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What can I do to reunite with my twin soul?

What can I do to reunite with my twin soul?

The question is often asked: What can I do to reunite with my twin soul?
The truth is that the answer is not simple. In fact the twin soul journey is very complex. I believe that it is a fact that God wants us to be conscious and take actively part in our own journey. This means that if you want to reunite with your twin, you must become fully conscious of your own Self. If you are unhappy in whatever situation you can find yourself in, you must make a change to your life. You can change you. And if you want to change your life, you must change your Self. It is a fact that many women and men deep down want to be rescued, this means that many times people who know of their twins, wait for something to happen in the outer sense, so they don’t have to do the inner work that is necessary to unite with the other half.
If you desire to be rescued you will have lost your own sense of Self. This means that you will have lost your sense of direction in life. You will be waiting for something to guide you without feeling that if you become conscious of your own Self, you will eventually feel what is the right path for you. I believe that it all flows from the Self, if you know your Self, everything else will fall into place. Therefore, it is not a question of knowing the Self of your twin, but knowing your own deepest Self. So how can I get to my twin soul then? You must make the decision that you must get your Self back in every single way.
You cannot get the Self of your twin soul back to you, if you don’t have your own Self back to you first. Your twin soul will always mirror back to you whatever situation you find yourself in. Therefore, your twin soul can actually mirror back to you that you are lost. You must regain control of your Self to not feel lost with your twin soul or in your twin soul situation. A fact is if you feel that you are lost in whatever situation you are in, your twin soul will mostly likely also feel lost. You might not be able to talk to your twin soul openly about this, but a fact is that if you feel that you are lost energetically, your twin soul cannot help, but to pick this up in his/her own soul half.
Therefore, it is a question all the time of getting ones own inner Self back and in this way to be staying in balance. It is about achieving a ”realization of the Self”. This means that in your individual Self of who you are, you have potential gifts and longings with what you want to do with your life. Some people will say: I just want to be with my twin soul – that is all I want to do with my life. The truth is if all you want with your life is to be with another person, twin soul or soul mate, you will not have achieved any ”realization of your own Self”. You will not know who you are or what you want to do with your life. You will have lost your sense of Self.
Self Realization means that instead of focusing on your twin soul, you focus instead on using all your God given talents and this way becoming the whole you that you can be. You become “whole” in you. Now wholeness does not mean that you do not need other people in your life. Wholeness means that you are strong and safe in your Self. You trust and know that you can be yourself 100% without feeling that you are missing something inside of you. You use all your God given gifts and potentials to turn yourself more into you. In this way you are completely true to yourself, you use the abilities and gifts that you have. For this reason it is no longer a question of the twin souls being each other or trying to be each other, but a question of each of them being their true individual selves, actively living a life according to their full potential, doing what each of them does best. They are ONE soul, but two individual, two selves.

Twin Souls can easily lose themselves in each other

The twin soul relationship is the relationship on earth where you are most likely to lose yourself in the other half. Some will say that if you are strong in your Self, this cannot happen, but one thing that has to be taken seriously into account when it comes to the twin soul is that love is very seductive. You feel unconditional love for the other half and this feeling can actually lead you to become Selfless in your love for him/her. For this reason the twin soul relationship is all the time also a relationship that one has with oneself. One has to be aware and conscious about not losing oneself to the twin on many occasions, because when the loss of ones self happens, both twins will be lost. The paradox is of course that you cannot merge into the other half without losing your self in the union.

What does “Loss of SELF” mean?

Your longing and desperation for your twin soul is so intense and so painful, so you will do everything possible to be with him/her. In this way you ignore your own self, lose your inner balance and don’t really care about yourself. I am sure that many people who have met and merged with their twins recognize this situation. Here it is again a question of taking oneself back fully and to be acknowledging to oneself that I must be Myself fully to GIVE and RECEIVE love. Even though you share the same energies with your twin, you have your own qualities and gifts that make you the person you are.
You need to be you, the whole you that can be to be a magnet to your twin soul. Your twin soul cannot be an ”entity” that you want to connect with to feel more complete and whole within yourself. All living people on Earth are physical, so when you meet your twin soul, you will meet a human being with human feelings, not just a perfect soul entity that can give you everything you feel missing inside of you. Your twin soul is the other half of you, a whole human being, but there will still be human flaws, weaknesses, desires and talents of that person. Everything that makes him/her human. This also means that even though twin souls are ONE energetically and can merge into each other, sometimes at the human level they will still experience human conflicts. Sometimes at the personal level twin souls don’t necessarily get along. Other times twin souls struggle with differences in personality.

Detachment – How To Liberate Your Soul

It can be difficult to be fully present in your own life and focus on your own growth and spiritual change, if you are too emotionally involved with your twin during some sort of separation or other testing times. It is very difficult for a human being who knows his/her twin as a physical human being to let go of being too emotionally attached to him/her, simply because as a human being it is hard not to be too spiritually, emotionally, and physically attracted to ones own twin soul.
When we focus too much on another person in our lives who is important to us, we focus less on ourselves and this person becomes the center of our lives. Sooner or later this ”other-focus” gets in the way of ones own soul liberation and spiritual growth process. One difficult step is necessary and that is as much as it is possible you must try to detach yourself emotionally, so that being involved with the other person doesn’t keep you from growing spiritually on your own. Detachment means that you trust your twin soul to be strong enough to handle his/her own growth without your emotional interference.
Detachment also means that you trust the higher powers enough to know that you cannot be responsible for other people, so you let go of trying to control other people emotionally or otherwise. Detachment is a tough lesson to learn, because as human beings we are used to being driven by emotions in our relationships. We cannot control who we love or how we feel, but feeling very strongly for another person can be a ”detour” when it comes to ones own growth, because we get to focus on the other person. We try to change the other person where it is only ourselves that we can change. For twin soul couples detachment is necessary, but difficult to learn because twin souls are so much part of each other energetically. Detachment is a healthy necessary step, because as you take your mind off the other person and focus on yourself instead, you give both yourself and the other person the change and space to grow spiritually and as human beings.

Union on Earth

Uniting with the twin soul on Earth in a relationship has to do with readiness, especially individual readiness of each of the twins. Each of them must have achieved an inner sense of WHOLENESS which will make them feel that although they are part of each other, they are still two individuals, whole in themselves. One of the most important reasons why WHOLENESS is important when it comes to twin souls is that twin souls must be two whole selves so they will not experience a constant loss of Self in their union.

Knowing The Soul

The feeling of separation did occur in some sense, because we cannot KNOW the soul unless we have felt the separation at the inner levels of our own soul. Separation can both be separation from God, our own inner selves and the separation from the twin soul. You cannot know WHO you are at the very center of your soul unless you have felt a part of yourself missing. The journey is very complex in this sense, because in order to unite with the other half, you must realize that separation as we know it took place so that we could KNOW the self and the soul. Inner WHOLENESS must be achieved, because even when the twin souls are “separated” – the “fragments”, the twin halves, are a WHOLE in themselves, although they are a spiritual unit together.

Achieving Inner Peace And Being Present In The Now

When people meet and bond with their twin souls, they often feel that they have a special mission or job to carry out for mankind. This is a topic that has been discussed a lot among people who write about twin souls. I like to be humble, because I feel that stating one has a specific mission tends to make one superior to other people and that doesn’t feel right. We are all alike, we all have the same possibilities. We can all become spiritually enlightened, but in most cases we achieve the spiritual goals as a result of hard and giving work of our souls. We all have the answers that we need when we need it.
Focusing on the “mission” ahead in the future can be very misleading, because people stop being present in the now and instead they focus on what they don’t have. Maybe twin souls have planned a certain “mission” that they are to do in their physical lives, but we have all made plans before we incarnated as to what we are to learn in our lives. My feelings are that the real mission more has to do with people healing their souls, facing the relationships they already are in and just being straight honest with themselves. It is a mistake to think that something better is ahead of us, if we cannot be present in the now.
That is actually more wishful thinking. I have seen how people tend to focus on what they feel is their mission, so they focus on uniting with the twin soul and stop looking at whatever relationships they might already be in. We don’t realize that we are already exactly where we are meant to be in the now even though it might be painful what we go through. Our souls have chosen to experience what we do for growth purposes and these lessons might already be part of our souls “mission” on Earth. Other people and relationships are in our lives to show us where we are in this present moment. Our souls have already taken on a mission by being born in a physical life and the mission started when we first opened our eyes in our new physical circumstances.
It takes a lot of honesty and healing to be able to “work” with ones twin soul. I have often seen how some people who have bonded with their twin souls become so focused on helping others so they don’t consider the actual situation they are in themselves. We cannot heal other people or help other people heal, if we haven’t healed our own souls. Healing doesn’t mean that we are meant to be perfect, but we are meant to work through our issues and maybe see our lives in a different and a more real perspective. It is because we can see a more “whole” “view” of our own lives that we can guide people a little bit or offer some kind of help by just listening, but each and every soul has to walk his/her own path him/herself that is completely unique for that specific soul.

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