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Twin Souls & Sex - Homosexual twin soul relationships

Twin Souls & Sex

Homosexual twin soul relationships

Sometimes a set of twin souls incarnate as the same sex. There can be many reasons for this. All twin soul relationships are between male and female energies of the same soul. This means that it doesn’t matter if we think of ourselves as heterosexual or homosexual. If you meet your twin soul, one of you will be the female half and the other will be the male half, no matter what gender each of you have. This means that each and every person that meets his/her twin soul will go through the same processes that I have described here. When you meet your twin soul, you will be forced to face your Self.
When we talk about heterosexual or homosexual relationships we focus on the gender of the physical body instead of the gender of the soul. At the level of the energies when twin souls meet, they will be drawn to each other no matter what gender they have. This means that sometimes the male and female halves of the same soul meet and both of them can be incarnated in women’s or in men’s bodies.

Twin Souls & Sex

The Sexual Merging
The sexual contact between twin souls is very primal, raw, and at the same time highly spiritual. The instinctive kind of sexuality between twin souls means that at the human level it can be hard for the twins to put these feelings into words and it is, therefore, only in the sexual act that the ”real” talk between the two of them will be expressed. The more the twin souls merge sexually, the stronger they get in their individual selves. The twin souls were always one, but at their physical and sexual merging into each other, they become the WHOLE SOUL, and there is no individual sense of who is who.
The individuality of each of them cease to exist when they merge into each other. They are ”just” ONE and feel this ONENESS. They can stay in this feeling of ONENESS as long as they are merged into each other, physically, spiritually and sexually, but when the merging into each of them stops and they start being two individuals again, the feeling of the loss of the other half is so painful, so that at the very level of your own soul you can feel that a part or half of yourself is missing. Sexually there is a clear distinction between the male and female half of the same soul. Energetically the female half is the one who ”surrenders” herself to her male half in the sexual act.
He, on the other hand, is the one in sexual lead in the act of love making. This means that with the twin souls, there is a male and female kind of sexuality. It is all a reflection of their male and female energies and how each of them is at the very level of their soul. The understanding of the male and female halves must be understood in the way that during our many physical incarnations the male and female halves of the twin souls have both tried to be both men and women in physical lives.
This means for instance that the female half, incarnated as a physical man might have met her twin half in another life incarnated as a woman. This still happens in our time and age, although there is a tendency that many twin souls that do meet and unite, have incarnated as their REAL SEX, meaning WHO THEY ARE AT THE SOUL LEVEL and THEREFORE they must identify with their physical body to be their REAL SELVES. At the soul level this means that the each of the halves polarize and become even more man and woman while they are still united and balanced with the inner opposite gender within.
The intensity and complexity of the twin soul relationship on earth leads to the fact the twin souls often separate if they are not ready to be together at the human level. A remarkable inner journey starts to take place after the twin souls have merged on earth. They have become ”more” themselves than what they were before. A new sense of Self of who they are at the very center and core of their souls has been born. They feel changed, but often at first it can be hard to put into words exactly what has happened. The separation is therefore, often, “planned” before incarnating such as the meeting is also ”planned”. I do not want the word ”planned” to sound too metaphysical, but what happens is that at the human level it feels like the twin souls are ”forced” apart to grow individually.
Now growth has nothing to do with being a better soul, for the twin souls the spiritual growth has to do with the accelerating sense and feeling of the Self. It is a journey into a new sense of consciousness of ones Self. Very often people who have been united with their twins feel helpless when they feel and see that they are being separated from their twin souls again. The separation leads to a lot of pain, anger, and frustration. Sometimes the separation from the twin soul is so painful so that people get physically ill, because they feel the part of themselves missing and it almost feels like missing a vital part of ones physical body.
This can lead to physical illness. During the separation the twin souls must feel and reconnect with their own inner selves to be able to feel the bond with their twin souls. The union and merging has led to the fact that their newly joined energies have made them deeply telepathic with each other. If you think of the fact that the union has made the two one, you can very well know that if you have met your twin, you can never be sure if what you feel is your own feelings or the feelings of your twin. As the twin souls are separated after the merging, some will begin to search in the outer sense for the twin.
They will do everything possible to reconnect with the twin in the outer sense, so they do not have to feel the loss inside themselves. This outer search is very painful and sooner or later one will feel that there is no other way to connect with the twin than to reach for the deepest place in ones own inner Self. It is a journey where a soul who has experienced the loss and separation from the twin, will begin to feel very different and alienated from other people who have not experienced meeting their twins. When you feel the loss of your twin you can feel alone when you are around other people, because no one else, but your twin knows you the way you know yourself.

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