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Visions of the Heart

Visions of the Heart

I am just sharing this… It’s another take on twin flames

Understanding the fall of the Mother Light and Raising it up through the Immaculate Concept.

Part II
by Lorraine Michaels
August 1, 2005

We are here on earth to be love through the immaculate concept and the path of the Ruby Ray, the highest form of love. But how can we be the immaculate concept except through the Christ mind? El Morya wanted us to have these Alpha therapy sessions and receive understanding so that we may see how to choose life over death. Part I of the Alpha therapy session is a trip into the Secret Chamber of the Heart. It is through the merging of the Son with the Mother within us, that we enter that secret chamber, where we merge with the Father I AM. Through understanding and choosing through our free will – and through the mind of Buddha, through the wisdom of the Christ and Buddha – in how to be the immaculate concept through this wisdom, is what will be covered in this discourse.
While in the physical body, we are tested to be able to hold the immaculate concept on each of the Seven Rays of Being. They are:
  • First Ray – God Power, blue
  • Second Ray – God Wisdom, yellow
  • Third Ray – God Love, pink
  • Fourth Ray – God Purity, white
  • Fifth Ray – God Truth, green
  • Sixth Ray – God Service, purple and gold
  • Seventh Ray – God Freedom, violet
So on each Ray we use our power, wisdom, and love, the threefold flame of the Christ within our heart, to meet the challenges and opposition to that ray that comes through the carnal mind and human ego within us. We can only win our victory by being all three God flames on each ray. Thus we need to manifest the Christ, as the wisdom in us, through the mind of Christ, through the Buddhic Peace, while yet in the heart in love. The soul needs to freely choose to see perfection, by being the love in the original God design held in the Mind of God, the etheric blueprint. And then carrying forth that Wisdom and Love through the Powerand Divine Direction of the I AM Presence and the I AM THAT I AM, as the source of power within us, through the spoken word in the physical temple in obedience to God’s Will.
El Morya has let me know that Alpha therapy is the Golden Age science of healing for the bodymind and soul. And that is because the Higher Mind is in control to lead the session, when allowing in the Holy Spirit, to point out to the evolving student of the Light where they have left off of the balance in integrating the four planes of Being. This controlled action can been seen in the below chart: 
Right ActionThroughIn the PlanePlane/Triad
PowerEthericI AM1
WordHoly Spirit/bodyEarth4

So in the chart of above you see the four planes. The right action of the use of Power through the Etheric direction of the I AM Presence would be level one. The right action of following the Wisdom of the Christ in the plane of the Mind would be another initiation on plane two. The Soul needs to take love in the Emotional plane and choose to Be more love through the Mother as right action in Being. The right action of the use of the Word in speaking in the physical plane is the initiation through the Holy Spirit.
These are the four Cosmic Forces mentioned in Revelations as the Four Beasts that must be mastered. Each Seven Rays of God needs to be mastered in each one of these actions. This is the squaring of the circle. The trinity of the circle of life. Whether it be the circle of Father/Mother/Son, Father/Son/Holy Spirit, Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva, Power/Wisdom/Love, the three become four in matter. Thus the fulfillment of mastery in time and space is complete, Spirit becomes matter through the four planes, and matter becomes Spirit and the call is heard, “As Above, so below!”
Fear and DoubtThe greatest difficulty for the advanced student, but for all students of the Light, is to overcome fear. It is the last thing the advanced student seems to have left, because it is the first cause of the Fall. Eve was given the temptation by the Serpent to engage the carnal mind in wanting to control at the level of human consciousness and to leave off following the direction of her I AM Presence. In the process she lost the “Will to Be I AM,” under the Divine Direction of the I AM Presence, and the I AM of Lord Maitreya, who at that time held the office of World Teacher and was known as the Great Initiator. Maitreya is the teacher of Jesus and Jesus has since moved up into Maitreya’s office, while Maitreya took the office of Cosmic Christ, which office was held by Gautama Buddha, who now is the Lord of the World, as mentioned in Part I.
Adam fell through fear of following in Eve’s footsteps and making a “wrong” choice. He feared making mistakes. So he chose the low road of allowing the temptation to turn the blame on Eve, and that he was superior to her fallen wisdom. But in the process of turning away from her, he turned away from his own inner Divine Feminine and thereby could not Be I AM either.
Jesus, Maitreya, and Gautama Buddha come from the lineage of Sanat Kumara and have passed the initiations of the Buddha. They serve on the Wisdom Ray, with Sanat Kumara, to help reach all who have left off the Divine Direction from the Great Guru Sanat Kumara and have fallen from the Christ consciousness.
The Inner Path is taught by these Buddhas and planetary Christ to show the way to peace through fearlessness and truth. Fear comes from lack of faith and lack of faith comes through lack of trust and lack of trust comes through doubt. Doubt is created when you ignore the Direction from the mighty flame within the heart, where the I AM in you is anchored in the Secret Chamber of your Heart. When you ignore his direction, you must follow someone or something else for your direction. If you are not following the direction within then you are following the direction of the imposter of the I AM in the pseudo created self of the human ego through the carnal mind. The carnal mind is the enemy of your inner path to peace, fearlessness and truth. So before you can return to this inner path you must know how the enemy took you off the path.
The Fall out of BeingSo you notice in the Way of Being Chart, that power, wisdom and love are represented in blue, pink and yellow circles. The Fall is shown in the story of Eve, as representative of the feminine twin of the I AM Presence, leaving off the Divine Direction from the I AM in the right top circle. These twin flames were created from God Power depicted in the top circle above them, the I AM THAT I AM. When balanced in love, the I AM (right top circle) is the director of the twin Spirit Spark, and the feminine half (the left top circle.)
The feminine twin carries out the “Will to Be” through creative use of free will in the matter spheres. So the feminine twin half is represented in the “Will to Be I AM” blue circle. And the masculine twin half “I AM” is represented in the right blue circle of “Divine Direction.” While the feminine twin is the creative half, both twin halves join together to bring this creativity into the world of form through the middle pink circle of “Love.” When the feminine twin falls out of Divine Love by the misuse of the power flames (blue) by choosing to follow the antichrist/carnal mind in the perversions of the Christ wisdom (yellow) she creates a pseudo self in the ego.
The wisdom attributes are in the yellow circles and align themselves in the chart under the I AM Presence because he is the Divine Director. When the feminine twin leaves off his direction, she does not follow the wisdom of the Christ. The consequences is the loss of the Mother Light, the immaculate concept held in love in the center of Being, resulting in the separation of these twin flames as the feminine half moves further and further away from Being the I AM. What occurs is the feminine falls out of the state of oneness with her twin, the human ego is created, and the carnal mind is enthroned in the matter sphere as the imposter of the only begotten Son.
On the second Triad, the plane of the Christ mind, the feminine half, while in the physical plane, is meant to put on the wisdom of the Christ mind in God mastery. If the feminine twin half chooses to not follow the I AM direction, through engaging in doubt, (the perversion of God Mastery) through following the temptation of the serpentine logic in the carnal mind, by taking control into her own hands, she loses the “Will to Be” (power), and then falls out of “Love” into its antithesis–fear. This takes her from the first triad of I AM as the divine blueprint for Being, by engaging in the perversions of the second Triad of the Christ.
So all the way down this chart, triad by triad in the tripartite qualities of the threefold flame within our beings, is the initiations of power, wisdom and love. You will see that power is misused on the left, as a symbol for taking the left-handed path in following the carnal logic and the perversion of the blue power flame, instead of being the Christ mind, represented on the right in the yellow circles. The misuse results in the perversion of the center pink God quality.
And thus in Part I of Visions of the Heart, was a quote from Lord Himalaya, Manu* of the Fourth Root Race, (the Race that fell in the Garden of Eden in Lemuria.) Lord Himalaya is the hierarch of the Retreat of the Blue Lotus in the Himalayan mountains, and guardian of the ray of the masculine aspect of the Godhead focused directly from the heart of Alpha. Himalaya is a Master of masters, with his pupils being Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya, El Morya, and many others. He said that in the center of the chalice in the heart was a pulsating blue flame of goodwill (good will – right use of will.) “ and women who respond to it–we call ‘true blue!”
And now you can understand the deeper meaning of “true blue” and Francis Bacon’s words,“Above all, to thy self be true.” We need to be true to the blue of the God Power in every aspect of Being, as where we left off in that blue power, we left off in truth and reality, entering the duality consciousness and followed the lie of the antichrist, resulting in the fall of the Mother Light within us.
On the third triad, plane of the soul, power is misused in the loss of harmony by following the carnal mind in envy and jealousy, lacking the Christ understanding to see that what one has or has not, is the direct result of Cosmic Law. When the power is garnered from holding one’s harmony, there is an abundance of Mother Light available to create beauty or draw abundance to oneself. The resulting fall of love occurs in thoughtless, ungrateful actions, blaming others for one’s inadequacies. This fall happens in the second triad of the Christ mind, by engaging
On the fourth triad, the plane of Mother, power is misused by taking the left-handed path of the misuse of God power in dishonest practices of the “ends justify the means” and taking justice into your own hands, based on the carnal logic of the serpentine mind. The outcome of the misuse of God power is being trapped into believing in false religions, false gurus and false governments, because you lack truth and get caught in treachery and intrigue. The resulting loss of love is that you lose your vision to know what is right and wrong, just, true and righteous and fall into idolatry, enthroning false gods. This fall happens in the third triad of the level of the soul, by engaging in the perversions of the fourth Triad of the Mother.
The fall of the feminine twin, the carrier of the Mother Light in the matter spheres has now occurred through the loss of the Mother Light in misuse through all the Seven Rays and in all the Chakras. The complete fall has so separated out the twin flame from the I AM Presence that a soul vehicle is needed to house the feminine spirit. And because she cannot hear the direction of her I AM Presence, because the veil is so thick, she is assigned a Christ self, as an individualization of the universal Christ consciousness, to guide her to use her free will to follow the Christ wisdom all the way home.

Christ Love 
So many people have the misunderstanding about love and what love is. There are so many definitions of what people describe as love, many based on the human definition of love, from the perspective of the duality consciousness, that is limited at best in understanding the true nature of Divine Love.
And in many circles, religious and new age especially, groups gather together under the name of love or peace, and promote their beliefs and dogmas on what constitutes their understanding of love. And many sit in judgment of anyone who falls outside of their circle of love or ostracize those who do not follow their brand of practicing the commandment “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
What we discovered in these Alpha therapy sessions, and in our July Fourth Retreat experience with the Krishna devotees, was that love in heaven is not necessarily understood and practiced on earth. In heaven the Christ love is the essential fabric of every place witnessed in these visits. And that Christ love consisted of the tenants of most true religious faiths of God: kindness, joy, honor, meekness, friendliness, graciousness, warmth, equanimity, harmony, Light and beauty. In part I, Anne commented, as she reflected on the gatekeepers and their expression of love, “that the honor emanating from these beings, their kindness and their welcoming presence, was an outpicturing of their love.” Their honor was a facet of love. It was an example of how love was woven into the fabric of this place. And even tuning into them and trying to express it in words filled Anne’s being with this honoring love, such was the power of this love.
In heaven everyone and everything carries these attributes of love. It is a given, or they wouldn’t be in heaven! Because heaven is a place of God consciousness. When we came into the matter sphere, we were to bring this love and these qualities. So many religious leaders have admonished us to be these attributes of love. But generally on earth, we have a hard time being these qualities. Why? Because there are those on earth who are opposed to God, to God the Father, God the Mother and God the Son. These opposers are fallen angels. Some of the very Beings created by God to serve God and man, in the children of the Light, have turned against God and have done everything in their power to destroy love in the fabric of Being on earth.
If we try to be these qualities and just these qualities, history has shown us that the fallen angels will wipe you out of earthly existence. They killed the Christ for his love, and they have killed the followers of Christ in every religion, as the Christ has many names in the religious world as it is represented by Krishna, Buddha, Maitreya, Moses and Abraham and more. So we know that being love is not the answer. It is the way, but not the entire way. There is a missing ingredient that is needed to bring love to earth and succeed in being that love, succeed in surviving physically, and also mentally and emotionally. Because many people have survived in body, but their souls, their minds and their hearts were destroyed or were attempted to be destroyed by the fallen angels since the beginning of their fall.
The twin flames of I AM, children of the Light, were created to “Be more.” They were created as twins of the Father/Mother God. Each half being a representative of Father or Mother in love. And then they were sent out into the universe to bring that more into God’s creation through His Son. And the Son is more than love. He is Wisdom. And he completes the circle of the oneness of Being. Without him the Mother fell, in the feminine half of the twin Spirit Sparks. She fell because she left off being the Christ consciousness. She left off following the wisdom and followed the Serpent and the lie of the antichrist.
So the Christ love purported to take us back to God and heaven in the attributes of love, kindness, meekness, etc. is not enough. Christ is wisdom in discernment, understanding, clarity, truth, fearlessness and reality. All the qualities of the yellow sphere qualities and the blue spheres on the Way of Being chart. If you only be the qualities of love in the center of the chart, you will not survive on earth. If you are just the blue qualities, along with the center love qualities, you would have been killed or destroyed because you lacked the wisdom to act at the appropriate moment to stay in the protective shield of the blue.
So faith would get you nowhere if you hung onto a sinking ship because you loved God and your fellow man, and even loved the elements of the raging storm around you, trusting God would save you as you sunk below the waves with the sinking ship. Why? Because God gave you wisdom to use and if you did not use that wisdom in the direction he sent you to get on the floatation devise that came with the ship that would have kept you afloat until the rescue ships arrived, your faith and love would not have saved you.
In our Fourth of July Retreat we experienced and witnessed the love of the Krishna devotees for Krishna and for all life. While they yet caused us great physical suffering because they did not engage the wisdom of the Christ or Krishna and take power into their own hands and create an environment suited for the physical needs of the human body. They catered to the needs of the spirit, and brought the flame of peace, even in the face of chaos around them. But that was not enough to serve their fellow man. Because they left off the wisdom of the Son to know when and how to take right action, they were in essence powerless. They could not access the power within them because they were not heeding the voice within that would have brought them the wisdom. So although they were love, they were not the Immaculate Concept.

Mental Telepathy 
So God gave us the tool of discernment and the gift of wisdom through the mental body. He gave us mental telepathy, the ability to communicate to the Christ mind from the level of the conscious mind. He gave us the ability to communicate with the subconscious mind and the superconscious mind. And if we shut off this communication, as taught by many religions and spiritual movements, in shutting off our inner voice within the heart, and following an outside authority, we have effectively put aside the Christ within and we are being the antichrist, as well as following the outer antichrists.
Where we left off this mental telepathy was in the falling off from the inner communication with our twin half, I AM. When we followed the antichrist, in the serpentine logic of the carnal mind, we put aside the wisdom of the Son that came under the direction of the I AM.
Remember, the wisdom circles are on the right side of the chart, under the I AM Presence and Divine Direction. If we leave off following the Divine Direction, we leave off of the wisdom that comes under his jurisdiction. We cannot circumvent the I AM, by taking heaven by force in seeking wisdom, without Direction. That is the Fall. That is the essence of the Fall because the Serpent fed the lie to the twin flames in the mystery school, that “surely, they would not die” if they partook of this wisdom outside the DIRECTION of the mighty I AM. And the lie continues even in the spiritual circles today, because they teach not the inner path of getting your answers and direction within, but “follow me” the savior and direct communication to God or whomever they profess to link up with in the astral world.
The reason there is a Great White Brotherhood and the lineage of the Buddhas under Sanat Kumara, is that wisdom is awakened through knowledge. And knowledge is given for understanding. And understanding is needed by the fallen feminine, through the written and spoken word, when that direct communication with the I AM has been lost. The Christ self is given to the fallen feminine for assistance and is one with the Christ in all Buddhas and intermediaries to awaken our inner gift of mental telepathy. We need outside knowledge, not because our inner knowledge is not there, but because we are blind to how to connect to it. The Buddhas and the bodhisattvas and their students-become-teachers, have continued to release truth through direct communication from the ascended realms through dictations, because it is needed until mankind awaken to the inner path and I AM within their hearts.
Mental telepathy is the 100% means of communication in Alpha therapy sessions. That is why it is so powerful and so healing, because the connection to hear and see and feel from the level of the Christ mind, the subconscious mind and the superconscious mind is given, depending on the level of the student’s consciousness. No one can take away the truth of what is discovered from within. They can try to destroy one’s faith that what they experienced within is the reality, and more real than the physical conscious world they live in. But the damage is done to the lie of the antichrist. Once the soul experiences this communication at the conscious awareness, the channel is open and she now remembers and is awakened to the inherent mental telepathy that she distinctly knows is the truth within her and far more true than the outer world of mixed realities and duality reasoning.
This mental telepathy is often experienced through dreams and Déjà Vu experiences, and occurs as one begins the spiritual quest for reality and truth, but can often be discredited by the carnal mind and human ego in ourselves and through others if we share these experiences. So we are admonished by wise our wise teachers, to not share our spiritual experiences as they know that the fallen self can come in and try and destroy this growing kernel of reality within us. It is best to keep our inner experiences and mental communication secret until we have a firm foundation of reality and mental telepathy with the I AM to withstand the onslaught of the antichrist to take away that inner communication with the Light.
Restoration of the Mother Light 
So the return back must be carried out through staying in the center, represented in the pink circles through love, always choosing the right (right-handed path) and “true blue” over the left-handed path. This is the raising of the Mother Light. It starts with wanting more. But not the more of the selfish pursuits and human pleasures, but more God. And where did you leave off being more God? In misusing God Power by leaving off from the God direction of the I AM and I AM THAT I AM, and their wisdom. And so the more is represented in the blue spheres of God Power, by beloved El Morya, who teaches us how to love God more. And in the yellow spheres of God Wisdom, Jesus, Gautama, Maitreya, and many others came to show us how to be love through the wisdom of the Christ, more than the false wisdom of the human intellect enthroned by the carnal mind.
On each triad, the empowerment through love will be carried out through more. Each center circle is representative of a facet of the Immaculate Concept, which Mother Mary has brought to the earth as her Omega flame. So each person’s Omega flame is the immaculate concept of some aspect of the Christ mind. And each person’s Alpha flame is from one of the God qualities of the power, blue spheres. To raise the Mother Light from the base chakra at the Mother Plane to the crown chakra at the I AM plane, love must be raised up by loving God power more through the wisdom of the Christ.
The Mother Plane
The first order of business is to restore the Mother Light within your temple, by holding the Immaculate Concept in God Vision through loving truth no matter the costs to the human ego and upholding that truth in righteous honor by not whoring after false gods. Thus you need your inner eye always focused on truth, never wavering in loving reality more than the temporal pleasures that would result from living a lie. The complete restoration of God Vision will continue up each triad, until the victory is won in returning the Light of the Mother to the One in the Crown.
As God Power raised up the Mother Light through each triad, through the Son (the Christ), the three become the four, and the squaring of the circle is complete. Mother and Son spiral up the spinal column in the caduceus action through Father/Power. As inPart I, Anne described the Star above the Secret Chamber of the Heart as the Crown of Glory protected by the light of the four minarets representing the squaring of the circle. The Crown of Glory is the Son becoming one with Sun. Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Mother are now One in the crown represented in the top blue circle of God Power. Father and Son now have complete control over the Mother (Mat-er plane) through the Light of the Holy Spirit and the Victory is won (One.)
The Soul Plane
Continuing to raise the Mother Light up the spinal column (body temple) through the Middle Way (Christ/Buddha), through Love (Mother) is by being grateful for every circumstance that befalls you. No matter what the cause, run to greet your karma in gratitude in reparation for your letting off from Being God I AM. I AM Presence is God Power in your throat chakra and the source of the Holy Spirit. You must want the Spirit of God more than your human ego and thus want God Harmony more than inharmony, choosing to keep harmony so you may have the Holy Spirit to empower you in being more of your God flame. The Holy Spirit will manifest in right use of the Spoken Word through you, in right use, (righteous judgment) of the Spoken Word as in when to speak and what to speak. When the Mother Light is commanded through the Spoken Word in black magic, feeding the Light to the lower spirits, it leads to the empowerment of these lower spirits, the imposters of the true Holy Spirit and the Ascended Hosts.
The Christ Plane
The third order of business is to raise the Mother Light through love by being obedient to the laws of God the Father, given to us to help us gain Mastery of the physical plane. Thus we must surrender wanting to control others, ourselves and God. We must be obedient to the Will of God, and allow His Will to be our will, putting the control back in the rightful place of God Power of the I AM, first in the I AM Presence and then the I AM THAT I AM. And our control will manifest in righteous control of that over which we are given dominion, the earth and all therein, but never superceding the God control of the I AM Presence of anyone. We may righteously use God control to master the elements in time and space.
The I AM Plane
And the last order of business is to raise the Mother Light by loving Being I AM more than anything else in our world. And when we love I AM more, we will want more God Direction from our I AM Presence than being tempted to follow the doubt created by leaving off faith in the I AM as the Great Divine Director of our lives. And when we “Will to Be more,” more God I AM, we have returned to the center of Being—Love.

The I AM THAT I AM Plane

When you have raised the Mother Light within, on all four planes, and the soul is restored to the Twin Flame of the I AM, the last step is to join in oneness with the I AM THAT I AM Twin flame, and oneness with Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of Being. But you cannot do it fully while carrying your human ego. Just because you have put off the ego by choosing the Christ through love and right use of power, does not make you automatically an ego free individual. For the human ego can be recreated from moment to moment. Thus you must be vigilant that every decision you make is centered in the balance of love, wisdom and power.
Understanding PurityIf you notice, in each circle in the Way of Being chart, there is a white light to various degrees, sometimes in the center and sometime as rings around the center. The white represents the purity of the Mother Light and the various degrees each quality has of the need of purity of the Mother Light as its center. All the qualities of Wisdom and Power have at their center purity, except the top Power representing I AM THAT I AM, which has at its center Power, surrounded by purity.
Each of the center circle degrees of purity vary greatly. God Vision has at its center the purple flame of administration and surrounded by pink of service. Thus God Vision is a quality of the Sixth Ray, and through holding the Vision it is an administrative service of the Immaculate Concept. If Cosmic Beings do not continually hold the Vision for every creative part of the matter universe, it would collapse.
At the center of God gratitude is the violet fire. The violet fire is the flame of freedom, transmutation and forgiveness. When one chooses to engage in God gratitude one is inherently activating the action of the violet fire and transmuting the cause, effect, record and memory of all inharmony caused by envy, jealousy and lust because you have left off of reality of all as one, and entered the lie of the duality consciousness.
This is the mystery of the power of this flame. It is the flame of freedom, and through the center of being the violet flame in gratitude, one may find the fire of freedom in in the understanding of the Law of the One. Surrounding the violet fire is the purity of the Mother Light. If your gratitude is not real, the purity’s fire will block the release of the flow of the mercy in the violet fire’s transmutative effect. Surrounding the purity is the soft pink of love where you may feel the love gently stir up the feelings of gratitude within you.
At the center of God obedience is a grain of purity, ready to germinate within your being when you choose to follow God’s Laws. Being obedient is transmutative as it is entirely made up of the violet fire, except for the seed of purity at the center. When you are obedient, the fires of this flame will transmute all records of the misuse of God control because the only way you can be obedient is through surrender, surrendering your will to God, and letting go of the will to control others.
At the center of God Love is again, the violet fire. Through entering into the flame of love, you activate the violet transmuting flame, no matter how imperfect your act of love. Notice it is more intense violet in the outer circle to transmute all fear and doubt, as you seek to return to I AM and his divine direction through you. But you must purify your love through the Mother Light before you can reach the center of Being Love. There is no way to return to the center of Being except through the restoration of the Mother Light in your Being. At the center of Being, there you find the infinite flame of mercy that draws you to give back to all life yourself, through love, in serving to set all life free.
At the center of God Power at the top is the Will to Be I AM, Ein Sof before the Light went forth to create Mother. The blue sphere around the white sphere of the Mother Light is the faith, will, power, control, and direction of God Power. Together the outer spheres of white and blue are the Alpha/Omega, the beginning and ending of all life.
Raising the Mother Light through Prayer
If you are stuck at any one of these triads, in raising the Mother Light, you can be greatly assisted by giving the Padma Sutra.

Being I AM THAT I AMGod Power stands alone at the top as the source of Life. The rosary for the restoration of the twin flames of the feminine Being and the I AM can be greatly assisted by using the Pronouncement of Being.

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