Thursday, September 5, 2013

Twinflames Separation

Twinflames Separation

There are many important reasons why many twinflames go through a time of physical separation from each other. This is something that is driven primarily by the soul and not necessarily the individual. Even though it may appear that one or perhaps both twin souls are denying/pushing away/running from the connection, really it is because the SOUL is not ready. The soul dictates when reunion will occur, therefore until the soul has decided it’s time, then no amount of trying to force yourselves to be together before that time will work.
Perhaps a major block of whether the soul is ready to unite or not is the emphasis you are putting on the twin soul connection and reunion. Perhaps looking at it as primarily about coming together in a traditional romantic way is putting limitations on this and that is why you are not ready to unite.
But this physical separation occurs primarily to “wake us up”. All preconceptions about the connection will need to be looked at and if the twin souls have any false ideas about what the connection “should be” and are not accepting it for what it really is, then they will need to continue on in physical separation until they are aware of the true realtiy of this soul connection.
Also, a main reason why we are physically separated from our twin soul is to learn to love ourselves as much as we love our twin soul, unconditionally. But firstly we need to look past the ego that contains all the “shoulds” and expectations, the conditions. Mostly what we blame our twin souls for is really what we are blaming ourselves for on a subconscious level. There are parts of ourselves we may be rejecting, denying, scolding, punishing ourselves for. To try and ignore this pain, we put the focus on our twin soul not giving us something which would make us happy. But really we need to realise it is OURSELVES not giving us what we need for happiness and fuliflment. Until we realise this and act upon our needs for happiness and self-love, the problem will continue to manifest itself between the twin souls as the mirror it back to each other.
The physical separation also helps us to become aware of just how important, how significant this twin soul connection really is. If we were to be together immediately with no problems then surely we would take it more for granted and be unaware of just how important, how significant the connection is. In being physically separated but feeling this pull and experiencing all the psychic, spiritual phenomena that occurs with twin soul connection, we become aware that this is something MASSIVELY important. It helps us to look inwards to discover WHY it is so important and this also spurs us onto awakening.
Our physical separation helps us to realise and strengthen our connection to God/dess. God/dess resides within us, we are divine beings and having the space from our twin souls to concentrate on our relationship with ourselves, with God/dess, helps us to come back to self-love and accceptance. This is what harmonises our energies with our twin souls and creates twin soul healing to bridge the gap between them for reunion to eventually occur.
As we work on our individual selves, the female aspect of the twin soul connection learns to develope more independance (primarily masculine) and the masculine aspect developes expressing emotion in a constructive manner (primarily feminine). Therefore the twin souls have the room to grow and develope their bi-gender energies to realign and reunite.
Think about what you have learnt from the separation – what are the good things that have resulted from this? Have you grown more as an individual? Have you awakened more spiritually? Have you learnt more about yourself? Have you developed more of your intuition? What else?
This is all happening for a reason. It is nobody’s “fault” but just the path of your souls to help you learn and grow the most in preparation for twin soul reunion.

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