Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Reason Why Twin Flame Reunions Have Taken So Long

The reason why Twin Flame Reunions have taken so long.

Many of you have been wondering, and for quite some time, why doesn’t my Twin seem to get this?
There is a very simple reason…..It is because of you!
Your Twin (and this is primarily but not exclusively for the Males) has been mostly out of his/her  3rd Dimensional Self, to be in their/your fully integrated Higher Self Presence, in order to assist you, guide you, and prepare both of you for physical Reunion.
What is occurring now will be pleasant surprise for many, as their own Higher Self/ Soul Presence will now be entering and fully merging into their 3D Physical body. Now we are fully prepared and capable of holding our True High Frequency of Divine Love and it’s expansive high vibration 5D Consciousness!
When Your Counterpart feels this amazing merge of self within themselves and with you, their Revelation and Truth of their Heart, they will have inner Rememberences, and a Heart FILLED with KNOWING!  They will be confident and excited. They will be fearless and passionate. Fully enabled and truly wanting to take action now on the Call of Your Shared Soul.
Have you been wondering, why in the world is he/she looking and seeking in every direction except my direction?  It has only been the 3rd Density Consciousness part of them “on hold” for this very specific, important, and absolutely Divine Reason. They are now becoming their fully 5th Dimensional Heart Consciousness, with transitioning bodies to match, and match yours they will!
As your Counterpart begins to “come around” and BECOME him/herself again, you will see the beginnings of many changes. Not only in them, but in many of the Masculine Energy carrying (both male and female bodied) people surrounding you.
It has already begun!  All this necessary Prototyping, Becoming, and Emerging of this New Template for Relationship that WE EMBODY AS TWIN FLAMES, will promote ONLY LOVE, and progress in a manner that is optimal for everybody!  And most importantly, we are FREE to be and express this Love that We Are! Free to engage in endless Passionate Love Making, the “secret fountain of youth”!  We Twins ARE Ascension through Love!  And we will remain forever connected to the Sacred Heart of All that Is, BY BEING All That Is, in Sacred Sexual UNION with our Beloved!

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