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The Difference Between Men And Women

The Difference Between Men And Women

What According To Our Human Eyes Seems To Be A Withdrawal Of The Male Half From His Female Half – The Difference Between Men And Women

Many female halves acknowledge to themselves directly that they have met and bonded with the male halves of themselves. The female halves are naturally connected and one with their feelings. The male halves seem to be living less in their feelings and therefore according to the women the men seem to be less emotional. The real truth might be a different story. And nothing is this ”black and white” when it comes to twin souls. Sometimes it feels to the women through their human eyes that the male reactions to having met their female halves will lead to the men withdrawing emotionally from their female halves.
At the human level the female half will often conclude that her male half didn’t recognize her as his twin soul because he did not openly declare and acknowledge the twinship or tell her how he feels deep inside. Female halves long to hear that their men know the truth of them being twin souls. As a woman the female half wants to hear the very words ”twin souls” come out of his mouth. This is what many women long to hear from their male halves. To me twin souls make out a whole and a unit. This means that at the soul level both do recognize each other, but the reactions to this recognition vary between the male and female halves.
The female halves live so much in their feelings and they often find it very difficult that their male halves seem to withdraw and in some cases the shock of meeting the other half and uniting at such deep levels lead to the twin souls not being able to talk at the human level about what actually happened. The female halves tend to want to talk about the connection openly, but talking can be painful or difficult for the male half, because he could have been living less in his feelings for many lives. It often seems to the man that his woman can “read” him and he tends to not like to feel vulnerable around her.
What the man doesn’t realize is that if he allows himself to be with one with his feelings, he would also be able to “read” her, and she would feel vulnerable as well. Conflicts between twin souls often arise when the female twins long for an emotional reaction from their male counterparts and for some reason the male halves do not feel ready to open up. Female halves are so much one with their feelings, so sometimes they tend to push things instead of ”letting go”.
Female “halves” tend to act directly on their feelings because they want an emotional result of what they feel. We don’t realize that as male and female “halves” we are more alike than we think. All of us have both male and female energies in us and if we can achieve an inner balance within ourselves, we can understand the other half more clearly. And therefore there would be no misunderstandings between men and women. We don’t always see as clearly with our human eyes, compared to the eyes of our souls.
The female polarized twin soul carries the fruit of the twin soul union, but this doesn’t mean that the male “halves” don’t possess wisdom. If the men surrender to their inner female, they get access to the inner wisdom within themselves. When twin souls meet physically, the male half is the one who gives his female twin “access” to the wisdom in her soul. The male half does “need” the emotional and spiritual insight of his own inner female and female twin, but if the twin souls have been separated for many lives and have many wounds in them due to past lives, difficult relationships and time apart, it can be difficult for him to open up and “accept” the knowledge offered to him by his female half and inner female.
It is a question of inner balance. It is important to know that it is not possible from the human point of view to control the twin soul process itself. The only thing that you can control as a soul half is yourself. Many female halves tend to over function in many aspects of their lives, both when it comes to family or their men. Overall this has to do with a deep fear of loss. Over functioning always has to do with trying to help other people. It means that you don’t trust other people to be strong enough to deal with their own healing or growth, and at deeper levels it has to do with lack of trust in yourself controlled by the fear of a deep existential loss. Therefore, female halves must “connect” and unite with their inner male, balance themselves, and let go of doing, taking action, and living in the illusion that they can control things.


Here are 2 examples from real life. These examples sound perhaps a bit far out, but they are real life examples. Women do tend to go very far in order for their men to see the light. A man and a woman meet under rare and difficult circumstances. None of them could have planned this meeting by themselves. They are drawn together and experience a union beyond words. It becomes clear to both of them that together they are more than can be put into words. It seems awkward for them to talk about. The woman is being given clear signs that this union is very unique. She gets scared of losing him, wouldn’t know what this loss would do to her.
She is not sure that he has realized that they are twins, so in order for her not to lose him, she sends him a thousands mails when they are apart, talks about their connection when they are together. And she frequently fears the time they do spend apart. It has to become clear that according to her he cannot leave her, because they are twin souls and twin souls are not meant to leave each other. He begins to feel her anxiety and the more she talks about spiritual matters, the more he feels pushed back and sees no other way than that he must have his space. It is too much, too overwhelming for him. Finally she sends him Joudry/Pressman’s book: Twin Souls, Finding Your True Spiritual Partner, so he will get the picture!
 Another set of twin souls meet. Their relationship is intense. The female half, very in tune with her feelings, clearly feel a spiritual opening in her. She loves studying “metaphysical” stuff, she is an intellectual woman and in her mind’s eye, she clearly understands her union with her twin soul as a relationship that has been orchestrated by divine forces. She begins writing a book about this, but needs other peoples’ experiences as well to understand fully what she is going through. So she tells her lover:, you know we are something very special and I am going to write about this. He does understand that they are special together, but the fact that he feels how serious she is about all this, about writing a book, makes him feel a lot of pressure. This pressure influences their relationship.
She continues her story project and finds other people online who have experienced union with their twins. She also uploads her story online, writing their full story on a message board and online community. She doesn’t tell him about this and one day he uses her computer and finds her story ABOUT HOW THINGS ARE by seeing the url to the community where she has posted their story. Now, this is too much. He wants things to be quiet, just between the two of them. Why does she have to share this with the entire world?
She is experiencing spiritual growth in her and sharing with the world seems to be the spiritually natural step, also to show him how serious she is about them being twin souls. She wants him to grow with her in the same way and being open about this in every way seemed like the way to go for her. Women mostly over function because they long for a real and open relationship with their male halves. And many women feel that the only way to get the relationship is to function as an eye-opener for their men. Women tend to do too much in an active way to get what they want, because they fear loss at deeper levels.
When you are presented with your twin soul, you are at the same time presented with what you once lost that made you lose your way at the beginning of time. This is the reason why women over function. Unconsciously, they feel the loss and they will do whatever it takes to prevent loss from happening again. Women do not realize that by searching within themselves, they can achieve what they look for. The loss happened inside of themselves long time ago when the women also lost themselves at deeper levels. Women often have to realize that if they want the “relationship” with their other half to work out in a positive way, they have to work out and face deep wounds within themselves as souls. Some people often find themselves in other difficult, karmic relationships that have to do with deep inner wounds from other lifetimes that weren’t healed and these wounds really do need attention and to be faced in order for people to grow closer to their twin souls.

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