Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Physical Meeting

The Physical Meeting

When the twin souls meet physically, many experience a deep kundalini rising and fusion that leaves the twin halves forever changed. It is such a deep experience, so that the twin souls cannot go back to how they were before the meeting, because through the intense union a stronger sense of Self of each of them has been born which means that they will be forced to look upon themselves in a completely different way. It might take years for one to feel how much one has changed in the Self due to the twin soul union, but as time goes by an integration or birth of ones real self is starting to take place. For many this will happen during some sort of separation from the twin soul.
When twin souls meet and merge into each other, the ecstasy of feeling the ONENESS is unlike any other love union the two persons involved can experience on earth. Twin Souls are still ONE soul, but they are also a product of their human lives and existence away from each other. This means that the paradox of being one, also means that each of them has each their different individuality/personality that has been created during the times of separation. On these grounds when you meet your twin soul, you will meet a separate human being, unique in him/herself with his/her experiences of life. Many people think that when you meet your twin soul, you meet yourself.
To the degree that twin souls share the same blueprint energetically this is true, but when you meet your twin soul, you will also meet a human being that because of the physical aspects of being human can have lived a life either very similar to yours or completely different. It is true that twin souls often share interests, but they are still two separate human beings. Meeting the twin physically on earth is a deeply personal and very transformative experience due to the fusion of the two into ONE.
If the twin souls are meant to unite physically, spiritually and sexually, nothing can stand in their way of union. This means that very often twin soul couples will experience an intense feeling of ”love at first sight” and despite the fact that they might not know each other physically before they meet, they will nevertheless merge intensely into each other at very deep levels. When twin souls meet and merge into each other after they have just met and it is ”love at first sight”, it will often leave them with a feeling of mystery and wonder as to what happened.
 The union of the twin souls and merging into ONE again leads to a process that the twin souls very often must go through individually. This means that even if they are in a “relationship” with the other half, individually they will go through a process of facing deep issues within themselves as a result of the twin union. The twin souls will grow from their physical meeting and change very deeply, but a very profound and deeply personal process and transformation starts with the first merging of the twin souls.
Many sets of twin souls experience a short meeting very often early in life and from there they separate, not necessarily because each of them want to, but because there is no other way for their shared soul to begin to grow individually. The purpose of their first, and perhaps short merging on earth to begin with in this present life is that they will again reunite at a later time. They will and can reunite at the time when they are SAFE and STRONG in their individual Selves.
Other sets of twin souls know each other throughout life and stay in close contact, but they will still be forced to face issues in themselves individually, because they have merged so deeply into each other. At the first meeting when the twin souls reconnect at the physical level, they will merge into each other to experience the ONENESS again and in their shared soul this feeling of ONENESS cannot ever be forgotten, but they cannot be TWO IN ONE, if they don’t know HOW TO BE THEMSELVES individually. The reason why they cannot be TWO IN ONE if they don’t know who they are individually is that they cannot depend on the other half to get a sense of Self and to get a feeling of who they are individually. If they depend on the other half to get a sense of who they are individually, they will never be able to exist as individual human beings on this earth.
They will never be able to find peace, harmony, and balance in themselves individually because they will need the other half to give them what they need to find in themselves individually. On earth we cannot live in a “merged” relationship without having a strong sense of individuality. A lot of people will probably say: ”of course I know how to be myself – I have lived as myself my entire life”, the thing just is that the whole feeling of who a person really is at the level of the Self, changes deeply as a result of the twin soul merging.
This means that before the merging with the twin soul a person could have had an idea of who he/she is, but meeting the other half of oneself leads to an awakening of the Self and an even stronger feeling of the person he/she really is deep down. Through the twin soul union you get to open up to deep feelings and a knowledge of who you are in the deepest corners of your soul. You will be overwhelmed with feelings you never thought possible. The identical energies of your twin soul has pushed you further into yourself. You have become more of what you already are.

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