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Recognizing The Twin Soul

Recognizing The Twin Soul

The twin souls recognize each other instinctively when they meet. This means that it is not a conscious recognition where both of them state that they are twin souls. It is not a physical recognition, but a recognition that happens in the soul. The twin souls are drawn to each other, they merge instinctively and become ONE the way they have always been. In order to really know that your twin soul is your twin, you must meet and merge with him/her physically. You cannot know that your twin is really your twin unless you have met and merged with him/her physically, emotionally, spiritually or sexually.
The merging at the physical level is very important in order for the twin souls to ground their relationship and twin soul process on earth. Twin souls meet physically to be ”forced” to be present on earth, so that they can feel fully and be in their physical bodies. This day today many say they meet their twin souls online. This can be true, but if you have not met your twin in body and felt the intense union, you will not be pushed further into your own Self as a result of the union. Sometimes twins do not unite sexually, but they can still meet physically and merge spiritually. The physical meeting itself no matter how it is can lead to the union of the energies, but with a physical aspect such as for instance sex, the twin souls are pushed further into their individual selves.
There is a huge difference between having met and bonded with the twin physically and staying in some sort of correspondence online where the communication is more intellectual than it would be if the twin souls merged physically. If the twin souls meet physically the union will happen as a result of the deepest instincts in both of them. When you recognize your twin soul, you will see yourself in the eyes of the other half. You will feel that you have finally come home and when you talk with the other half, it feels like you have known each other forever. All of it will seem very natural and the sexual union with the twin soul will feel like the most natural thing in the world. During the spiritual, physical and/or sexual union of the twin souls, they will experience a kundalini rising.
This means that all the chakras will be activated, they will merge at all levels. The people who experience kundalini rising feel that they have been connected with their Higher Selves and a process begins where the knowledge of you being a spiritual being becomes even more intense after the twin soul union. Kundalini rising is like getting strong electricity through your entire physical body. It can be such an intense experience, so not only will you feel an out of body experience and another state of consciousness, but you can also experience physical change afterwards as a result of the twin union and the powerful kundalini rising, because you pick up on higher spiritual energies. Very often the kundalini rising can also lead to a person being less physically grounded on earth. Exactly for this reason it is even more important to get in deep contact with the physical body in order to stay grounded on earth when it comes to the twin soul process.

Other More Profound Ways Of Recognizing The Twin Soul

Twin Souls usually merge into each other when they unite physically and spiritually, but besides from the twin souls experiencing a deep and life-changing union, there are other ways you can know that you are in the same room with your twin soul. You can recognize your twin soul’s voice even though you have never heard his/her voice before. Hearing your twin soul’s voice will often sound as the voice of your own soul speaking to you and you recognize the voice in a deep place within yourself. This in itself is a very profound experience, knowing and feeling you are recognizing a voice you might have never heard before.
It feels like a welcoming voice inviting you home. Your twin soul’s name although you have never heard the name before might be familiar to you, almost as if you already know the name of him/her. It is almost as if you feel that you could have had that name had you been the opposite sex of what you are. Your twin soul’s name will almost feel to you as if it is the perfect name for him/her. There can be many reasons why you recognize your twin soul’s name. One of the reasons could be that before you incarnated you and your twin soul made plans to meet in a physical life and at this time before incarnating you already knew the name your twin soul was going to have in the specific physical life.
If you are younger than your twin soul, you have incarnated at a later time and you might have observed your twin soul’s early years in the physical body before you incarnated yourself. You might also feel that if you had incarnated as the opposite sex of what you are, you could have looked exactly like your twin soul. Twin souls tend to look alike physically from time to time even if they don’t have the same sex, race, or age. Some twin souls experience a huge weight loss as a result of the union both because of the shock of meeting each other, but also due to the kundalini rising and intense energy exchange between the two of them. I heard of one woman who lost 10 pounds within one week because of her meeting with her twin soul.

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