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Astrology & Soul Mates

Astrology & Soul Mates

I Be Honest. You Don’t Need Astrology To Tell You Anything.  Listen To Your Heart :-) That’s where The Truth Lies

Soul Mates & Chinese Astrology

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Soul Mates Destiny Links

The Law of attraction tells us that certain souls seek each other out and neither race, nor creed, nor family background or any variety of differences will deflect certain karmic connections. At times karmic connections bring together seemingly disparate entities because the souls recognize the energy of their true life partner. There are also karmic connections with family members, friends, work colleagues, pets and business partners. Plans are made and rendezvous committed to from one lifetime to the next, this is why there is at times overwhelming familiarity with kindred spirits, those who find familiar souls will be happier than those who don’t.

Soul Mate /Divine Complements  

 These are the very complicated unions that are in the neverland of intense passion and equally intense disagreement and argumentativeness. They are neither compatible nor in opposition. These are the dramatic and complex paradox of karmic soul mate signs, many signs of this nature spend a lifetime together, until death do they part. Others seem to endure a relationship with undercurrents and conflict that both are disinclined to walk away from.

Ox – Rat

Those born into Rat and Ox years are sentimental and vulnerable to each other. These two signs form a mutual admiration society and compliment each other in many ways. Both souls are family and security-oriented and are drawn together in life and in love. The stable Ox provides consistency and practicality to the Rat’s clever ideas and projects. They are separate sides to the same coin and allow each other to encounter strengths and face weaknesses in a safe emotional environment. While no relationship is perfect, this one promises to be pretty close to ideal for each partner. Growth occurs and problems are overcome, even when the other seems to be the source of the problem.   Ox–Rat: The Rat could not wish for a more devoted partner than the gentle attentive loving Ox, their family values are in sync and each is enamored by the other.

Tiger – Pig

The deepest of bonds and connections are found between the affectionate Pig and the forthright Tiger. The Pig is never threatened by the Tigers grand accomplishments and truly enjoys the Tiger’s success as if it were their own.  In friendship and in love, this relationship is a keeper. These two soul mates can work through nearly any difficulty and walk side-by-side spiritually, mentally and physically. Each reflects the other allowing deep insight into the inner Self. The Tiger’s need for change and outside interests, and the Pig’s need for affection and physical comforts make for a perfect Yin/Yang communion between them. Not only can the Tiger and Pig live and love together successfully, but they can also work arm in arm as a team in vocational efforts.   Tiger–Pig:  There is a gentle longevity between these two, a natural soul understanding, together they are affectionate and loving, each appreciating the qualities within the other. They can walk through life together in tranquility and joy.

Rabbit – Dog:

 These two souls recognize each other immediately and most have spiritual links from other times and places. There tends to be  ongoing connections between these two signs that are picked up again and again in various times and locations. A true love connection can be recognized by the giving quality of it’s love.  Each has the personal growth curriculum of the other in the forefront of their heart and mind. The selfless act of giving the best of oneself to the other, is commonly seen in this karmic connection. If the attached Dog and the detached Rabbit can overcome their fears and trust issues, this is a match made in Heaven.  Rabbit–Dog:  These souls have a tendency to magnetize towards each other with instant rapport ensuing, there is a certain familiarity as soon as they meet. The challenge for this pair is their disparate natures with the Rabbit somewhat detached and requiring a certain freedom, while the Dog commits wholeheartedly ready to nurture and be nurtured.

Dragon – Rooster(Phoenix):

These two soul mates form a life line for each other. The Dragon’s Earth element supports and enables the Rooster’s Metal element creating a perfect circuit and harmonious love match. Both retain their own outside interests independent of one another, yet form an amicable team and can live in domestic harmony. On the path of love harmony, the Rooster and Dragon may cross paths with each other several times until recognition happens. The intensity of the connection leaves no doubt that each has indeed found their other half. The Rooster has the spunk and enterprise to hold the interest of the dramatic Dragon and together they make a handsome and lively couple.   Dragon–Rooster:  A meeting of the minds each quick witted and intelligent, each able to hold the other’s interest, they have a bold outlook on life and journey together with passion and endurance.  Most Dragon and Rooster pairs have ties from other times and places and thus form a true soulmate connection.  The Dragon is yang to the Rooster yin and probably the only sign that can dominate and command the Rooster’s respect.  Together they rock each other’s world.

Snake – Monkey:

These soul mates seldom tire of their intense physical attraction toward one another. These two have the potential to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary. Equally matched in both guile and allure, the Snake and the Monkey must be cautious of infidelities. Break-up and reunion cycles abound and in the end, these two can’t live without
  each other. This combination is happiest when they identify what their united purpose is together, and work hand in hand to accomplish that goal or life mission. These two can be identified by their similar outlooks on life and intimate contributions using their own unique gifts and perspectives. Their spiritual links will reaffirm themselves time
and time again.  Snake–Monkey:  The relationship between Snake and Monkey is physical and sensual, they are immensely attracted to each other. They can expect a long and fortuitous journey through life, the one conflict they could not overcome is infidelity by either party.

  Horse – Goat:

 These two soul mates believe in each other and compliment each other perfectly. The Horse is the personification of the yang, masculine day-force, and the Goat is the very essence of the yin, feminine night-force.The Horse, whether male or female, will embody the yang essence that is the initiating forceful impulse which delineates and defines. The Goat, whether male or female, will embody the yin essence that is the responsive nurturing impulse which responds and reunites. The Horse’s decisive mental activity and the Goat’s poetic inner life are in true yin/yang communion. Together,these two will share many fulfilling moments when they connect. Horse–Goat: They are the two parts that make up the whole, with the yang of the Horse and the yin of the Goat, they each offer the other all they need. They are destiny personified.

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  1. I'm a Leo Monkey, born August 3, 1992. Apparently my soulmate is a Snake woman. But why is the Snake/Monkey combination the ONLY combination of all that has to deal with infidelities? All the other combinations are harmonious, passionate, and blissful, but the Monkey/Snake connection is the one stuck with that one serious problem.....infidelity. What the heck? Why is that? That's not fair.

  2. I'm a Leo Monkey, born August 3, 1992. Apparently my soulmate is a Snake woman. But why is the Snake/Monkey combination the ONLY combination of all that has to deal with infidelities? All the other combinations are harmonious, passionate, and blissful, but the Monkey/Snake connection is the one stuck with that one serious problem.....infidelity. What the heck? Why is that? That's not fair.

  3. My parents are a Sagittarius Snake (Mom) and a Pisces Monkey (Dad). They call each other best friends and they have been married for 40 years. They bicker a lot but they also are a force to be reckoned with. Mom recounts Dad spending time chasing another woman (his ex finance) while they were married. And Mom decided to get emotionally evolved with another man (her ex coworker). So in a sense, one could see both cases as infidelity. However, from my stand point, they have been together through thick and thin - they are each others sanctuary and uplifting spirit. There is this quote: "You're not gonna promise to each other that you will not disappoint one another, because at some point you will. What is important is you don't go away, you don't escape, you don't leave one another just because you were disappointed. That is the meaning of fidelity." My parents are extremely manipulative and guile and because of this, it also makes them highly suspicious UNTIL one has earned their trust. I must say that I am a Sagittarius Dragon and lucky for me, Mom is a Sagittarius and Dad's Monkey sign allows me to bond with him because we are part of the Doer's triangle of affinity.

    Monkeys have a zeal and zest for life while snakes have an allure and taste for the finest in life. Being a Monkey also makes you the most adept at rising above opinions of others because frankly, you have an amazing outlook about yourself. :)

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