Thursday, September 5, 2013

Twin Flame Signs

Twin Flame Signs

Many ask how do I know I have met my twin flame? While some will argue there is no need for a checklist to recognize a twin flame meeting because of the intensity I disagree. The conscious mind may have trouble processing what this new, unexplainable thing is. We spend many lifetimes apart from our twin and perhaps we only met briefly. For me it was very helpful to have something external matching up with what I was experiencing. The first thing the mind will do is doubt asking, ” is this real?” Often a person will be going through the first stages of spiritual awakening which is sparked by the quantum relation to the twin. Suddenly there’s a larger reality opening up. To compound matters many churches even psychological sources can lead a person to think there is some disorder happening or they are not truly experiencing what they are. This is not always the case. So if it’s helpful to check yourself by all means look up checklists. Here are some common twin flame signs.
  • Meet in a totally unusual way and completely by surprise.
  • Instant recognition “I know this person”
  • Feeling like you have not had any time pass since you last saw them, even knowing this is the first time you have met in this life.
  • Feeling a strong sense of completeness and security in their presence, good vibes.
  • Ability to communicate without words better than with anyone else you know.
  • Once met they never seem to leave your mind.
  • Time seems to be an illusion when around them and seems to be more concrete around others.
  • Their voice goes right through your soul.
  • Their eyes appear much clearer than others and have light in them.
  • They cause an experience of having the top of your head “open up.” This is the opening of the crown chakra.
  • They cause an experience of spiritual energy flowing through the top of your head down your body. This is the Holy Spirit energy through the chakras.
  • Experience of eyes reflecting back and forth into eternity like two mirrors up to each other. This may feel like you “downloaded” each other through your eyes.
  • Dreams of them often with shapes like the star of David symbol where two triangle halves meet into one.
  • Dream of the shadow person who’s face you can’t see.
  • Feeling like you’ve never fully been alive until you met them
  • Feeling you can truly be yourself around them and a realization that you can’t lie to them, nor they to you.
  • There’s no need to build the relationship it just IS from the moment you met.
  • You feel a deep sense of sacredness and/or closeness to God with them.
  • Instant sense of trust and conversations can go on forever. The deepest attraction and love which does not waver.
  • You suddenly start to awaken spiritually and your life seems to turn upside down.

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