to the heart chakra and be bonded to her Holy Christ Self through the Sacred Heart of Jesus. But before this bonding can take place, the soul must accomplish many tasks, one of which is the daily weaving of her wedding garment. The Ascended Masters call the wedding garment the deathless solar body.

Had we not compromised our souls in the original Mystery School, had we remained obedient, submitting to our initiations in divine order, passing our daily tests, we would have graduated from the Mystery School and gone forth to bring Maitreya's teachings to the world. Furthermore, we would have walked the earth alive with the flame of our immortality and clothed with the deathless solar body.

Today, as mortals, we must weave our deathless solar body by spiritualization of consciousness, by sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service. We require the assistance of our Holy Christ Self in this monumental task. We need to match the light God gives us daily over the crystal cord with our own sewings of light, for thereby we can say: "My Holy Christ Self worketh hitherto and I work." We can multiply that light by meditation, mantra and the science of the spoken Word.

Day by day we weave our wedding garment, the deathless solar body. When we have perfected that garment, our souls will be ready to return as Brides of Christ to the heaven-world, never to go out again from Eden.