Thursday, September 5, 2013

Letting Go and Achieving Wholeness

Letting Go and Achieving Wholeness

One of the hardest things in the journey towards WHOLENESS is letting completely go of the thought that one must have the other half, the twin soul, to feel whole within oneself. This Journey is in itself a paradox, because the physical and spiritual union with the twin soul on Earth makes one feel that one is half of a whole. Each half is in itself created as a whole and it is the thought or feeling that something is missing that prevents twin souls from reaching within themselves for wholeness.
Letting go does not mean letting go of the love for the other half, it means letting go of the thought that one is incomplete and needs something in the outer sense to achieve wholeness and to be whole. Our society as it is this day today is based on how incomplete people feel they are, therefore they look for a partner in the outer sense to complete them. This is the reason why many people make a big deal out of their wedding days and anniversaries.
People focus so much on how things look in the outer sense, because very often they do not feel that they are fully respected in the eyes of society unless things look a certain way. They must keep up their appearances. People do not realize that one day they might “wake up” and realize that they can’t “find themselves, their own Selves”, in the relationship they are in with their partner, because they were never whole to begin with.
In our time and age people often start out their relationships by being two halves trying to make a whole by joining forces, only if two people are not whole to begin with within themselves, they can never find wholeness or happiness with another person in a successful relationship. A successful relationship is based on two “wholes” making a union. When two people are individually whole the relationship they have will not be a relationship influenced by any kind of projections or hidden agendas each of them might have. Two “wholes” come together in freedom, fully free to be their individual, whole, and imperfect selves.

Healing And Wholeness

Many people who unite and bond deeply with their twin souls today will often find themselves in a dilemma, because when you unite with your twin soul, you will feel that this must lead to a “normal” relationship in the earthly sense, but the twin soul union in itself demands often more of us than we first see with our human eyes. This is the reason why many people find themselves in a separation from their twin souls. Deep inside they feel the separation within themselves.
This separation is very painful and what is often very hard to realize is that in order to heal the separation we must heal our own souls first. You cannot heal the separation from your twin soul by “getting” him or her to fill the hole within yourself in some kind of relationship. How you fill the hole has to do with reconnecting with your own spiritual self. As long as you are disconnected from your self, you will feel an intense longing for your twin soul. Your twin soul is the mirror of what you are missing inside yourself.
The twin soul union is not only a catalyst of spiritual growth, it is also a catalyst so that one can achieve spiritual wholeness and will start healing the most wounded parts of oneself. You can have been wounded in ways you never really paid attention to before, but the twin union tends to make people aware of how seriously wounded they were as souls in childhood or some time in their lives. It is by healing the childhood wounds, reconnecting with the inner child and spiritual self that you can heal the separation within yourself in the inner sense and secondly can heal the outer separation from your twin soul. When you feel the separation from your twin soul and long to be with him/her, you long to be yourself, the whole of yourself, and how you become your full Self again has to do with healing the parts of you, reclaiming the parts of you that were lost sometime during your life. You have the key to the answer you are looking for.
As you start healing your own woundedness, you will see that separation as you feel it from your twin soul also has to do with how you were separated from your own spiritual self through painful relationships with other people that prevented you from being your own full and true self. To most people who have been united with their twin souls it will come as a surprise to them that the longing and heartache will and can end, but it doesn’t have to do with their twin soul finally uniting with them in a merged relationship where two are one. In reality the longing will stop because you have done the work necessary to heal your soul, so you don’t feel something is missing in you anymore. If you are to unite with your twin soul in the outer sense it will no longer be a relationship where two become one, it will be a relationship where two healed wholes add more wholeness to their union. They will never again feel the painful separation if they are physically separated from their other “half”, because they have healed the inner separation in the first place by healing the wounds in their souls. This is what the twin soul union demands of us.
The spiritual Reunion with your twin soul is secondary compared to the healing of your soul, but it is the intense physical and spiritual union with the twin soul that sets the whole healing, growth, and spiritual wholeness process going inside of us as souls.

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